A Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier and Magnetic Production

Created by: Magda Szubanski
Executive Producers: Kris Noble, Mikael Borglund
Producers: Roger Simpson, Roger Le Mesurier, Magda Szubanski

Aired: 2000

Margaret O'Halloran can think like a dog. This is a rare gift; something many aspire to but few achieve. It has earned her the title of Dogwoman. With the dog as her only clue, Margaret is drawn into a world of mystery, intrigue and sometimes even murder, which lies beneath the surface of the happy, dog-owning family. A world in which everyone has a secret and the dog is the only one telling the truth. (3 x 95min)
Magda SzubanskiMargaret O'Halloran
Tara MoricePauline O'Halloran
Raj RyanBrian Jayasinghe
Mark MitchellPrologue Narrator

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