800 Words: profiles

Tracey played by Emma Leonard

Tracey is an Aussie teaching at Weld District High School where she is also their youngest ever House Dean.

Originally from Melbourne, Tracey moved to Weld with her now ex-husband. She has all the right qualities to be a great teacher, but deep down she harbours a fear that she is actually isn't very good at it.

She is terrible at relationships. A sunworshipper, she has no problems with her body and doesn't really care if anyone else does. Nude sunbathing and swimming are a natural part of her daily routine as we soon discover when George unwittingly enters a nudist beach hoping to surf until Tracey, fully naked, calmly introduces herself and explains that it is not a surfing beach.

Emma Leonard

Emma Leonard grew up in the Southern Highlands outside of Sydney and says her upbringing helps her relate to the small town lifestyle of Weld.

"It's the sense of community that you have, which Tracey obviously grew to love in Weld, that I can relate to from my childhood," she says. "You run into people in the street and everyone knows everyone's business so that felt really familiar and hilarious to me. There is so much comedy in everybody knowing everybody's business."

Emma previously played teacher Henrietta Brown in Seven's Home And Away. Her other television credits include Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, Wonderland and a 2005 guest role in All Saints.

Her big screen credits include the lead role of Destiny in Dealing with Destiny and the role of Lisa in Vulnerable for which she was nominated for Best Actress in 2011 at the Hoboken International Film Festival New Jersey.