The Wedge: episode guide

Episode 1.01

May 30, 2006

Welcome to Wedgedale, a mythical suburban paradise full of disturbingly real characters who show a curious loyalty for the place they call home.

Episode 1.02

June 06, 2006

Mark Wary fronts his 14th press conference this month to apologise for the unfortunate accident while driving his new Lamborghini. Farmer Jack shows us the latest in bush communication while Sherine and Leanne try their luck at the pokies. On Cooking with Bono, our host emplores his audience to "give peas a chance" (and make poverty history too). Lucy sends Dylan a new screensaver. The WedgeTel call centre, situated in nearby India, deals with an important caller. Wedgedale High School welcomes a new replacement teacher and a new student. Robbie Fowler continues his charity run around Australia. The Eyezap 2000 brings lazer eye surgery to the masses. On Fat Crackers, Mandi journey's to Australia to go to fat camp in Wedgedale.

Episode 1.03

June 13, 2006

This week in Wedgedale, meet Marileise, the extremely dodgy dog show trainer from South Africa; Robbie Fowler, Wedgedale's own running man, who has been on a charity marathon run around Australia; and Goths Tarquin and Lucretia, who have moved into the neighbourhood. Mark apologises yet again, this time for an indecent incident onboard an airliner.

Episode 1.04

June 20, 2006

Welcome to Wedgedale. This week, the plastic surgeon's wives make an appearance, we go cooking with Australian Idol, visit WedgeTel's call centre, and receive an apology from sportsman Mark Warey about another indecadent incident. Also, Goths Tarquin and Lucretia decorate their new home, British teen Mandi arrives at Fat Camp, Zak's home videos debut, Luzy chats with Dylan online, and WEJ FM regions Robbie Fowler on his run across Australia.

Episode 1.05

June 22, 2006

Robbie Fowler keeps going but makes sure to make time for his mother's birthday. WedgeTel's call centre takes an emergency call. Mark Wary apologising for confusing the Celebrity Grand Prix with the actual Grand Prix and for any injuries resulting from the piss-up pile-up. Jack assesses his loses from a bush fire. Lucy is confussed by Dylan's mixed signals and believe's its time they got back together. Mandi Maple-Brown has her initial weight-in at fat camp as her parents deal with her absense and we meet Wedgedale Plaza's number one security guard Big Mike Small

Episode 1.06

June 27, 2006

The mayor opens new environmentally safe childrens' playground. Jack and Jill's latest venture, a drive thru fast food outlet, fails to attract interest. The WedgeTel call centre keeps NASA on hold. Mr Cooney counsels a pregnant student (aren't we all sluts?). Robbie Fowler keeps going. Mark Warey issues an apology to anyone caught up in his latest fracas to piss on preserve his reputation after being caught with his teammate's fiancée. The reality of Fat Camp, and the chafing, begins to set in for Mandi. Security guard "Big" Mike Small encounters the chainsaw killer. The Home Direct sales team of Keith and Tina demonstrate the Demon Spirit Sucker 2000.

Episode 1.07

July 04, 2006

Welcome to Wedgedale, a mythical suburban paradise full of disturbingly real characters who show a curious loyalty for the place they call home.

Episode 1.08

July 11, 2006

Timmy tackles the mother of all spelling bee words. The plastic surgeonss wives stop for petrol, or perhaps just the air. Robbie picks up a sponsor for his run. Sherine keeps the kids safe from social services. Jack unveils his plans for a theme park. Mr Cooney receives a visit from the Headmistress. Zak's dad show him and his friends how to play cricket. Mandi, the overweight British teenager, is the target of a surprise contraband inspection. Claire shows a home to a recently seperated client. Mark Wary responds to the latest doping allegations against him. Lucy won't let a firewall stand between her and Dylan. A well-known Wedgedale resident is involved in a late breaking turkey slap scandal—an apology is made to smooth and ruffled feathers.

Episode 1.09

July 18, 2006

The WedgeTel Call Centre handeles a call of quantum proportions. Mark Wary appologises half-heartedly wholeheartedly for an alleged racial slur. Mandi digs into her hidden stash of sweets while her parents make plans to visit Ramsay Street (and their daughter). The hard luck murderer tries again. Wedgedale Plaza security officer Mike Small intervenes with a young shoplifter. Lucy reviews her relationship timetable with Dylan. Coverage of the National Wedding Championships begins live from Wedgedale. Sandra Sultry is a victim of the snipper. Mr Cooney welcomes another, new student, shalom Bengi. On day 1408 of his run, Robbie Fowler reflects on his faithful wife.

Episode 1.10

July 25, 2006

Cock in a tart is on the menu on Cooking with Becks. Sherine explain the facts of life to her kids. Jack adds another failure to his list and has to say goodbye to an old friend. Keith and Tina pitch the Colonic Irrigator 2000 (complete with comforatble insertable rotating suction nozzle). The WedgeTel call centre branches out into gaming help. Fat Mandi's parents race to the dat camp as Mandi and her fellow campers plan an escape. Mark Weary announces he is no longer a dick head addicted. Lucy sets up home security cameras for Dylan. Henry turns his efforts to getting a date. Wedgedale's very own bushbangers bush band perform.

Episode 1.11

August 01, 2006

Jack and Jill see the end of the drought. Robbie Fowler may be running on empty as his ming begins to play tricks on him. Mark Wary addresses the media in regard to the photos of him leaving a "gentleman's club". Fat Mandi's fat camp uprising runs the risk of boiling over. Art Cooney counsels a student at the end of his rope. The WedgeTel call centre offers gambling help to a man who has lost his shirt at the dogs. The hard luck murderer is foiled again. Lucy asks Dylan about the complaint he made against her. Plastic surgeons Cameron and Pierce examine their latest handiwork.

Episode 1.12

August 08, 2006

The WedgeTel Call Centre branches out into family planning. The plastic surgeons' wives attend their high school reunion. Zak documents his father's barbeque. Lucy reassures Dylan the police are on to the right suspect in their teacher's accident. After 1598 days on the road, Robbie Fowler reaches an epiphany on the importance of roads. Mark Wary appologises to the cast of Neighbours. The founder of Fat Camp International arrives to oversee the campers' final weight-in. Henry accepts having missed out as host of Dancing with the Stars. The G-Strings perform at the Wedgedale Plaza.

Episode 1.13

August 15, 2006

Wedgedale Plaza security guard Mike Small put some new recruits through their paces. Mark Wary's lawyer addresses the latest allegations against his client. Wedgies' drive-thre girl Karen instructs a trainee. On Cooking with Christopher Walken, Chris makes chicken with popcorn shrimp. The host of talk show "Don't Hang Yourself" tackles some emotional issues with his guest. On the conclusion of Fat Crackers, Mandi Maple-Brown reaches the final weigh-in. Art Cooney welcomes a new Native American student and gives a geometry lesson. Lucy informs Dylan her relationship with the school's new counsellor, Andrew, is strictly professional.

Episode 1.14

August 22, 2006

Funk FX auditions are held at Karla Bang's School of Dance Xcellence. We check in on the progress of Jack and Jill's new vineyard. Sporting superstar Mark Wary appologises to Heath Ledge and the supporting cast of Backdoor Brokeback Mountain and the gay community as a whole. The chainsaw killer meets the snipper. Keith and Tina promote their latest product, the Air Band 2000. Working for Australian Tourism, the WedgeTel Call Centre helps a tourist with a trip to Uluru. Lucy turns her attentions to Andrew, her counsellor.

Episode 1.15

August 29, 2006

Chainsaw killer finds true love. Mark Wary addresses match fixing allegations. Rehearsals continue at Karla Bang's School of Dance Xcellence. Zak's dad takes the family camping. Jack and Jill lease their land to the government (or a government) for a covert project. Lucy tells Andrew of her dreams. 1652 days into his run and Robbie Fowler picks up a running companion. Art Cooney gives his students career advise.

Episode 1.16

September 05, 2006

Sherine and Leanne get out to do some shopping. Cooking with Harry Potter debuts. The chainsaw killer's first date fizzles. Depression hits the WedgeTel Call Centre. Lola the lollypop lady takes a bite out of a driver. Lucy sends Andrew a message—from his house. Jack and Jill and excited by the arrival of Survivor Wedgedale. Rehearsal's continue at Karla Bang's School of Dance Xcellence. Mark Wary's lawyer discusses his client's disappearance. Marileise the South African dog trainer shows the best way to bribe a judge.

Episode 1.17

September 12, 2006

Local residents performs on Wedgedale Idle. Art Cooney meets with two same sex parents. Lucy discusses a breakthru with Andrew. Sandra Sultry gets an update on the approaching wildfires from firefighter Barry Buff. Karla Bangs continues dance rehearsals. Mark Wary addresses the media in regards to a shoplifting incident. Jack takes up painting. The Amazing Shane makes a birthday performance. Robbie Fowler is concerned Kevin is being ignored.

Episode 1.18

September 19, 2006

Art Cooney appears on Wedgedale Idle. A flakey tart is on the menu during Cooking with Paris Hilton. Jack works with new farmhand Enis. Call Centre handles pet questions. Mark Wary addresses allegations he's been partying too hard. Lucy gives a statement to the police the threats made against her by her school counselor's wife. Karla oversees the last days of rehearsal before the dance recital, settling on an Australiana theme. Wedgedale Plaza plays host to a dirty dancing marathon.

Episode 1.19

September 26, 2006

Contestants face off in the National Nighclubbing Championships. The chainsaw killer resorts to calling tech support but doesn't get much help from the Call Centre. Security guard "Big" Mike Small takes on two thieves before auditioning on Wedgedale Idle. Jack and Enis spend some time in the back paddock. Karla Bangs' Dance Spectacular has its premiere. Lucy resuems her chat with Dylan. Mark Wary announces his split from his manager. The Plastic Surgeons' Wives visit a psychic.

Episode 1.20

October 03, 2006

Mark Wary appologises for his actions that sparked a series of brawls. Karen and the Wedgies staff suffer a drive thru emergency. The Call Centre tackles marriage advice. Jack shows Enis the BrokeWedge mountain river. WEJFM continues their coverage of Robbie Fowler's run. Zak's dad takes on a plumbing problem. Lucy resumes her pursuit of Dylan but he's not speaking to her. Karla Bangs' dance spectacular has it's big finale.

Episode 1.21

October 10, 2006

Mike Small shares his five symptoms of a cheating spouse. Jack Farmer tries his hand at wind farming. Principal Schmitt has words with young William Bunt. Cooking with Russell Crowe. Mark Wart apologises to the bald New Zealand ambassador. Lucy tries to get Dylan to take her to the school formal. Realtor Claire Douglas drops in on some clients.

Episode 1.22

October 17, 2006

Wedgedale Idle continues with a performance from Wedgies' employee Karen. Perpetual marathoner Robbie Fowler approaches Wedgedal. Coverage of the National Shopping Championships begins live from Wedgedale Plaza. A tearful Mark Wary anounces his seperation from his fiancée. Lucy plays her new song for Dylan.

Episode 1.23

October 24, 2006

Arts & Crafts with Christopher Walken. Sherine and Leanne audition for Wedgedale Idle. Zak's dad get's his wires crossed installing a new security system. Claire guides two first time home buyers through the process. Art Cooney's students walk out. Lucy tells Dylan she's publicised their relationship. Sandra Sultry's "Wedgeline" takes a look at kiddie band The Veggies and the controversial departure of singer Susie Spud. Robbie Fowler encounters some hurdles on his marathon run.

Episode 1.24

October 31, 2006

Mark Wary's lawyer insists his client has nothing to apologise for. Jack Farmer's wife Jill gets a series of off-farm jobs. Keith and Tina's Home Direct offer their latest deal on the Intergalactic Defend-a-Probe 2000. Lucy asks Dylan about his public denials of their relationship. Sandra Sultry continues her exclusive report on the Veggies. The aging American fruitcake is featured on Cooking with Pamela Anderson. At Café Wedge, Henry questions his girlfriend about her infidelity. Karen suggests a vow of chasity to her employee and has a cautionary tale about a Ronald.

Episode 1.25

November 07, 2006

Cooking with the Olsen Twins. Sandra Sultry's expose on the Veggies continues with a look at the struggles of Rodney Rhubarb. Mark Wary's lawyer addresses his client's pushing a sick kid and his mother into a magazine rack. Wedgedale hosts the National Workplace Championships. Speed dating with Christopher Walken. Jack and Jill Farmer finish construction on a new runway. After 6 years on the road Robbie Fowler makes his way back to Wedgedale. Lucy turns to Voodoo and introduces Dylan to her new celebrity boyfriend. Art Cooney visits Karingal Park Secondary College to meet the winners of the "Art Cooney Coems to Your School" contest, Bianca Ruhland and Beth Young.

Episode 1.26

November 14, 2006

Lucy makes it to Wedgedale Idle. Jack shares his poetry with the locals at the pub. Sandra Sultry searches for a sign-off. Mark Wary's lawyer appologises to his manager for the hunting accident. The Veggies break up briefly after their tour ends. Zak's dad assembles their new Swedish tv unit. Lucy gives Dylan another chance. "Big" Mike Small checks out Wedgedale's hottest club. Robbie Fowler reaches the finish line... and keeps on going.

Episode 2.01

August 12, 2007
Ratings: 0.587 million viewers (22nd)

Setting gas prices. Mark Wary clears the air in regard to allegations he had sex with a flight attendant. Racing quick fix. Make me look like Jennifer Aniston. Kumbiya my lord. Mayor's acceptance speach. Wedgedale Blue's Sgt Spanky gets physical. Bono's world poverty summit experience. A night in the ER of the Wedgedale Private Hospital. Peanut? WedgeBank, helping you make us rich!

Episode 2.02

August 12, 2007
Ratings: 0.562 million viewers (23rd)


Episode 2.03

August 19, 2007
Ratings: 0.529 million viewers (25th)


Episode 2.04

August 19, 2007
Ratings: 0.347 million viewers (--)


Note: the series has been removed from the schedule

Episode 2.05

September 16, 2007


Episode 2.06

October 21, 2007


Episode 2.07

October 26, 2007


Episode 2.08

November 02, 2007


Episode 2.09

November ?, 2007


Episode 2.10

November ?, 2007


Episode 2.11

November 17, 2007


Episode 2.12

November 24, 2007


Episode 2.13

November 30, 2007


Episode 2.14

December 06, 2007


Episode 2.15

December 07, 2007


Episode 2.16

December 14, 2007


Episode 2.17

December 15, 2007


Episode 2.18

December 22, 2007


Episode 2.19

December 23, 2007


Episode 2.20

December 23, 2007


Episode 2.21

December 28, 2007


Episode 2.22

December 29, 2007