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The Mexican Job

Episode 1.02
Sunday, February 23, 2014 (9:40)
Ratings: 1.236 million viewers (5th)
Written by Peter Gawler
Directed by Peter Andrikidis

Tony has more balls in the air than he can count: a new club, a new girlfriend in Pill Press Queen Danielle McGuire, and a string of heavy-duty drug imports worth millions. In particular, he is consumed by plans for his new 'winged keel' building, a property development every bit as bold and audacious as Tony himself.

But it's a trial importation of a trivial three kilos of cocaine from Mexico that will ultimately bring him undone. Police agent Billy Fischer passes on everything Tony tells him to his state police Drug Squad handlers and they pass it on to the Federal Police. Thus Tony suffers a double whammy — arrested on a range of domestic drug trafficking charges by the state cops and charged with the Mexican cocaine importation by the Feds. Two strikes and you're out!

Cast: (in order of appearance)

  • Gyton Grantley as Carl Williams
  • Hollie Andrew as Roberta Williams
  • Robert Mammone as Tony Mokbel
  • Jeremy Kewley as Desmond 'Tuppence' Moran
  • Kevin Harrington as Lewis Moran
  • Les Hill as Jason Moran
  • Gerard Kennedy as Graham 'the Munster' Kinniburgh
  • Simon Westaway as Mick Gatto
  • Matthew Crosby as Terry Madsen
  • Davin Taylor as Drunken Gangster
  • Christopher Brown as Rick the Architect
  • Frank Sweet as Billy Fischer
  • Brian Vriends as Malcolm Rosenes
  • Anthony West as Steve Paton
  • Richard Cawthorne as Jarrod Ragg
  • Vince Poletto as Horty Mokbel
  • Tony Nikolakopoulos as Stavros Makrakanis
  • Alex Tsitsopoulos as Milad Mokbel
  • Louise Mandylor as Lora 'Mama' Mokbel
  • Thomas Vlamis as Tony's Older Son
  • Ben Palma as Tony's Younger Son
  • Madeleine West as Danielle McGuire
  • Louisa Mignone as Maria Tomasetti
  • Tom Wren as Willie Thompson
  • Antonio Lancuba as Kabalan Mokbel
  • Richie Akers as Ron 'Buddha' Cassar
  • Marnie Roberts as Step Class Woman
  • Brian Emerson as Sonny Schmidt
  • Eddie Baroo as Scrooge
  • Stephen Curry as Jim Coghlan
  • Christine Keogh as Barbara Williams
  • Sachin Joab as Jessie Franco
  • Rowan Francis as George Williams
  • Debra Byrne as Judy Moran
  • Samantha Tolj as Renae Mokbel
  • Craig Blumeris as David Mischel
  • Emerson Angove as Madison McGuire
  • Stefan Taylor as Maloney
  • Ange Arabatzis as Dr Santo
  • Heidi Arena as Commissioner Christine Nixon
  • Christopher Kosmer as Paul Erdmann
  • Lester Ellis as Johnny Tedesco