Produced by High Wire Films & Electric Living Productions

Creators: Jess Harris & Josh Schmidt
Producer: Nicole Minchin
Writer: Jess Harris
Director: Paul Currie
Theme: "Fear of Flying" performed by Dan Sultan

Airing: 2011, 2013 (ABC2)

Best friends Jess and Josh never went to uni, never had a clear talent and never had the drive to grow up. When their mind-numbing jobs start wearing them down and they don't have an impressive answer to the dreaded question 'So what do you do with yourself?' they decide its time to become their own boss. Jess and Josh embark on an unusual entrepreneurial journey sharing massive highs, heartbreaking lows and plenty of drinks in-between. (12 x 30min)
Jess HarrisJess
Josh SchmidtJosh
Hamish BlakeBilly
Simon RussellNick
Leah de NieseAbby

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