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The Legend of Dogwoman

Sunday, July 30, 2000
Written by Andrew Bovell
Directed by Paul Moloney

Something is rotten in the town of Jindarup. Harry Bowman, the old Dog Man, has gone missing. The locals of the small country town assume that he's disappeared out bush. But Margaret O'Halloran, the legendary Dog Woman, fears that something terrible has happened to her friend and mentor. She returns to her hometown to search for him, meeting up with family, old friends and older adversaries. She and Kelty track Harry into the bushes and find him... or what's left of him. Harry is dead, eaten by a wild animal.

What killed Harry? Wild speculation flies around town. Could it be the thylacine, the supposedly extinct Tasmanian tiger which is rumoured to live near Jindarup? Could it be the rogue dog that's been killing livestock in the area? Or is there a human hand in Harry's death?

Margaret begins to suspect the latter when she learns that Harry has been making enemies in Jindarup. Harry has refused to acknowledge that he's seen the mythical thylacine and that he may even have a photograph of it. But Clive Hart, the real estate agent, is banking on a thylacine lead recovery from Jindarup's economic woes. He's convinced that Harry has this photo and is determined to get it no matter what the cost.

Then Margaret discovers that Harry was having an affair. Who is this mystery woman? Is it Jacinta Davies, Margaret's old enemy from highschool? And if it is, how is she connected to Harry's death? As Margaret gets closer to the truth, she learns that Harry's secrets are much closer to home than she had ever suspected. These revelations not only turn Margaret's world upside down, they may very well cost her her life!


  • Magda Szubanski as Margaret O'Halloran
  • Tara Morice as Pauline O'Halloran
  • Raj Ryan as Brian Jayasinghe
  • Paul Gleeson as Don Groom
  • Alison Whyte as Jacinta Davies
  • Frank Magree as Ray Davies
  • Leo Taylor as Arthur O'Halloran
  • Susie Dee as Lorraine O'Halloran
  • Tim McKenzie as Victor Dingwell
  • Mark Pegler as Clive Hart
  • Andrew Blackman as Mac (Paul) McDonald
  • Tammy McCarthy as Gina McDonald
  • Woody Miles as Jimmy McDonald
  • Thomas McCarthy as Baby McDonald
  • Stewart Faichney as Harry Bowman
  • John Forsyth as Priest
  • Tara Judah as Tracy
  • Gladys Sinclair Cohen as Nurse
  • Helen Suters as Barperson
  • Lisa Heenan as Jacinta's Friend
  • Mark Mitchell as Prologue
  • Tracy Mall as Stunt Double
  • Dean Caulfield as Stunt Double

Canine Cast:

  • Blue as Kelty
  • Carla as Ruby
  • Priscilla as Annabelle
  • Scoota as Roy
  • Magic as Betty