Executive Producer: Patricia Edgar
Series Producer: Ewan Burnett

Aired: 1990 (6 x 50 min)

An anthology series of six telemovies. Through comedy, historical drama, adventure, fantasy and social realism many issues are raised. The various episodes deal with aspirations, friendship, jealousy, families, lifestyles, decision making and personal growth. A sequel series to Winners

Mr. Edmund

Episode 1
Producer: Anthony Buckley
Screenplay: Steve J. Spears
Director: George Whaley
  • Rebecca Smart as Cherry
  • Steven Scott-Young as Sam
  • Rhondda Findleton as Margaret
  • Robert Grubb as Mr. Edmund
  • Harry Constantian as Mr. Bolakian
  • Norry Constantian as Mr. Bolakian
  • Willie Fennel as Mr. Linstead
  • Betty Lucas as Mrs. Finkel

The Sydney Harbour Bridge might look good on postcards, but it's a different thing if you have to live right under it, like Cherry and her kid brother, Sam. Their mum runs a boarding house and she's so busy all the time she forgets how to dream. But things change when Mr Edmund comes to stay. He believes that dreams can come true and he's going to show them all how to make sure they do.

Second Childhood

Episode 2
Producer: Jane Ballantyne
Screenplay: Morris Gleitzman
Director: Mario Andreacchio
  • Cameron Bryson as Mark Smalley
  • Hannah Birdsey as Annie Upton
  • Jason Veliskou as Pino
  • Trent Skipper as Rufus
  • Scott Ellery as Daryl Smalley
  • Peter Fisher as Bob Smalley
  • Grant Piro as Mr. Cruickshank
  • Jacki Kerin as Joy Smalley

Mark and his friends discover they've lived before. Not only that, they were famous and important people. Mark is elated — his father always wanted him to be "a somebody". Then Mark and the others find they are responsible for several of the world's big problems. So Henry Ford, Queen Victoria, Albert Einstein and Phar Lap set out to make up for what they've done. Never has a school history project been so dangerous, exciting… or hilarious.

The Big Wish

Episode 3
Producer: Antonia Barnard
Screenplay: Steve J. Spears
Director: Esben Storm
  • Martin Plaza as ?
  • Cameron Nugent as C.W.
  • Caz Lederman as C.W.'s Mum
  • Paul Livingstone as Gobbo
  • Justin Rosniak as Prince Wilton
  • Ebony Ricketson as Katie
  • Gina Gaigalas as Katie's Parent
  • Steve Spears as Katie's Parent
  • Maggie Dence as Lady Mikeevil
  • Jai Kemp as School Bully
  • Michael Cudlin as School Bully
  • Tony Placancia as School Bully
  • Sandra Collins as Sobbo
  • Andrew Windsor as The Goblin Mayor
  • Bob Hornery as The Headmaster
  • Richard Moir as The King
  • Rowena Wallace as The Queen
  • Lydia Miller as The Teacher
  • Esben Storm as The Waiter

Prince Wilton from the Enchanted Realm of the Faeries has been sent to Earth to dispose of seven wishes in the human world before sundown. If Prince Wilton doesn't give away these wishes, the Faeries will lose their powers. Fortunately he meets Christopher Walter Pratt (C.W.) who believes in him and his wishes. C.W doesn't realise, however, that the last wish lasts forever.

The Journey

Episode 4
Producer: Richard Mason
Screenplay: Jane Oehr
Director: Jane Oehr
  • Christen Cornell as Ada
  • Melanie Boomer as Agnes
  • Jim Webb as Argyll
  • John Polson as Arthur
  • Stuart Campbell as Beauhart
  • Xuan Tran as Chinese Woman
  • Owen Weingott as Justus Zuckerman
  • Judith Strathford as Martha
  • Kerry Walker as Mrs. Marland

12-year-old Ada Zuckermann becomes an orphan when her father Justus, is killed in a fall. Before he dies, he tells Ada that she must journey south to find her true inheritance. Agnes, the housekeeper's stepdaughter, is to accompany her. As the two set out on their journey adventures befall them. The final discovery, however, of the buried treasure and a letter from Justus, makes the purpose of the journey very clear.

Boy Soldiers

Episode 5
Producer: Margot McDonald
Screenplay: Cliff Green
Director: Mark Joffe
  • Tamblyn Lord as Will Barnes
  • Bruno Lawrence as Thomas Barnes
  • Penny Hackforth-Jones as Elizabeth Barnes
  • Nicholas Bell as Commandant
  • Kevin Miles as "The Magistrate"
  • Tim Edgar as Dick Bell
  • Christen Cornell as Dinger
  • Jamie Churchill as Mark
  • Nathan Croft as Ned Crocker
  • Jason Degiorgio as Newsboy
  • Damian Walsh-Howling as Reg Sanders
  • Lachlan Jeffrey as Scratch
  • Gary Sweet as Sergeant

In 1910 the Australian Government passed a law requiring all boys aged between 14 and 17 years of age to register for compulsory military training. Will Barnes is a 14-year-old conscientious objector who refuses to register. He is sentenced to three months training at Fort Queenscliff, where he meets a lot of opposition, but also wins his share of admirers for sticking to his beliefs.

His Master's Ghost

Episode 6
Producer: Margot McDonald
Screenplay: Roger Simpson
Director: Steve Jodrell
  • Simon Grey as Colin "Flea" Nash
  • Erica Kennedy as Greta Thornson
  • Scott Major as Martin Taylor
  • Cathy Godbold as Sarah O'Grady
  • David Presser as Jason Pengalli
  • Jonathan Hardy as Mr. Bretherton (Caretaker)
  • Josephine Byrnes as Pauline Jones
  • William Gluth as Denzil Gwynne
  • Jacki Kelleher as Gwenneth Keane
  • John O'Hare as Mike Nowacek
  • Mark Hennessy as Caretaker Double

Flea is in the business of frightening people with monster masks and severed hands. When he isn't being a terror, he's studying music in a spooky old mansion and artists' colony called Montsalvat. It's the sort of place that has a cemetery and a caretaker who sharpens his axe on a foot-cranked grindstone. When tales of the Ghost start to surface, Flea and his friends won't be warned. And they find themselves in a horror story scarier than anything Flea could ever invent.

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