Wormwood: episode guide


Episode 01
October 04, 2007 (Ten)
Written by Ysabelle Dean, David Rapsey
Directed by Mark DeFriest

The Bourke family arrive in the peculiar town of Wormwood — where swamps burp, eggs are blue, and super-size worms are the pillar of the town's economy.



Episode 02
October 11, 2007
Written by John Coulter
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

On a school excursion, Ned steals soup that gives him super powers, but the side-effects might cost him an arm and a finger (literally).

With: Allison Scarlett as Miss Villeroy, Ingle Knight as Griffin, Mitch Race as Robbie, Jesse Martin as Squirto, Shannon Lively as Hairball, Edward McQueen-Mason as Shop keeper, Eileen Colocott as Edwina, Atara Lebransky as Kate, Nikita Ferrier as School kid, Niki-Marie Bodle as School kid, David Lazarus as School kid, Kato White as Guts

Cow Dung Custard

Episode 03
October 18, 2007
Written by
Directed by Mark DeFriest

Wormwood is in trouble. The pond scum that they use to feed the worms has vanished, and production of Wormgold is grinding to a halt. Danni sets out to get the worms working again — but accidentally drives them away instead!

Triple Scoop Ice Cream

Episode 04
October 25, 2007
Written by Alex Burrows, Jim Beard
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

Ned eats some of Grandma Schnozz's ice cream with surprising results, while Sally has a running nose — literally.

Basil The Spitting Rat

Episode 05
November 01, 2007
Written by
Directed by

Ned goes on a road trip with his grandpa and has a close encounter of the weird kind with Basil, the Spitting Rat.


Episode 06
November 08, 2007
Written by Alex Burrows, Elizabeth Huntley
Directed by Edward McQueen-Mason

The Bourkes visit Grandpa's home town of Yabbidandarup, only to find its famous yabbies have vanished.


Episode 07
November 15, 2007
Written by Jutta Goetz
Directed by Mark DeFriest

The time has come for the annual Bat Harvest in Wormwood, since the town is without a Bat Piper; Danni is chosen to charm the bats with music.


Episode 08
Written by
Directed by

The Wormwood kids and the Spirit of the Forest are infected with the dreaded Reversitis where everyone moves, and speaks, backwards.


Episode 09
Written by
Directed by

When Ned's precious watch is dropped down a giant worm tunnel, Ned and Sally go after it, only to become trapped underground.


Episode 10
Written by
Directed by

In a strange sideshow attraction Danni swaps places for a day with her fun-loving mirror image, only to find herself stuck in mirror-world.


Episode 11
Written by
Directed by

Ned and Danni tell Sally about the prophecy of the 'See-Shell' — a strange-looking clam with an ability to foretell the future.


Episode 12
Written by
Directed by

A nefarious plan to make the Spirit of the Forest work harder backfires when the Spirit starts attacking anything that threatens the local ecosystem — including people.


Episode 13 (finale)
Written by
Directed by

The whale from the See-Shell prophecy comes tumbling down and the odious Gloria returns with a plan to improve (read: destroy) Wormwood.