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When the Dogs Bark

Episode 1.03
Sun, March 02, 2014 (8:40)
Ratings: 1.132 million viewers (5th)
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Andrew Prowse

When systemic corruption in the Drug Squad is exposed, the domestic drug charges against Tony collapse and he is set free — but the Mexican cocaine importation charge survives.

Tony decides to stick to local drug operations from now on, and even contemplates restricting himself to legitimate property deals. But his friendship with the increasingly dangerous Carl, who's picking off the Carlton Crew one by one, is the albatross around his neck.

Carl's blatant murder of Tony's good mate and small-time dealer Willie Thompson over a drug debt, and the killing of another friend to mask Willie's execution, have Tony feeling nervous. He fears that if he calls Carl out on the murders he will put himself in the firing line.

Cast: (in order of appearance)

  • Robert Mammone as Tony Mokbel
  • Les Hill as Jason Moran
  • Kevin Harrington as Lewis Moran
  • Lester Ellis as Johnny Tedesco
  • Alex Tsitsopoulos as Milad Mokbel
  • Vince Poletto as Horty Mokbel
  • Antonio Lancuba as Kabalan Mokbel
  • Nick Simpson-Deeks as Bruno Rich
  • Gyton Grantley as Carl Williams
  • Craig Blumeris as David Miechel
  • Nicholas Bishop as Paul Dale
  • Stephen Curry as Jim Coghlan
  • Shane Jacobson as Jim O'Brien
  • Louisa Mignone as Maria Tomasetti
  • Tom Wren as Willie Thompson
  • Frank Magree as Michael Marshall
  • Tawni Bryant as Emma Styles
  • Madeleine West as Danielle McGuire
  • Michael Caraffa as Nightclub Vendor
  • Claude Jabbour as Haji Assaf
  • Simon Westaway as Mick Gatto
  • Gerard Kennedy as Graham 'The Munster' Kinniburgh
  • Nick Russell as Andrew Hodson
  • Gilliam Cosgriff as Amanda Hodson
  • Matthew Crosby as Terry Hodson
  • Robert Rabiah as Dario Mancini
  • Stephen Lopez as Fabio Mancini
  • Hollie Andrew as Roberta Williams
  • Ian Notvotny as Bruno's Assistant Cook
  • Christopher Brown as Rick the Architect
  • Debra Byrne as Judy Moran
  • Richard Davine as Jason's Friend
  • Steve Bastoni as Charlie Bezzina
  • Sally Williams as Emma's Neighbour
  • Ryan King as Marshall's Son
  • Lliam Murphy as Uniformed Policeman #1
  • Clayton Bitaks as Uniformed Policeman #2
  • Stefan Taylor as Maloney
  • Ange Arabatzis as Dr Santo
  • Jade Amantea as Stunt Actor
  • Rian Doodge as Stunt Actor
  • Paul Rochford as Stunt Actor
  • Warwick Sadler as Stunt Actor
  • Dan Solis as Stunt Actor
  • Chris Weir as Stunt Actor