twentysomething: episode guide

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Episode 1

Tues, Sept 06, 2011 (9pm, ABC2)
Written by Jess Harris
Directed by Paul Currie

Early Saturday morning, housemates Jess and Josh awake dehydrated and disorientated after an impromptu house party, only to discover a real estate agent circling their front garden like a shark, preparing to open their rental house for inspection. Late for work they flee the scene, leaving the post party mess for unassuming Abby to sweet talk their way out of.

This starts a spiral effect for Jess and Josh and by the end of the day they find themselves unemployed, possibly evicted and stuck at a tacky 21st surrounded by family and friends asking the dreaded question, "So what are you up to at the moment?" Neither have an impressive answer. While Josh's more successful older brother Nick grills him on his future plans, or lack thereof, Jess has a flirtatious run-in with an old fling, Billy, who has recently returned home from travelling overseas.

When Jess and Josh finally discover their eviction notice, they only have two days left until they have to vacate. Deciding to hit rock bottom and go up from there, they pull their whole lives out onto the front lawn, burn what they don't need and sell the rest in a last minute garage sale. Things take an expensive turn when Josh mistakes the 'eviction' party for a 'demolition' party...

Starring: Jess Harris as Jess, Josh Schmidt as Josh, Hamish Blake as Billy, Simon Russell as Nick, Leah de Niese as Abby

With: Laura Gordon as Anita, Ryan Shelton as Billy's mate, Norman Kelelr as Bouncer, Michael Carman as Real Estate Agent, Wilhelmina Stracke as Café Boss, Daniel Brophy as Waiter, Natalie Carr as Café Mother, Abbie Davis as Legal Receptionist, Sacha Koffman as Recruitment Agent, Katy Brinson as Office Lady, Peter Stratford as Officer Manager, Robyn Arthur as Aunty Bev

Episode 2

Tues, September 13, 2011
Written by Jess Harris
Directed by Paul Currie

With nowhere to live and too proud to tell their family they are 'technically' homeless, Jess and Josh find temporary living arrangements in a local backpackers, taking a holiday in their home town. While indulging in the hostel activities Jess and Josh take a tour of Melbourne, only to find themselves bored by churches and useless facts and holding hands with strangers in a single file through the middle of the city.

Seeing an opportunity to show Melbourne through the eyes of a twentysomething and finally work for themselves, they start a rival tour at half the price with none of the boring shit. In a borrowed mini bus they entertain backpackers with pub crawls, going out tips, games and personal stories, with Jess sometimes getting carried away with the sound of her own voice in the microphone.

While the reality of still trying to find a permanent living arrangement sets in, they multi-task by weaving 'open for inspections' into their tour. Their new business venture is proving to be successful until the bus starts to struggle.

With: Timothy Bell as Tour Guide Steve, Luke Arnold as Backpacker #1, Jeremy Carne as Backpacker #2, Nadav Tal as Backpacker #3, Tamica Reynolds as Backpacker #4, Emeli Paulo as Backpacker #5, Natalie Harris as Backpacker Receptionist, Alicia Harrington as Agent, Jason Schmidt as Beach Patrol #1

Episode 3

Tues, September 20, 2011
Written by Jess Harris
Directed by Paul Currie

Jess and Josh have a new rental house but no furniture, no job and no money. Josh's older brother Nick proposes a temporary solution — running Uncle Phil's cleaning business while he is overseas. Jess is initially horrified by the suggestion but when their power gets cut off it's clear they don't have the luxury of being picky.

With Phil's elite clientele, Jess and Josh find themselves cleaning extravagant homes of the rich. The women of the house are attention-starved housewives, Jess spends her days prying into their diaries and cupboards, while the housewives set their sights on Josh.

Jess, seeing the women's interest in Josh's youthful good looks, immediately finds a way to capitalise on her best friend's attributes. Before Josh has time to register, his innocent flirtations lead to their most successful venture yet: 'Erotic House Cleaning'. In revealing outfits, Jess and Josh dance, entertain and fulfil fantasies, giving bored housewives the 'filthiest clean of their lives'.

Meanwhile, Jess's flirtations outside business hours with her old flame Billy continue to progress until he accidentally spies her leaving a client's house in the middle of the day in her erotic uniform. Lines get blurred when Josh starts feeling more like an escort than a cleaner and begins to question their choices. It all comes to a head when a senior citizen hires them unaware of the cleaning business's 'erotic twist'.

With: Jasna Harris-Currie as Fiona; Fiona Macys as Suzie, Katrina Conder as Julie, Kay Keighery as Tina, Suzanne Clarke as Liz, Brenda Palmer as Older Woman, Richard Sutherland as Policeman, Sam Caruso as Tradie

Episode 4

Tues, September 27, 2011
Written by Jess Harris
Directed by Paul Currie

In the aftermath of the morally challenging and exposing business venture as an erotic house cleaner, Josh begins to realise (with the help of his counsellor) that Jess will always push her own agenda. As a direct result he takes his brother Nick up on his offer to work in the family advertising business. Nick acts as a mentor, helping Josh get his life back on track financially, physically and emotionally. But his main focus is to remove Jess from Josh's life, forever.

Jess goes on a mission to find a new business scheme to lure Josh back to their old ways. When Josh knocks back her idea to look for lost dogs and pocket the rewards, Jess feels lost without her sidekick and spends her days sleeping, drinking and downloading to anyone who will listen.

The pair start to drift apart when Nick offers to pay the deposit on a new one bedroom apartment for Josh, while Jess looks to Billy to keep her entertained. When Josh discovers Jess and Billy having the sort of fun they used to share, he feels replaced and seriously considers Nick's offer.

With: Laura Gordon as Anita; Saskia Hampele as Sally, Ian Bliss as Auctioneer

Episode 5

Tues, October 04, 2011
Written by Jess Harris
Directed by Paul Currie

Jess and Josh reluctantly attend a BBQ to celebrate Fiona and Nick's exciting news — they're having a baby! Jess and Josh are the odd ones out in a sea of married couples. Witnessing that all the thirtysomethings, who appear to 'have it all' would do anything to be carefree again, Jess and Josh go out for a night of reckless fun that doesn't end until sun up.

The next day, on no sleep and still drunk and high, they decide they no longer want to plan their lives and before they know it, they are at the travel agent booking two one-way tickets to London. They discover Josh has a British passport making it easy to work in London, but things don't look so good for Jess, whose only option is to become a nanny.

The pair map out a strict budget, buy cheap foods, and stay home playing board games. In preparation Jess takes babysitting to a profitable new high, getting unsuspecting teenagers to join her newly formed 'Elite Babysitters Agency' for a small 60% commission.

Meanwhile, Jess and Billy's relationship hits a point where they question whether they are 'together' or not? When Jess invites him to help her babysit, they both arrive with very different intentions for the night. But everything really gets turned upside down when Jess's working visa gets denied and Jess's solution to the problem is Nick's worst nightmare.

With: Jasna Harris-Currie as Fiona; Ryan Shelton as Billy's Mate, Lucia Smyrk as Bridie, Nick Mitchell as Mark, Melissa Anderson as Pregnant Friend, Kaitlyn Clare as Jane (Travel Agent), Saskia Hampele as Sally, Suey Symons as Mother, Mika Cooper as Mika, Miles Cooper as Miles

Episode 6

Tues, October 11, 2011
Written by Jess Harris
Directed by Paul Currie

Jess and Josh are getting married... well for a working visa anyway. Wearing a cheap diamond ring to make it look official they plan to have a registry office ceremony.

But when Jess returns to the café where she works, she starts a flurry of excitement amongst the girls, discovering that being engaged is an easy answer to their dreaded question "What are you up to at the moment?" Josh is unable to tell his overly excited and slightly relieved dad that it is a marriage of convenience rather than a union of love as thrilled and proud, Josh's dad offers to pay. All of sudden there is a wedding to plan.

Jess and Josh get carried away with the idea of a day all about them. Jess starts a crazy diet to fit into her vintage op shop-bought dress, while Josh, keen to impress his dad, gets caught up in details of bonbonnieres. Emotions reach boiling point when Jess thinks Billy has stormed around to beat up Josh in a jealous rage. Instead he arrives with an RSVP and has a soothing effect on Jess as he reminds her why she is marrying Josh in the first place.

Although originating from a grand plan for a visa and to please Josh's dad, Jess and Josh's big day surprises everyone.

With: Laura Gordon as Anita; Robert Taylor as Trevor (Josh's Dad), Ulli Birvé as Gail (Jess's Mum), Jenny Seedsman as Kathy, Alice Darling as Claire, Kaitlyn Clare as Jane (Travel Agent), Nicki Paull as Celebrant, Georgia Harris as Jess's Sister, Peter Kaylor as Anita's Boyfriend