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Ike played by Alex Tarrant

Ike is the brains behind his dad's IT business. Ike is great with technology and practical things in general. He's also the Robin Hood of Weld, fighting the powers-that-be in the name of truth and justice. Enigmatic, Ike doesn't say much but when he does it carries some weight. Oh, and being cute doesn't hurt…

Alex Tarrant says Ike is the black sheep of Weld. "He's still young but I think back in his younger days he was quite a ladies man. Some people would consider him to be mischievous, but he sees himself as a crime fighter and he's able to keep his secrets, his vigilante secrets as well as his relationship secrets."

Alex Tarrant

Alex Tarrant Alex Tarrant has a Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts from Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School.

Originally from the small New Zealand coastal town of Raglan, Alex has been in consistent demand since graduating drama school and moving to Auckland.

His credits include the Nothing Trivial finale telefeature, the UK/New Zealand BBC3 coproduction Tatau, the ANZAC drama series When We Go To War and Totes Maori, in which he was the host.

He has appeared in numerous short films and theatre shows including Red Leap Theatre Company's production of The Arrival.