Produced by Fistworthy Pty Ltd, ABC Television, NSW FTO

Executive Producers: Bruce Kane, Courtney Gibson
Producer: Megan Harding
Writers/Creators/Directors: Craig Anderson, Bryan Moses, Doug Bayne, Tony Walters

Aired: 2004, 2008

Using slapstick comedy, off-the-wall story lines and sophisticated special effects, the Fist team of "lifestyle vigilantes" wage war on mediocrity wherever they find it. If that's confusing, then maybe you're too old for this fast-paced comedy adventure series, that both celebrates and satirises contemporary social issues and popular culture. Or perhaps you just need more fist.
Craig AndersonSteve Foxx
Bryan MosesRod Foxx
Doug BayneMephisto
Tony WaltersThe Womp
Neridah WatersTina T

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