Executive Producer: Patricia Edgar

Aired: 1985 (8 x 50 min)

An eight episode series dealing with issues of friendship, independence, competition, decision-making and conflict.
Was followed up in 1990 by More Winners

Just Friends

Episode 1
Producer: Jane Ballantyne
Writer: Jan Sardi
Director: Michael Pattinson
  • Sherie Graham as Susan Foster
  • Mitch Ambrose as Buzz
  • Lindy Davies as Rose Foster
  • Bruce Myles as George Foster
  • Lucinda Cowen as Jenny Foster
  • Shanti Gudgeon as Francine
  • Paul Weller as Julio
  • Julie Stepancic as Mags
  • Davina Orrock as Marjorie
  • David Argue as Bert (D.J.)
  • Lucas Black as Boy (with glasses)
  • Adam Lee as Westie Boy #1
  • Nick Hillgrove as Westie Boy #2
  • Karla Hayman as Westie Boy #3
  • Lesley Johnson as Westie Boy #4

Susan has just moved to a new part of town. It's school holidays and she goes to practice her skills at the local roller rink. Buzz, the Prince of the Rink, spots the talented newcomer and moves in on her. Susan joins Buzz and his gang, but she doesn't know what she is letting herself in for. Boyfriends, girlfriends, going steady and breaking up. Life can be very painful when you're thirteen.

Quest Beyond Time

Episode 2
Producers: Julia Overton, Richard Mason
Writer: Tony Morphett
Director: Stephen Wallace
  • Daniel Cordeaux as Mike
  • Roger Ward as Fergus
  • Rebecca Rigg as Katrin
  • Tim Elliot as Simon

Mike loves hang gliding, but one day a freak wind strikes and he crash lands, finding himself surrounded by strange people in rags who call him the "man from the sky" and believe he can cure "The Sickness." Mike has somehow flown 500 years into the future, to a post-nuclear holocaust Australia! He embarks on a dangerous mission to help a small community.

The Paper Boy

Episode 3
Producer: Jane Ballantyne
Writer: Bob Ellis
Director: Paul Cox
  • Christopher Schlusser as Joe Riordan
  • Tony Llewellyn-Jones as John Riordan
  • Linden Wilkinson as Elise Riordan
  • George Trotman as Mr. Crabtree
  • Maurie Fields as Mr. O'Brien
  • Barry Dickens as Beggar
  • David Argue as Communist Agitator
  • John Flaus as Communist Speaker
  • Tunji Beier as Larger Newsboy
  • Julia Blake as Reformed Sinner
  • Kyra Cox as Riordan Family
  • Lucy Angwin as Riordan Family
  • Toby Angwin as Riordan Family
  • Brad Hudson as Smaller Newsboy
  • Norman Kaye as Tramp
  • Bob Ellis as Well-dressed Man

It's December 1932 and it's going to be a bleak Christmas for the Riordens when Joe's dad gets the sack from his job. The money that 13-year-old Joe gets from selling papers is all they have. When Joe and his dad have a fight, Joe leaves home vowing never to return. He lives on the streets, battling with his wits and his fists as he gets to know the city and its characters. The downs-and-outs, the communist agitators, the Sallies, old Harry and his mate…

The Other Facts of Life

Episode 4
Producers: Julia Overton, Sandra Levy
Writer: Morris Gleitzman
Director: Esben Storm
  • Ken Talbot as Ben Guthrie
  • Toni Allaylis as Claire Guthrie
  • Anne Grigg as Di Guthrie
  • John Hamblin as Doctor
  • Sheila Florance as Esme
  • Richard Moir as Minister
  • Dennis Miller as Ron Guthrie
  • Lance Curtis as Teacher
  • John Clayton as Wal

Ben's father gives him "The Facts of Life" but Ben hits his dad with much tougher questions than that old birds-and-bees stuff. Like, why are some people starving? Dad can't answer. Ben starts a one-boy crusade to make the world right. And reaps the consequences.

Top Kid

Episode 5
Producer: Jane Scott
Writer: Bob Ellis
Director: Carl Schultz
  • Emil Minty as Gary
  • Garry McDonald as Freddie Brooks
  • Harold Hopkins as Jack Doyle
  • Rebecca Smart as Jennie Nelson
  • Peter Whitford as Mr. Donaldson
  • Michele Fawdon as Mrs. Doyle
  • Rhys McConnochie as Headmaster
  • Basil Clarke as Brother Basil
  • Joss McWilliam as Brother Kennedy

Gary is a bright boy, a bit too bright for his own good, as the other kids try to prove by beating him up regularly after school. Then he goes on a quiz show and suddenly fame and fortune are within his reach. Until the sponsors start to rig the show and Gary has to make a very difficult decision.

On Loan

Episode 6
Producer: Jane Scott
Writer: Anne Brooksbank
Director: Geoffrey Bennett
  • Marillac Johnsen as Lindy
  • Quang Chinh Dinh as Le
  • Pauline Chan as Aunt
  • John Lehmann as Danny
  • John Walton as Geoff
  • Emily Stocker as Julie
  • Belinda Giblin as Marj
  • Tran Tuy Phuong as Minh
  • Quoc Xuyen Lam as Uncle
  • Joe Tran as Vanh
  • Helen McDonald as Woman in Audience

At her 14th birthday party, Lindy wishes she knew her actual birth date. But only her real parents would know, and they're both dead. Or so Lindy and her Australian family believe until the letter from her natural father arrives. Now Lindy must decide between two families and two futures, between Australia and Vietnam.


Episode 7
Producer: Tom Jeffrey
Writer: Terry Larsen
  • David Woloszko as Kevin
  • Joan Lord as Mrs. Pearl
  • Robin Cuming as Alec
  • Pat Thomson as Alison
  • Max Fairchild as Bruiser
  • Ken Snodgrass as Don
  • Richard Gilbert as Guy
  • Vanessa Goddard as Mary
  • John Stone as Mr. Guspin
  • Sheila Kennelly as Mrs. Tinsley
  • Jill Clayton as Nan
  • Les Foxcroft as Pop
  • David Jay as Sid
  • Fotis Pelekis as Theo
  • Justine Byrne as Policeman

Garbage night is magic, and so is Kev's job. It's an important job, and if he and Big Dog didn't do it, who would? Mrs Pearl catches stray people like the dogcatcher catches dogs, and every garbage night she and Bruiser hunt Kev through the streets of Newtown. But Kev's friend Mary and his mother, Alison, know that Tarflowers really are magic and that Kev isn't as dumb as Mrs. Pearl thinks.

Room to Move

Episode 8
Producers: Julia Overton and Richard Mason
Writer: John Duigan
Director: John Duigan
  • Nicole Kidman as Carol Trig
  • Alyssa Cook as Angie Spry
  • Terence Donovan as Peter Trig
  • Veronica Lang as Alison Trig
  • Martin Harris as Bruce Spry
  • Emma Lyle as Andrea Trig
  • Helen Pankhurst as Jenny Forenko
  • Mary Sinclair as Mrs. Gravy
  • Kate Ferguson as Sandra Wilcox
  • Celia de Burgh as Lucy Graham
  • Carla Hoogeveeh as Mrs. MacCreedy
  • Mitsukp Generoso as Dance Teacher
  • Mercia Deane-Johns as Janet
  • Shirley Cameron as Michelle Guest
  • Elizabeth Mauric as Stephany
  • Angela Gauci as Tracey
  • Gabrielle Schornegg as Lyn
  • Connor Fitzpatrick as Andrew
  • Matthew Parr as Gilmore
  • John Pallone as Tony
  • Adrian Thompson as Ollie
  • Vic Andrews as Mario
  • Gary Dale as 1st Policeman
  • Ian Gilmour as 2nd Policeman
  • Esben Storm as Tom
  • Robert Underhill as Ian
  • Robbie Campbell as Ross
  • Chris Dibb as Businessman

Carol is a top runner, coached by her father day and night. Then she meets Angie, the punk new girl, and the two become friends, eating hamburgers at "The Armpit" where Angie has to work after school. They give each other lots of support and together do things Carol has only dreamed of. Carol begins to rebel and plans a new life for herself. But the all-important race is coming up — and Carol has to give it all she's got.

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