Blackjack: episode guide

BlackJack: Murder Archive (1)

Australia: March 16, 2003 (Ten)
UK: June 06, 2005 (BBC One)
Executive Producer: Nick Murray
Producer: Sally Ayre-Smith
Written by: Gary McCaffrie and Shaun Micallef
Directed by: Peter Andrikidis
  • Colin Friels as Jack Kempson
  • Kate Beahan as Julie Egan
  • David Field as Inspector Kavanagh
  • Victoria Longley as Therese Ricci
  • Russell Dykstra as Buchanan
  • George Andrikidis as Taxi Driver
  • Yiani Andrikidis as Ashleigh Kirsten
  • Chris Argirousis as Humphries
  • Tony Barry as Joe Bueneroti
  • Matt Boesenberg as Shapiro
  • John Brumpton as Andy Margate
  • Tina Bursill as Carmen
  • Jason Clarke as Tony Seaton (1973)
  • Wahid Dona as Doctor
  • Kostas Doukas as Brian Kirsten (1973)
  • Gigi Edgley as Liz Kempson
  • Sarah Enright as Vicky
  • Grant Galea as Milburn
  • Julian Garner as Bueneroti (1973)
  • Louise Ginman as Helen Kirsten (1973)
  • Ron Graham as Brian Kirsten
  • Inge Hornstra as Carmen (1973)
  • Sam Isaacs as Jack (1973)
  • Melissa Jaffer as Helen Kirsten
  • Elizabeth Maywald as Serina
  • Mark Owen-Taylor as Tim
  • Taylor Owynns as Ms Horton
  • Sari Sheehan as Mary Kempson
  • Anthony Simcoe as Allenby
  • Allan Vaughan as Ochre
  • Steve Vella as Ziersch
  • Doris Younane as Christine Ormond

Justice means more than punishing those who commit crimes.

It means never giving up in the search for the truth.

Justice is Detective Jack Kempson’s creed.

Jack Kempson started out as an idealistic cop. Thirty years on, he remains relentless in tracking down villains, but has lost confidence in his moral barometer. He turns a blind eye to the dubious methods employed by some of his contemporaries — prepared to let dodgy means be justified by the noble end.

The police brotherhood has allowed him to survive all the crap that happens to him in his private life.

But something is shifting in Jack and, when a quantity of drugs signed out in his name goes missing, Jack smells a rat and becomes a whistle blower — he just can’t accept the corruption anymore.

This is his first big mistake, because the department turns its back on him, banishing him to the purgatory of supervising data entry into a new computerised crime tracking system. He is sent to rot in the basement.

The system being established uses new technology to solve old cases. The data base is not yet complete, but allows Jack to work at what he loves best — solving crimes.

Jack works outside the system — unauthorised work — but the crimes he digs up are still crying out to be solved. Jack is driven by the despair of the parents of a boy kidnapped and never found 30 years ago, and the memory of the loss of his wife.

As he seeks to find answers from long ago, his journey into the past teaches him that he is not the man he thought he was.