Executive Producer: Steve Dundon
Series Producers: Michael Horrocks
Supervising Producer: Ross Daniels
Directors: Nick Bufalo, Graeme Rowland, Katrina Mathers
Co-Executive Producers: Andy McIntyre, Ian McFadyen
Writers: Ian McFadyn, Ross Daniels, Brendan Luno, Tai Brott, Paul Calleja,
Catherine Deveney, Des Dowling, Craig Eagle, Julie Eckersley, Dailan Evans, Jason Gann,
Katrina Mathers, Russell Gilbert, Andrew Maj, Rebel Wilson, Adam Zwar

Aired: 2006-2007 (Ten)

A sketch comedy series set in Wedgedale, a mythical suburban paradise full of disturbingly real characters who show a curious loyalty for the place they call home.
Anthony Ahernseries 1, 2
Damien Callinanseries 2
Ross Danielsseries 2
Julie Eckersleyseries 1, 2
Dailan Evansseries 1, 2
Aidan Fennessyseries 1
Jason Gannseries 1, 2
Cori Hopperseries 1
Kate Jenkinsonseries 1, 2
Katrina Mathersseries 1, 2
Cal Wilsonseries 2
Frieda McKennaseries 1
Marney McQueenseries 1
Geoff Paineseries 1
Rebel Wilsonseries 1, 2
Julia Zemiroseries 1
Adam Zwarseries 1, 2

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