Double the Fist: episode guide

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Vertical Challenge (Pilot)


Episode 0.01

The Fist team travel to Kiama, the home of abseiling, to put the adventure back into jumping off a cliff with a challenge to reach the bottom of a cliff without the use of ropes. Also, Fist Pong, Mephisto Knows: Athletics, a Letter of the Weak from an extreme person wanting to be on the show, and Jess takes on the How-Low-Will-You-Go challenge to eat five jars of mayonaise.

With: Huw MacKinnon as Assistant/Abseilor, Karen Moses as Habedasher, Rachel Gilles as Beautician, Kathy McGuiness as Newsagent

Special Edition (Pilot)


Episode 0.02

Go behind the scenes on the most fist-worthy 26 minutes of television on the face of the planet and explore the private lives of the show's characters and see some of the Fist hopefulls who failed to make the cut. Also, The Womp vs Theodore the Pelican, Sharon picks up where Jess failed in How low will you go?, see a sneak preview of Rod and Womp's new hollywood film, "Beware of Trains", Panda's Craft Corner, Rod's ad for the asian market and on Letter of the Weak, Steve addresses a complaint about last week's letter challenging Steve to be tougher.

With: Robert Anderson and Todd Anderson as Home Stuntmen, Nerida Waters as The Femmassive Dancer

Fistathlon (Pilot)


Episode 0.03

The team at Double The Fist give the fairy-floss world of sport an extreme makeover in the form of the first ever Fistathlon to determine the planet's ultimate natural sportsman... or woman. Also, Mephisto Knows: Marketing and on Panda's Craft Corner, steal your own bike.

With: Owen Elliott as French Diner, Gabrielle Banks and Hamish Gilbert as Fountain Tourists