Top of the Lake: episode guide

The Edge of the Universe

Episode 1.03
Written by Jane Campion and Gerald Lee
Directed by Garth Davis

Wolfgang Zanic's body is found, his house is ransacked and a suicide note is pinned to the table. As Al surveys the grim spectacle, Robin discovers a small grave in a clearing in the woods. Assuming the worst, Robin tells Johnno about the discovery as they wait for the forensics, neither Al nor Johnno can offer her comfort.

The mystery deepens when videotapes of Tui are found and Robin notices a figure in the videos wearing a blue hoodie.

The case seems to be getting away from Robin. The girl is still missing and the community is beginning to buckle under the weight of suspicion. Under pressure herself, Robin rekindles a relationship with an old flame, Johnno Mitcham, the older son of the Mitcham clan. But inviting her past back into her life may have been a mistake, old wounds are still raw and anger explodes into violence.

Matt, meanwhile, continues his crusade to recover his piece of land called Paradise from the New Age women's group, convincing a member to go on a date with him. But their ecstatic revelry is interrupted by Matt's thinly veiled dark side.

Cast (order of appearance):

  • Oscar Redding as Sarge
  • Tammy Davis as Constable Howe
  • Elisabeth Moss as Robin
  • David Wenham as Al
  • Jacek Koman as Wolfgang Zanic
  • Gavin Rutherford as Officer Joy
  • Stephen Lovatt as Officer Pete
  • Thomas M. Wright as Johnno
  • Peter Mullan as Matt
  • Erica Englert as Narelle
  • Kip Chapman as Luke
  • Jay Ryan as Mark
  • Mirrah Foulkes as Simone
  • Dra McKay as Delia
  • Ben Barrington as Terry
  • Edwin Wright as Scuzz
  • Lauren Dawes as Mandy
  • Alison Bruce as Anne-Marie
  • Skye Wansey as Grishina
  • Robyn Malcolm as Anita
  • Georgi Kay as Melissa
  • Genevieve Lemon as Bunny
  • Holly Hunter as GJ
  • Sarah Valentine as Prue
  • Ashleigh Fox as ESR Officer
  • Jacqueline Joe as Tui
  • Maria Walker as Sara
  • Robyn Nevin as Jude
  • Calvin Tuteao as Turangi
  • Luke Buchanan as Jamie
  • Cohen Holloway as Mike
  • James Blake as Shotover
  • Byron Coll as Penguin
  • Edward Campbell as Putty
  • Luke Hawker as Stunt Double
  • Shayne Blaikie as Stunt Performer
  • Glen Levy as Stunt Performer
  • Aaron Lupton as Stunt Performer