Produced by Guesswork Television, OK Great Productions and Amazon Studios

Creators: Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Producers: Andy Walker
Executive Producers: Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan, Kevin Whyte, Tanya Phegan
Writers: Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan, Kim Wilson, Christian White, Anchuli Felicia King,
Kristy Fisher, Madeleine Sami
Directors: Ben Chessell, Gracie Otto, Beck Cole

Airing: June 02, 2023... (Prime Video)

The Tasmanian town of Deadloch, a once sleepy seaside hamlet, is left reeling when a local man turns up dead on the beach. Two female detectives are thrown together to solve the case: Fastidious local senior sergeant Dulcie Collins (Kate Box) and a rough-as-guts blow-in from Darwin, senior investigator Eddie Redcliffe (Madeleine Sami) along with their overeager junior constable Abby (Nina Oyama). As the town prepares to launch the annual arts, food, and culture event — Winter Feastival — the trio have to put their differences aside and work together to find the killer. (8x60min)
Kate BoxDulcie Collins
Madeleine SamiEddie Redcliffe
Nina OyamaAbby Matsuda
Tom BallardSven Alderman
Alicia GardinerCath York
Susie YoussefAleyna Rahme
Pamela RabeMargaret Carruthers
Kris McQuadeVictoria O'Dwyer
Duncan FellowsRay McLintock
Harvey ZielinskiGez Rahme
Shaun MartindalePhil McGangus
Katie RobertsonVanessa Latham
Nick Simpson-DeeksJames King
Mia MorrisseyNadiyah Zammit
Leonie WhymanTammy Hampson
Mick DaviesMike Nugent
Holly AustinSkye O'Dwyer
Kartanya MaynardMiranda Hoskins
NaarahSharelle Muir
cast photo

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