Blackjack: episode guide

BlackJack: Ace Point Game (4)

UK: Monday, June 27, 2005 (BBC One)
Australia: Sun, August 20, 2006 (Ten)
Ratings: 853,502 viewers (13th)
Writer: Tim Pye
Director: Peter Andrikidis
  • Colin Friels as Jack Kempson
  • Marta Dusseldorp as Sam Lawson
  • David Field as Inspector Kavanagh
  • Craig McLachlan as Michael Hasler
  • Russell Dykstra as Buchanan
  • Gigi Edgley as Liz Kempson
  • Daniella Farinacci as Jenny Hasler
  • Sacha Horler as Angela
  • Alice McConnell as Melanie
  • Doris Younane as Christine Vallas
  • John Brumpton as Andy Margate
  • Inge Hornstra as Kylie Margate
  • et al

Two sisters kidnap the man they believe raped them years ago with the intention of taking revenge. As police pursue the women and their hostage, Kempson re-examines the old evidence to determine if the man they're holding prisoner really is the attacker—but also considers leaving him to his fate should he prove guilty. Alongside this Jack is forced to contend with the distancing relationship between himself and his daughter, and the repurcussions of sleeping with a work colleague. Will he finally get rid of his miserable and deviant boss, and be reinstated, or has he finally bitten off more than he can chew?

Note: Ace Point Game is a backgammon term.