Welcher & Welcher: episode guide



Episode 1.01
February 06, 2003
Written by Shaun Micallef
Directed by Ted Emery

Quentin Welcher is a man driven by a massive ego. A solicitor who fancies himself as a barrister, Quentin envisages himself as respected by his peers, a mentor to his staff and the patriarch of Welcher and Welcher, the law firm established by his father. In his eyes, his wife looks up to him both personally and professionally and his devoted son is keen to follow in his footsteps. In reality however, Quentin is a pompous, accident-prone fool and a terrible lawyer to boot. He struggles with the everyday grind and his authority is questioned at every turn.

The best thing Quentin has going for him is Kate, a fine solicitor, office manager and also his wife. Practical and principled, Kate's clients are the pro bono oppressed and downtrodden, as opposed to the nameless corporations and malingering car accident victims who make up Quentin's roster.

In tonight's episode, Quentin defends a controversial painting and the son of the most horrible man alive, Claude Buzzo. The articled clerk has locked herself in her office and the painters still haven't finished their three-week office makeover.

Guest starring: Krisztian Bagin as Painter, Don Bridges as Tony Reynolds, Tom Budge as Jake Buzzo, Damian Callinan as Stenographer, Sally Cooper, Jim Daly, Penny Dangerfield, Barry Friedlander as Byron, Jason Geary as Painter, Alan Hopgood as Judge Furphy, Peter Muizulis, Sancia Robinson as Sobbing Article Clerk, Robin Stewart

Adam's Rib


Episode 1.02
February 13, 2003
Written by Shaun Micallef
Directed by Ted Emery

Quentin wants to sack the new solicitor, Peter/Paul for being too nice, but instead ends up accepting an invitation to a family dinner. Kate and Quentin team up to help two of their friends divorce. As a result, Kate decides to spice up their own marriage with some fantasy role-play.

Guest starring: Colin Lane as Barry Keegan, Krisztian Bagin as Painter, Andrew Curry as Clerk, Jim Daly, Penny Dangerfield, Jason Geary as Painter, Stephen Hall, Trudy Hellier as Sofia Keegan, Rebecca Howell, Irene Korsten, Mandy McElhinney as Sonja Cohen, Felicity Menadue, Denis Moore as Judge, Anne Phelan as Mrs. Cohen, Brett Swain as Pastor Malcolm Crabbe, Robin Stewart, Ben Sofowora



Episode 1.03
February 20, 2003
Written by Shaun Micallef
Directed by Ted Emery

Quentin does a favour for an old client of his father and learns once and for all that charity doesn't pay. Kate has a win in the industrial court defending a group of textile workers, who then offer to make her a dress for her upcoming Women-In-The-Law Dinner.

Guest starring: Tony Martin as Sex Shop Proprietor, Krisztian Bagin as Painter, Chelsea Blake, Damian Callinan as Warder, Jim Daly, Penny Dangerfield, Reg Evans as Freddie Thomas, Jason Geary as Painter, Roz Hammond as Thadia Nichols, Monty Maizels as Sex Shop Customer, Brenda Palmer, Cecelia Trandang, Robin Stewart

The Winslow Boy


Episode 1.04
February 27, 2003
Written by Shaun Micallef
Directed by Ted Emery

Kate and Quentin's son, Winslow, has been expelled from boarding school and Quentin decides to take his son's case to the school board. But returning to Broadshadows brings back the horrors of his own school experience.

Guest starring: John Stanton as Colonel, Max Gillies as Larry, Krisztian Bagin as Painter, Nelson Campbell, Dane Campbell, Jim Daly, Penny Dangerfield, Andy Felsinger, John Flaus as Brother Ambrose, Jason Geary as Painter, Declan Lipplegoes, Mandy McElhinney as Sonja Cohen, Peter Muizulis, Orpheus Pledger, Robin Stewart

Hypothetically Speaking


Episode 1.05
March 06, 2003
Written by Shaun Micallef
Directed by Ted Emery

Kate and Quentin take a proposal for a televised 'Hypothetical' to be hosted by Sir Robert Jefferson to the ABC. At the meeting with the Commissioning Editor, Quentin is asked to be the legal advisor on the ABC's new drama series, The Gavel Bangs Heavily, starring Sigrid Thornton. As Kate collects Sir Robert from the airport, Quentin spends his first and last day on a television drama set. As for the restraining order, you'll have to watch to find out…

Special Guests: John Clarke as ABC Commissioning Editor, William McInnes as Sir Robert Jefferson, Rod Mullinar as Toby Heimlich, Sigrid Thornton as Herself

With: Rodney Afif as Client, Krisztian Bagin as Painter, Jim Daly, Penny Dangerfield, Jason Geary as Painter, Ian Henderson as Himself, Paul Higgins as Himself, John Jacobs, Gerard McCulloch, Brendan O'Connor, Carole Patullo as Lady Jefferson, Robin Stewart, Stephen Wools

White Man's Burden

on stakeout

Episode 1.06
March 13, 2003
Written by Gary McCaffrie
Directed by Ted Emery

The drive team from a top-rating radio station meet with Peter/Paul for advice on defamation and Quentin makes a lasting impression on the pair when he is called into the meeting. Meantime, the painters bring a worker's compensation claim against the Welchers so Quentin decides to conduct his own covert investigation with the help of Peter/Paul and Tia.

Guest starring: Krisztian Bagin as Painter, Scott Brennan as Jeremy, Damian Callinan as Mr. Head, Adam Crouch, Jim Daly, Penny Dangerfield, Beverley Dunn as Mrs. Cosgrove, Jason Geary as Painter, Wayne Hope as Insurance Company Lawyer, Gary McCaffrie as Biscuit-Craving Lawyer, Stewart Morritt, Lawrence Mooney as Shane, Robin Stewart


locked out

Episode 1.07
March 20, 2003
Written by Michael Ward & Shaun Micallef
Directed by Ted Emery

As Kate has to pick up a Japanese investor from the airport, Quentin reluctantly agrees to meet with her clients from the RSPCA. However a city blackout means the air-conditioning is off, so he decides to close the office. As the lifts aren't working, Quentin leads the staff and clients into the fire escape only for the group to discover they're locked in the stairwell. While they battle their way up and down the stairwell, the building's power is switched on, which is when things really heat up.

Guest starring: Lliam Amor as Mechanic, Krisztian Bagin as Painter, Alan Cassell as Mr Brackett, Jim Daly, Penny Dangerfield, Jason Geary as Painter, Matthew King, Irene Korsten, John Molloy as Clerk, Hisaaki Nagao as Mr Takamachi, Marty Sheargold as Courier, Robin Stewart, Michael Ward as Man at Lift


triumphant return

Episode 1.08 (finale)
March 27, 2003
Written by Shaun Micallef
Directed by Ted Emery

Could Quentin finally be forced to perform in the courtroom and actually try and present a solid defence case? Everything comes to a conclusion this week in the final episode of Welcher and Welcher.

Mr Buzzo is charged with armed robbery and attempted murder and the Wignall and Carrick case is finally going to trial. Peter/Paul's wife goes into labour but it's Quentin who is left holding the baby, with the two cases being heard simultaneously and no other barrister to assist. And the painters conceive a diabolical plan to extract their revenge on Welcher and Welcher.

Special Guests: Frank Wilson as Judge, Deborah Kennedy as Judge, Rod Mullinar as Toby

Guest starring: Krisztian Bagin as Painter, Jason Bayliss, Jim Daly, Penny Dangerfield, Jason Geary as Painter, Roz Hammond as Thadia, Paul Modor, Hisaaki Nagao as Mr Takamachi, Diana Reid as Heather Zabiglione, Robin Stewart, Ross Williams as Officer Krupke