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Vertical Challenge


Episode 1.01

The Fist team travel to Kiama, the home of abseiling, to put the adventure back into jumping off a cliff with a challenge to reach the bottom of a cliff without the use of ropes.

With: Huw MacKinnon as Abseilor, Karen Moses as Habedasher, Rachel Gilles as Beautician, Kathy McGuiness as Newsagent

Note: essentially identical to the pilot version but for the inclusion of the "Fistory" segment

Fist Makeover

Steve's intro
Darren.. weak
Rod goes fishing
Edith pumped
gutless politician
Womp prepares Brad

Episode 1.02

In response to overwhelming audience response, Steve decides to show the ordinary viewer just how easy it is to earn fist, and chooses three viewers to transform: Edith, a senior; 9-year-old Brad; and the weakest of all, Darren, a magician. Also, Fishing with Fist, Mephiso knows: amputee beef, and on Letter of the Weak, Steve responds to a fan's request to be on the show.

With: Joy Hruby as Edith, Simon Dow as Brad, Daniel Kennedy as Darren


Panda triumphs in basketball challenge
Mephisto creates havoc
Panda takes out the Womp
Rod caught in electric fence
Letter of the Weak
Womps move through maze

Episode 1.03

The team at Double The Fist give the fairy-floss world of sport an extreme makeover in the form of the first ever Fistathlon to determine the planet's ultimate natural sportsman... or woman.

With: Owen Elliott as French Diner, Gabrielle Banks and Hamish Gilbert as Fountain Tourists

Note: Same as pilot version but for the inclusion of the Letter of the Weak, different effects for the Womps travelling through the trap canyon, seeing the French Diner get crushed, the breaststroke and bowling events have been removed as has Panda's Craft Corner (steal your own bike)

Fear Factory

Ultra Team
Delta Team
Sharks are circling
We can rebuild him
Blue Womp sliced

Episode 1.04

The Fist technitians have scoured the globe in search of the most terrifying challenges imaginable. Tonight, Mephisto, Rod and the Womps will lead their respective teams through the competition in an attempt to impress their fistworthiness on the world.

With: Dave Gray as Ugly Dave, John Leary as Russell, Yvonne Strzechowski as Suzie, Anthony Burke as Frank, Emma Cordero as Laura

High School Challenge

Steve's rant
Challenge intro
No fist
Panda breaks the egg
Rod closes in on defeat
Gallipoli re-enactment aftermath

Episode 1.05

Steve tackles public education head on to prove once and for all that teachers, who have the weakest and slackest jobs a human can perform, aren't doing their job properly. Four of the finest students from Arundell High School face off against the Fist team in the ultimate battle of Fistworthy education. Also, Rod in Lawn Super Bowls, Letter of the Weak determines to proves who's the biggest fan of Double The Fist and Steve receives a letter from the ABC chastising him for last week's endorsement of Lakemba Auto World.

With: Pierce Beerden as English Student, Stevie Bryant as Science Student, Alyce Matheson as Math Student [Emily], Ulua Kelemete as Sport Student, Neridah Waters as Tina T, Jackie Hawkes as Librarian, Allen Jones as Principal Breenan

Bush Bash

Protestors intro
Ray chugs for $30
Steve vs Kanagra round 3
a possessed Mephisto
Tina T lays down the smack
a tree planted. Double moons?

Episode 1.06

DTF tackles an issues close to Steve's heart: protestors, the weakest form of virus known to society. In order to put the "pro" back into protestors, Rod, The Womp, and Tina T are tasked with trying to stop a logging operation. Ray takes on the How Low Will You Go? challenge of drinking 800mL of filthy bin juice... for $30. Steve responds to this weaks Letter of the Weak which threats a lawsuit against him from the dogs in Kanangra. Mephisto makes a triumphant return.

With: Lawrence Carmichael, Michael Byrne and Michael Hamilton as Pandas, Neridah Waters as Tina T, Huw McKinnon as Cyclist, Juliet Donald as Winston



Episode 1.07

Doube The Fist tackles terrorism head on. The task: infiltrate and destroy three terrorists cells operating in the state of New South Wales. The person(s) most effective at stamping out terrorism receiving the full fist and the absolute honour of co-hosting for the rest of the season.

With: Desan Padaychee as Bakery Terrorist, John Downes as Farmer, Dutch as Angry Dog, John Kastoumis as Wrecker Terrorist, Richard Brancatisano as Gate Terrorist, Lawrence Carmichael as Sporty Terrorist, Michael Byrne as French Terrorist, Nicholas Beech as Computer Terrorist, Patricia Cotter as Token Female Terrorist, Blair Cutting as Alan Rickman

Special Edition


Episode 1.08

Double The Fist looks at the impact the show has made on ordinary Australians and provides character exposés on the characters we've grown to love along with flashback from past episodes.

With: Neridah Waters as Tina T, ...

Note: Almost entirely new segments with a few taken from the pilot episodes that weren't used in series versions