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Beat The House


Episode 2.01
Thu, August 14, 2008 (ABC2)
Fri, August 15, 2008 (ABC1)

Douse the lights and board up the doors — ABC TV's AFI award-winning comedy, Double The Fist, is back for a new season of over-the-top action.

More anarchic than The Young Ones, more surreal than The Mighty Boosh, and chock-full of seething anger and blood-soaked special effects, Double The Fist is testosterone-fuelled TV that shows no mercy.

Three years in the making, this new 8 x 30-minute action-packed comedy series is a cinematic epic of love, betrayal and time travel spiked with high adventure, low blows and more digital effects than Transformers.

Led by charismatic crusader Steve Foxx, the Fist team includes extreme sportsman Rod; the mysterious Mephisto; and that large, loveable lump of man meat, The Womp. (Ably assisted by 'Panda' the Panda; vending machine assassin, Tara; and Odin, the professional wrestler, Ballistic Man and mythical warriors.)

With the power of the Fist, their mission is to make weakness history once and for all! Weakness is a plague devouring the very fabric of society but don't panic, Steve Foxx has found the root of the epidemic and he's ready to strike a deathblow to the candy floss comfort that has ensnared 85% of all Australians.

Double The Fist is a big, brash no-apologies comedy with heart and brains and spine. It flips between satire and action, slapstick and thriller, character-based comedy and bombastic special-effects extravaganza.

In a world running short on ideas, you have to give them this: there's nothing else like it on TV!

Australian acting luminaries lighting up the screen in this new series of Double The Fist include: Bruce Spence as the baby-eating Mayor; Kate Fitzpatrick, Ian Turpie, Ahn Do, John Leary, Hollie Andrew and The Umbilical Brothers.

With: Lawrence Carmichael as Sir Lawrence, Michael Pentacost as Sir Hector, Bel Macdeone as Gymnastics Teacher, Mario Kefalas as Blood Bank Guard, Ben Hurley as Vampire David, Franky McLennan as Demale Vampire, Peter Chaff as Pit Bull, Ban Blaylock as Mark, John McNeil as Head Guard, Ian McPhee as Guard 2, Michael Byrne as Guard 3, Bard Homewood as Stubborn Guard, Jonathan Elson as Old Codger, David Collins as Mime, Mark Grizic as Photographer, Stephen Kilnder as Shauno, Shaun Thompson as Peter Fisher, Steve Anderton as Mime in Acquarium, Ian Trupie as MC, Stevie Jackson as Lovely Assistant, Travers Ross as Panda Dance Double, Mary Henning as Hypnotised Woman, Jane Banbury as Hypnotised Woman

Council Smash


Episode 2.02
Thu, August 21, 2008 (ABC2)

Welcome to Prawn World — abandoned fun park and the new headquarters of Double The Fist.

Fifteen glorious acres dedicated to crushing weakness — a snake-infested wonderland of rusting amusement rides that surrounds a secluded compound and prawn museum. The perfect location to start manufacturing the most Fistworthy thing you will ever see.

Just as he is about to begin redevelopment, the Fist's charismatic leader, Steve Foxx, is handed a council zoning rejection and eviction notice by a mysterious sword-wielding female council worker. Even more mysterious, the sword woman turns into a vending machine immediately after serving the notice.

This just proves what Steve has always said about local government — "They think it's their job to keep us weak and crush our dreams."

Steve is not the kind of man to take eviction lying down, so the team have a new mission — fortify the compound and resist the council's impending attack.

While The Womp and Mephisto barb wire every fence, board up every window and put razor blades on every slide, Rod (chosen for his stealth, cunning and stunning good looks) is sent to steal the council payroll records. In the council chambers, Rod discovers a terrible secret.

Tonights episode features guest Bruce Spence as the baby-eating Mayor. Don't miss the thrilling second installment of this sophisticated comedy action drama where local councils taste the power of Fist.

Ultra Hot Love Cast: Bruce Spence as Mayor, Hollie Andrew as Tara, David Collins, Belinda King, Luke Rogers, Alex Ryan, Sharn Hammond, Stephen Haimes, Kat Galang, Tyson Webster, Greg Waters, Cathrine McVeigh, Neve Harty, Bill McGuire, Dale Watts, Joe Sinacori, Kevin Crane, Lawrence Carmichael, Michael Pentecost, Blake Wells, Emma Henning, Kirsty Johnson, Fayssal Bazzi, Louis Fitspatrck, Walter Davis Hart, Emma Hamilton

Fist Furniture


Episode 2.03
Thu, August 28, 2008 (ABC2)

Disgusted by safe, affordable furniture, the Fist's charismatic crusader, Steve Foxx, has designed a more Fistworthy range — a spectacular variety of potentially fatal furniture including the Bounce-O-Death for babies, the Office Chair Ejector, the Turbo Lounge, Bed of Nails, Fist Fire Alarm and the Fist Remote, with the power to shatter a television from across the room.

Before the dream of Fist Furniture can live, the Fist team must first destroy their rival, Varde, the Swedish furniture manufacturer headed by the elusive Birgit and the enigmatic Ingvar (a skull with a crown on a remote controlled car).

Womp is put in charge of the mission, but his attempt to lead is a disaster. Rod and Mephisto flee, leaving Womp captured by Birgit and her crew of capoeira dancers.

Powerless against the deadly martial art that is capoeira, the team are forced to turn to the only more legitimate form of combat: professional wrestling. Odin, star of the World Extreme Wrestling Federation, joins the team and trains Rod and Mephisto in the gentlemanly art of the smack-down.

Meanwhile Womp has been rescued by elves. Turns out Varde has been using them as sweat-shop labour all these years. The elves are looking for a leader in their revolution.

Can the Fist team overthrow the Varde CEO? Can Womp lead the elves to freedom? Just how powerful is the world's brightest lamp?

With: Kate Fitzpatrick as Birgit, Hollie Andrew as Tara, David Collins, Jason Van Anthaus, John Leary, Belinda King, Sharn Hammond, Luke Rogers, Alex Ryan, Jess Macaulay, Di Nichol, Pam, Richard Brunskill, Megan Harding, Robert Anderson, Rayner Nichol, Therese, Lisa, Carlos Da Hora, Tristan Hernandez, Jason Hernandez, Lawrence Carmichael, Jason Harty, Ivy Nehl, Isabel Evans, Shahane Bekarian, Marinos Drousios, Lenny Hojas, Michelle Fadoul, Connor Van Vuuren, Elka Cruz, Eddie Nehl, Jo Allebone, Stephen Walker, Michael Blake, Todd Anderson

Double Dragon


Episode 2.04
Thu, September 04, 2008 (ABC2)

The war on weakness enters a new phase when Double The Fist's charismatic leader, Steve Foxx, hands out twin missions in tonight's explosive episode.

Steve is not happy — the elusive and shadowy figure, Krackbot, has hacked into the Fist Furniture website, mocking Steve and promoting a Medieval Re-enactment Society lifestyle.

Steve sends Mephisto to destroy the Medieval Re-enactment Society and orders Rod to fix the website.

The Womp has to beg Rod to come on the mission and Tara, the sword wielding vending machine, is having trouble accepting that she's a robot.

A website virus kills Mephisto and turns Rod into a monster, however Mephisto is offered a new life by mysterious avatars (cleverly disguised Medieval Re-enactors) and Rod loses his hair and confidence but survives.

The team return to Fist HQ, Prawn World, only to find a distraught Steve about to light a funeral pyre for Panda.

With: Ahn Do as Krackbot, Lawrence Carmichael as Panda, Hollie Andrew as Tara, Luke Rogers as Dunford, Alex Ryan as Wetbox, Angela Carmichael and Brooke Ryan as Rod Groupies, Nic Verhoven as Kevin, Robert Anderson as Robert, Ken Anderson as Ken, Khoa Doa as Ninja, Martin Huynn as Ninja, Ali Kadhim as Ninja, Cheng Vuong as Ninja; M.R.S. Conspirators: Kirk Roberts, Darren Martin, Matt Lovegrove, Andrew Salter, Trevor Somebody [sorry Trevor, lost your surname), Fletcher Thompson, Daniel Johnston

House Party Challenge


Episode 2.05
Thu, September 18, 2008 (ABC2)

Haunted by the death of Panda, the Fist's charismatic leader Steve Foxx falls into a forest bear trap set by a renegade men's group, the Iron Johns. With Steve gone, Rod assumes the mantle of leader along with a wig to cover his baldness. Younger brother of Steve, Rod is an all round athlete with fantastic hair. A lady's man who can conquer any physical challenge that comes his way. Rod is not afraid of going head to head with weakness and will wipe out anyone who stands in his brother's way. Rod is also a singer with a single on the way. Rod decides to throw a Porky's-style party to celebrate his manliness and lays-off a challenge to the rest of the team to see who can pull the most chicks. Meanwhile, Mephisto is tortured by the Medieval Re-enactment Society trying to infiltrate the raging party, and Tara is trying to recover her tokens from the safe but Rod wants to have sex with her.

With: Marc Kay as Bearclaw, Dom Romeo as Peachtree, Alex Renwick as Talon; Iron Johns: Nigel Christensen, Jim Webb, David Cox, David Lequesne, Lindsey Pratt, Craig Ward, Steve McLaren, Simon Coates, Bruce Blake; Drew Pearsonl as Captured Knight, Lawrence Carmichael as Sir Lawrence, Michael Pentecost as Sir Hector, Hollie Andrew as Tara, Belinda King as Cyclone Jess, Angela Carmichael and Brooke Ryan as Rod Groupies, Peter Barry and Anthony Dunford as Future Rebels, Ben Hurley as Jester

Ultimate Weapon


Episode 2.06
Thu, September 25, 2008 (ABC2)

Tonight, the Fist embark on their most dangerous mission ever — they have to find the Ultimate Weapon hidden inside The Temple of The Fist perched atop snowbound World Mountain. Flying over the snow a smoke flare goes off inside the fuselage sending their plane crashing into the mountain. Steve and Rod are injured but The Womp agrees to carry Steve up the mountain. Mephisto finds the Temple of The Fist but it's guarded by Ballistic Man. Suspending gravity, Steve and The Womp make it inside the temple. While Steve tries to fight the monks, The Womp finds the Ultimate Weapon — a chainsaw that cuts through time...

With: Chris Morgan as Ballistic Man, Gandhi MacIntyre as Head Monk, Shane Dundas as Twin Guards, Mark Grisdale as Teacher, Sam Wilde as Waiter; Monks: Dave George, Max Paul, Alan Lao, Kym Cress, Dilshan Rain, Jerome Croasdale; Yetis: Michael Blake, Eve Garnier, Adam MacGowan, Alexander Garnier; The Radium Club Hepsters as Swing Band, Swingtime Dancers as Swing Dancers



Episode 2.07
Thu, October 02, 2008 (ABC2)

The eternal struggle against weakness continues when Double The Fist travel back to Botany Bay in 1770 to stop James Cook and claim Australia in the name of the Fist. After retrieving the Ultimate Weapon — a timesaw — from World Mountain, the Fists' charismatic leader Steve Foxx issues a challenge to his team and the local Tharawal people — "stop James Cook landing". Easier said than done when Cook's men arrive with lasers, speedboats and jet-packs! Sensing defeat, Steve sends The Womp to the future with the timesaw to bring back future weapons. A mysterious cloaked figure, intent on stealing the timesaw, follows The Womp through the time cut. In the future The Womp discovers Steve has taken over the world and The Womp has become an icon of weakness in an anti-fist rebellion. Meanwhile, back in Botany Bay, Cook challenges Steve to a game of futuristic chess with the victor winning the country!

With: Tharawal People: Freddy Reynolds, Joseph Phillips, Greg Walford, Cynthia Walford, Greg Walford Jr, Victor Walford, Dorothy Walford, Helen Walford; Richard Healy as Cook, Heath Wilder as Banks; Cook's Men: Ralph Moses, Dale Sinden, James Beehang, Andy Maconachie, Daniel French, Ciarin Friis, Steve McLaren, Malcolm McCarthy, Gerald Holmgren; Stephen Anderton as Rebel Leader; Future Rebels: Peter Barry, Stephen Anderton, Peter Barry, Anthony Dunford; Cops: Christopher Moriarty, Johnnyy Smokevitch; Angry Drivers: Chris Gillette, Frankie Maclennon; Future Citizens: Benjamin Newman, Lance Roberts, Fred Story, Ben Baker, Kaloon Fung; Dental Technicians: Morgan Stratford, Neale Strafford; Des Wasterman as English Gent; Michael Blake as Cricketer; Personal Assistants to Pimp Rod: Suzie Q, Connor Van Vuuren, Ben Baker, Stevie Jackson; Fist Cricketers: Donovan Carthew, James Crethar

The Great Battle


Episode 2.08
Thu, October 09, 2008 (ABC2)

Double The Fist is set to change the course of history in tonight's final episode when the Medieval Re-enactors — led by Mephisto, and the Fist army — led by Steve Foxx face off in a great battle. The re-creationists have overtaken Prawn World and crowned Mephisto King James. Steve, Rod and The Womp hatch a plan to recapture their HQ and take on the Medieval army by themselves. A huge battle brews as dawn breaks but the Fist army is bolstered by Sub-Fist Branch members from all over the country and they get the upper hand on the battlefield. Weakness leads to death and Steve rewards loyalty and punishes betrayal... and so begins a new era of converting people to embrace the uncompromising power of the Fist

With: Hollie Andrew as Tara, Lawrence Carmichael as Sir Lawrence, Michael Pentacost as Sir Hector, Chris Morgan as Ballistic Man, Ben Hurley as Jester, Andrew Ryan as Young Steve, Kyle Fowler as Young Rod, Gandhi MacIntyre as Head Monk, David Collins as Mime, Kelly Moses as Young Sidekick, Chris Barnes as Gandalf; Chris, Donna and Milli Langeluddecke as Beach Family; Daniel Miller and David Stalley as Anakins; Fletcher Thompson, Kat Galang and Larence Champness as Stormtroopers, Yolanda Beatson as Carol, Trudy Cooper as Cate Blanchett, Malcolm Anderson as Dog.

Medieval Re-Enactors: David Sander, Keith Dunn, Blake Wells, John Barry, Roy Wilkins, Peter Raftos, Dave Lynch, Steven Manglis, Robert Wheeler, Lachlan Rea, David Rea, Brendon Van Der Put, Graeme Walker, Antony Fletcher, Trent Broderick, James Moss, Maximillian Paul, Peter Beatson, Max Beatson, Richard Watkins, John Dunne, Stephen Wyley, Chris Barnes, Simon Ingram, William Erimya, Graham Brissett, Clive Hobson

Fist Army: Louis Fitzpatrick, Diego Refamales, Walter David Hart, Erica Brennan, Nicholas Ball, Dale Watts, Marcello Nobleza, Hicky, Michelle Katz, Stef Jaric, Guy Luckie, Rebel Williams, Greg Waters, Patricia Cotter, Alan Lao, Grant Colyer, Darryn Martin, Matthew Morris, Lance Colger, Casy Andrew, Matthew Golotta, Amanda Laing, Leigh Anderson, Jennifer Lee, Aiden Davis, Hailey Settineri, Colin Gasper, David Edney, Riccardo Ciccione, Jamie Dodd, Alex Haddad, Judd Howie, Kevin Crane, Ori Halup, Daniel Marpinez, Vicki Troth, Teresa Ponnor, Christian Kent, Beck, Andrew Dowell, Roslyn, Meijnderts, Gianna, Rowan Bate

Medieval Prisoners: Mitchell Bowker, Andrew Salter, Kym Cress

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