Produced by Jigsaw Entertainment in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Creator: Shaun Micallef
Executive Producer: Geoff Portmann
Producers: Nick Murray and Shaun Micallef
Writers: Shaun Micallef, Gary McCaffrie and Michael Ward
Director: Ted Emery

Aired: February–March 2003 (8 x 30 minutes)

Enter a world of controlled madness at Welcher and Welcher - the law firm presided over by Quentin Welcher. A solicitor with a massive ego, he is a pompous, accident-prone fool and a terrible lawyer to boot.
Shaun MicallefQuentin C. Welcher
Robyn ButlerKate Welcher
Francis GreensladePeter/Paul Cohen, Mr Buzzo
Santo CilauroGriffin
Anita SmithJan
Nina LiuTia
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