A Barron Entertainment Ltd Production

Created by: David Ogilvy, Paul Barron
Executive Producers: Paul Barron, Joan Peters
Producers: Sue Taylor, Paul Barron
Directors: Mark DeFriest, Steve Peddie, Arnie Custo
Writers: John Armstrong, Coral Drouyn, Ron Elliott, Marieke Hardy, Peter Neal, Alicia Walsh

Aired: 2001 (13 x 30 min)

Wild Kat is the story of 15-year-old Katrina and her 11-year-old brother Jamie, who are sent to live with their mother at Perth Zoo where Kat begins the adventure of her life when she discovers that she can "mind meld" with Garang, a ferocious female tiger that prowls the Big Cat Enclosure at the City Zoo. Garang is able to project her own moods and emotions onto Kat triggering extraordinary powers and abilities for the teenager.
Pia PrendivilleKatrina
Daniel DaperisJamie
Karin HamptonErica
Paris AbbottJasmin
Luke PeglerAlex
Marta KaczmarekDr. Aaushark
Michael MuntzJordan
Ewen LeslieMorgan
Nicolette FindlayKristen
Ewen LeslieMorgan
Clinton VossNarrator
group photo

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