800 Words: profiles

Jan played by Bridie Carter

Jan is the editor of the newspaper magazine supplement that George writes for in Sydney. George got the job as a columnist through his wife Laura's close friendship with Jan.

Jan had always enjoyed George's views on life and after a couple of wines at a party, she challenged him to write some of them down. It worked and she gave him his own column — a bloke's voice at the back of a primarily female-oriented publication.

George really enjoyed it and readers loved it too so it marked the start of George's career as a writer.

Since Laura's death, Jan has become George's best friend. Laura's sudden passing has hit her hard too. She's worried about the kids and how they're going to cope without their mother. And she's not happy about George's impulsive decision to quit his job and move overseas.

Bridie Carter

Playing the role of an editor in 800 Words conjures fond memories for Bridie Carter, who cast herself as a reporter at the age of eight for her cousin's backyard film about the infamous band KISS.

"I played a reporter from the Australian Women's Weekly interviewing the band and following them on their exploits. It was good training for my latest role!" she says.

Bridie's first acting classes were at the Bouverie Street Theatre in Melbourne and she graduated from NIDA in 1994.

Her first professional role was in Neighbours at the age of 18. She fondly remembers running from a hospital, blood splattered, under the direction of Peter Andrikides in GP; and in Home And Away she played a lesbian lover alongside fellow classmate Rachel Blake. Bridie is best known for her role as Tess Silverman McLeod on McLeod's Daughters, a role which saw her nominated twice for a Gold Logie and four times for a Silver Logie.

Despite a guest role on All Saints as a traumatised hospital patient, her path had yet to cross with Erik's until 800 Words.

"As an actor, you get to work with all sorts of leading men," Bridie says. "Erik has a generosity and strength of character that has been wonderful to collaborate with." Bridie's versatility hit new heights when she won Dancing with the Stars in 2007.

Additional television credits include It's A Date, Wild Boys, Rescue Special Ops, My Husband My Killer, Going Home, Above The Law, Murder Call, Water Rats and GP.

Bridie appeared in the comedy feature film I Love You Too alongside Brendan Cowell and Peter Hellier. Other film credits include Envy and Fresh Air, Nostalgia, Skin, The Things My Father Never Taught Me and Ragtime. Her theatre credits include Love Letters (Ripe Productions), No Names… .

No Pack Drills (NIDA), Lockie Leonard Human Torpedo (Ensemble Theatre) and Communicating Doors (Marion St Theatre).

Bridie is married to clothing designer Michael Wilson. They live on a cattle property just outside Byron Bay with their two boys, Otis and Tobias. Apart from her acting work, Bridie is about to take the big leap of moving to the next paddock on her farm (literally) to build a new self-sufficient home.