Produced by Wikkid Entertainment for Great Western Entertainment Pty Ltd

Created by: Ysabelle Dean, David Rapsey, Jutta Goetze, Meaghan Smith, Piers Hobson and Paul Barron
Writers: James Beard, Alex Burrows, John Coulter, Ysabelle Dean, Jutta Goetze, Piers Hobson,
Susan Hore, Elizabeth Huntley, David Rapsey, Maureen Sherlock, Meaghan Smith
Directors: Mark DeFriest, Edward McQueen-Mason
Script Producer: Ysabelle Dean
Producer: Paul Barron

Aired: 2007-2008 (Ten)

The town of Wormwood is a weird place according to Ned and Danni Bourke. The town's main economy comes from worm farming and selling 'worm poo' but things start to get really weird when the kids meet the Nose of Wormwood, a kid playing banjo, Deliverance style, and a monster with indigestion that lives in the forest pond! Based on the stories by Paul Jennings. 13x24 min
Nick StevensonNed Bourke
Kelly PaternitiDanni Bourke
Karli-Rae GroganSally Schnozz
Valentina BarronJarrod Schnozz
Igor SasMick Bourke
David MoranKen Schnozz
Nicola BartlettGrandma Schnozz
Renee McIntoshSuzie
Kate HallGloria Grunge

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