Top of the Lake: episode guide

No Goodbyes Thanks

Episode 1.06
Written by Jane Campion and Gerald Lee
Directed by Garth Davis with Jane Campion

After the tragedy, the town has turned against Matt Mitcham. Jamie's mother, Simone, is prepared to testify against him and there are others willing to join her.

Tui's baby is due. Robin is more worried than ever, how will Tui manage alone?

Robin meets Al ready to confront him about the episode with Matt on the lake. Al reveals that Matt is ready to give a confession but wants to give it to her alone.

Prepared with recording equipment and police back up, Robin goes to hear Matt's confession. His revelation is not what she has been suspecting.

Back with Johnno, Robin has to confront her new reality. Though they want to defy what they've been told they can't shake the pollution of Matt's information.

Robin goes to Al at the police station; she wants to go after Matt hard. She wants to push through with her belief that he can be convicted. Al listens, sympathetic, but then insists another policeman witness the conversation. Matt's confession has jeopardized Robin's neutrality.

With no recourse, no action left to take, Robin is desperate. Drinking herself to a standstill, she tries to take her own life. When even these efforts fail, she finds herself in front of GJ, who tells her to lie down like a cat and sleep — heal herself.

Matt is at his wits' end. Ranting at his sons, he heads off on his own to find Tui.

Near despair, Robin summons all she has left to get to Tui before Matt. Nothing, though, can prepare her for where she will have to go or what she will have to see. Acting on instinct she heads off to confront the dark creator alone where the investigation reaches its shocking conclusion.

Cast (order of appearance):

  • Mirrah Foulkes as Simone
  • Elisabeth Moss as Robin
  • Thomas M. Wright as Johnno
  • Madeleine Sami as Zena
  • Gavin Rutherford as Officer Joy
  • Elliot Fell as Officer Elliot
  • David Wenham as Al
  • Stuart McKenzie as Belgian Man
  • Stephen Lovatt as Officer Pete
  • Sydney Telfer as Tegan
  • Peter Mullan as Matt
  • Loren Taylor as Young Jude
  • Robyn Malcolm as Anita
  • Genevieve Lemon as Bunny
  • Skye Wansey as Grishina
  • Lauren Dawes as Mandy
  • Alison Bruce as Anne-Marie
  • Sarah Valentine as Prue
  • Holly Hunter as GJ
  • Georgi Kay as Melissa
  • Edward Campbell as Putty
  • Jay Ryan as Mark
  • Kip Chapman as Luke
  • Ben Barrington as Terry
  • Edwin Wright as Scuzz
  • Jacqueline Joe as Tui
  • Connor Olivia Moore as Kayla
  • Sam Dickson as Jase
  • Layne Opetaia as Daniel
  • Alan Palmer as Man 1
  • William Wei as Man 3
  • Gary Young as Man 4
  • Toni Mager as Voice of Choppy 3
  • Luke Hawker as Stunt Double
  • Shayne Blaikie as Stunt Performer
  • Glen Levy as Stunt Performer
  • Aaron Lupton as Stunt Performer