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Wild Kat

Garang, Katrina

Katrina (Kat) and Jamie enjoy ‘running wild’ in a small country town. But their freedom comes to an end when their father, Ben, is forced overseas and sends them to live with their mother, Erica, a veterinary scientist at a large city zoo. Kat, a typical adolescent, is not thrilled with her new ‘caged’ existence, although Jamie seems to adapt more easily to their new home.

Life at the zoo takes a weird twist when Kat comes face to face with Garang, a ferocious female tiger. Kat comes to realise that she can ‘mind-meld’ with Garang. As well as telepathically sharing the tiger’s emotions, Kat acquires certain ‘tiger’ powers, including the ability to see at night and an acute sense of smell and hearing.

Kat and Jamie get to know a small group of kids who live nearby. Jamie and his new friend, Jasmin, seek supernatural explanations for Kat’s odd behaviour and they conclude that she is a living example of the mythical ‘were-tiger’.

Meanwhile, the zoo is honoured to welcome the internationally renowned geneticist, Dr Lydia Raushark. Dr Raushark plans to save the world’s endangered species by storing their DNA on board a massive floating laboratory known as the Millennium Ark Project.

Raushark claims that no creatures will ever again be threatened by extinction although her interests in certain types of genetic mutations lead her down more sinister paths. Upon learning of Kat’s mysterious relationship with Garang, Raushark takes a special interest in the tiger’s rare genetic make up.

Kat embarks on an adventure that leads her into the brave new world of genetic engineering, where the laws of nature are being completely rewritten. As she struggles to control her strange powers, Kat begins to uncover a mystery that involves a conspiracy to kidnap Garang and puts her own future in jeopardy.