Dogwoman: about

Magda Szubanski is… DogWoman


"Some time ago, on a pale blue night…

when the moon was full as a fat girl's shoe, a woman lay in childbirth.

And as she howled in pain, the old brown dog who lived under the bed howled in harmony…

and together they sang the child into the world.

And so began the legend of…


Margaret O'Halloran can think like a dog. This is a rare gift; something many aspire to but few achieve. It has earned her the title of Dogwoman.

A professional dog trainer, Margaret specialises in curing problem dogs: dogs that bite and bark; dogs that whine and fret; dogs that chew the furniture and dig up the garden; dogs that piddle and howl; dogs that grow sad and listless; vicious, unstable dogs that for no apparent reason turn around and attack their owners.

All things which, to the untrained eye, look like nothing more than a bundle of meaningless, annoying symptoms.

But to a virtuoso like Dogwoman they are the code that must be cracked to reveal the deeper hidden truth which is the real cause of the dog's behaviour - its owner. Thus, with the dog as her only clue, Margaret is drawn into a world of mystery, intrigue, and murder, which lies beneath the surface of the happy dog-owning family. A world in which everyone has a secret, and the dog is the only one telling the truth. DOGWOMAN was created by, and features, Magda Szubanski in the title role.

Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier, producers of the hit series HALIFAX f.p., GOOD GUYS BAD GUYS and STINGERS are proud to present Australia's favourite comedy star in a series of three mystery telemovies, produced in association with Magda's own company, Magnetic Productions.

Shooting in and around Melbourne, the series premiered in prime-time on the Nine Network Australia in 2000.