The Upside Down Show: episode guide


Episode 01

David, Shane, and Puppet create a stupendous make-believe movie that must be shared with the public!


Episode 02

Bob the Blanket performs an intervention when Shane is too apprehensive to get his haircut.

Art Museum

Episode 03

Shane creates an artistic masterpiece, but finds himself in a sticky situation when he tries to hang it.


Episode 04

David decides that he MUST have a pet of his very own!


Episode 05

Shane and David must find a new place to sleep when their bedrooms disappear.


Episode 06

Shane and David take Fido the Fly on his first-ever picnic.


Episode 07

Puppet feverishly rehearses a musical routine in anticipation of his cousin's arrival.


Episode 08

Shane becomes emotionally attached to a beach ball that vanishes mid-toss.

Marching Band

Episode 09

Shane and David invent imaginary musical instruments and set out to join a marching band.


Episode 10

Shane and David are invited to a surprise birthday party that turns out to be for them!


Episode 11

Shane and David's band, the Talking Airheads, faces a setback when David's cowbell (which just so happens to be attached to an imaginary cow) disappears.

Ice Cream Truck

Episode 12

Shane and David seek to discover the delectable joys of the frozen treat known as ICE CREAM.

Mini Golf

Episode 13

Shane and David are baffled when a mysterious orange thingy appears in their living room.