Creators: The Umbilical Brothers and Belinda Ward
Executive Producer: Michael Bourchier
Producer: Wendy Gray
Writers: Belinda Ward, P. Kevin Strader
Directors: Peter Cudlipp, Julie Money

Aired: 2006 (13 x 30min)

Set in a fantastical living room with more doors than walls, The Upside Down Show stars The Umbilical Brothers as David and Shane, two brothers who live with their energetic puppet called Puppet, their invisible pet fly Fido, and The Schmuzzies, fluff balls that inhabit the nooks and crannies of their living room. Each episode begins as the brothers hand an imaginary remote control to the viewers at home so they can 'control' the duo's physical motion by fast forwarding, rewinding or pausing their movement. Breaking 'the fourth wall' of the television set, the brothers encourage their audience to participate in their antics and accompany them on their excursions.
David CollinsDavid
Shane DundasShane
Mat McCoyPuppet
Amanda BishopMrs. Foil

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