The Secret Life of Us: episode guide

Who Do You Want To Be Today?


Episode 2.12 (34)
Australia: May 20, 2002
UK: October 01, 2002
Written by Tony McNamara
DIrected by McDonald

We want to be ourselves, be who others want us to be, and be someone people want to love. No wonder it's a disaster one minute and bliss the next.

Since Fitzroy Street Kisses hit the shelves, Evan's become a minor literary celebrity. In danger of believing his own publicity, he plays the vague, slightly tortured artiste at an interview, but the journo Jemima is unimpressed. She thinks he's a wanker. Evan is smitten by her disdain. He sets about trying to prove her wrong. When he gives her a petition signed by his friends, Jemima is charmed in spite of herself. She agrees to go out with him.

Kelly's in awe of her free-spirited boss, Peace. When Peace puts her in charge of a function in a park, she's determined to rise to the challenge. In between baby-sitting Peace's kids and being on call at all hours, Kelly organises the gig to perfection — only to discover an hour before that she needs a council permit.

Gab and Dominic are making love every chance they get, but Gab's parade is rained upon when she meets his lovely wife, Francesca. When she tries to confide in Alex it leads to an argument about old issues. Gab has to admit that when it comes to extra-marital relationships, she no longer has the moral high ground.

Meanwhile, Richie's finding his role in "The River" shallow and unsatisfying. He pushes Pia to give Ryan more depth, but she's dismissive. When he tries to quit, she threatens him with litigation.

With: Debra Byrne as Pia, Mary Coustas as Peace, Daniela Farinacci as Francesca, Diana Glenn as Jemima, Jacek Koman as Dominic, Todd MacDonald as Nathan; Bridgette Burton as Bookstore Woman, Nancy Finn as CES Woman, Nick Carrafa as Bob, Patrick Hughes as Barry Young, Pix Morgan as Billy

From Little Things Big Things Grow


Episode 2.13 (35)
Australia: May 27, 2002
UK: October 08, 2002
Written by Elizabeth Coleman
DIrected by Daina Reid

Why is it that, when all's well with the world, and everything's in its rightful place, we feel compelled to mess it all up?

Richie receives a pile of re-written scripts. His character Ryan has been reduced to three scenes. He panics. What if he's being dumped from the show? When Christian points out that Richie wanted to leave, he's defensive. Sure, but on his own terms. Richie pins Pia down and she confirms his worst fears. Ryan will be leaving Cloudy River to join a Buddhist monastery.

Meanwhile, Evan is besotted with Jemima. She hits it off well with Alex too, and he finds himself feeling slightly weird about that. He asks Jemima who she prefers. She laughs. They pash. He's nuts about her.

Now that Gab's met Dominic's wife Francesca, she's feeling the full humiliation of being "the other woman". She asks if he's still having sex with Francesca. His silence confirms her fears.

Meanwhile, Nathan's faith is becoming an issue, as Kelly feels excluded from a large chunk of his life. She does some research and discovers that Judaism is passed down from the mother — so having a family with Nathan would mean that she'd have to convert. Kelly tries to talk about it, but Nathan keeps fobbing her off.

Jason's working closely with a colleague, Melissa. He knows she has a crush on him, and his brain tells him not to go there. Unfortunately he listens to his dick instead. Before he knows it, Melissa's bottle-feeding Angus in his flat at 5am. When Jason rejects her, she sobs in an important meeting. He feels guilty for compromising Melissa's career and despises himself for his weakness.

With: Debra Byrne as Pia, , Mary Coustas as Peace, Alice Garner as Caitlin, Diana Glenn as Jemima, Asher Keddie as Melissa, Jacek Koman as Dominic, Todd MacDonald as Nathan; Alan Hopgood as Dr Morgan, Gregory Ross as Quentin, Rosie Traynor as Café Woman, Geoff Vockler as Café Man, Mick Case as Craig; Kody, Curtis & Heath Boyle as Baby Angus

Rose Coloured Glasses


Episode 2.14 (36)
Australia: June 03, 2002
UK: October 15, 2002
Written by Judi McCrossin
DIrected by Daina Reid

Life's great when you're only seeing what you want to see. But how long can you avoid those rose-coloured glasses coming off, and when they do, what do you see?

Kelly's organising a nude wedding, much to her friends' amusement. Evan declares himself a nudist at heart, and when Alex challenges him, he sets about proving the point. It's like living with Austin Powers.

Caitlin reveals that she's seeing someone, and Jason is a bit put out. She goes away for the night, leaving Angus in Jason's care. Angus is teething. He's whingey and difficult. Jason finds it exhausting.

Kelly is finally invited to Nathan's parents' place for Shabbat dinner, but Nathan tries to pass her off as a friend. Kelly's upset and insulted. Eventually Nathan apologises and tells his parents the truth. But Kelly knows they'll only have a long-term future if she decides to convert.

Alex and Jennifer treat a patient with a potentially fatal snake bite. Jennifer asks Alex to co-present it as Case of the Week. Alex reluctantly agrees, but when Jennifer comes over, she spends more time flirting with Evan than preparing for the presentation.

Francesca and the kids are away, so Dominic and Gabrielle have the whole weekend together. It's ecstasy. Then he leaves and she gets sick with the flu and he can't come over. It's agony. Evan tells her she's too smart for this, but she doesn't want to hear it.

Christian drops in out of the blue and gives Alex a beautiful plant — he has a big crush.

With: Amanda Douge as Jennifer, Daniela Farinacci as Francesca, Alice Garner as Caitlin, Diana Glenn as Jemima, Jacek Koman as Dominic, Todd MacDonald as Nathan; Jessamy Dyer as Lavender, Simon Russell as Georgio, Deidre Rubenstein as Nathan's Mum, Gary Down as Nathan's Dad, Andrea Swifte as Michele, Jolyon James as Jonathan, Leo Faust as Declan, James Re as Jed, Romi Trower as Ally, Lynda Gibson as Leonie, Brian Lipson as Hamish McManus, Den Stivala as Jack, Carli Gotsis as Chloe; Kody, Curtis & Heath Boyle as Baby Angus

The Secret Life of The Secret Life Of Us

Australia: June 10, 2002
UK: December 17, 2002

A revealing look at the making of the drama series as cast members share their favourite behind-the-scenes secrets, and talk about their new found fame, while the show's creators talk about how they tackle the characters and the plotlines.

Have A Little Faith


Episode 2.15 (37)
Australia: June 17, 2002
UK: October 22, 2002
Written by Jacquelin Perske
DIrected by Rodger Hodgeman

Growing up is about trying yourself out in the world, seeing how everything feels, feeling how everything seems. But in the end you have to be true to yourself.

Kelly's seriously considering conversion to Judaism. She organises a special Shabbat dinner for two, and Nathan is touched. But when Kelly pays a visit to her Nan, she gets back in touch with her Aboriginality. She realises that no matter how much she loves Nathan, she can't usurp her own culture.

When Christian starts a new landscaping job, he meets the owner's gorgeous daughter Rebecca and her equally gorgeous friend Catherine. Feeling in need of a "chick magnet", Christian invites Richie to join him on the job. Sure enough Rebecca and Catherine recognise him, and before long, Richie's pashing Rebecca in the swimming pool. Simon and Miranda are stunned to hear that Richie's been pashing a woman — almost as stunned as Christian is to hear that Richie's gay.

Dominic turns up at Gab's place, distraught. He's left Francesca. Gab is shocked, then elated, but things don't go as smoothly as she'd hoped. Francesca turns up and drops a bombshell: Dominic has had a vasectomy.

Miranda receives a new cheque from "Pores Afresh" and decides to create her own one-woman show. Evan gives her lessons in the writer's lifestyle, but she finds it too dull — she's a performer at heart. She decides to look for a play that's been written by somebody else.

With: Mary Coustas as Peace, Daniela Farinacci as Francesca, Diana Glenn as Jemima, Eliza Szonert as Rebecca, Jacek Koman as Dominic, Todd MacDonald as Nathan; Melanie Jade Netherclift as Catherine, Natalie Carr as Mary, Kaye Trevorrow as Marion, Luke Mulquiney as Lachlan, Christina Saunders as Kelly's Nanna

The Great Divide


Episode 2.16 (38)
Australia: June 24, 2002
UK: October 29, 2002
Written by Christopher Lee
DIrected by

No matter how compatible you are with the person you love, you're always different. You can ignore these differences or you can embrace them, but either way you have to recognise them. It's called the Great Divide.

Competitive tension creeps into Evan and Jemima's relationship. He tries to break up with her by sleeping with somebody else, but when he confesses, he's bemused by her reaction. But Jemima has the last laugh and they're soon breaking up for real.

Good intentions aren't enough to keep Gabrielle and Dominic together. Gab's feeling a poor second to his family and after days of relentless squabbling she asks him to move. He takes her at her word, and she's devastated.

Kelly has coffee with Nathan's mum and her Nana pays a visit on Nathan. When both women point out the huge gulf between Kelly and Nathan, it actually brings them closer together.

Jason's enjoying hanging out with Angus. He takes his son to the Fu Bar one night and Evan uses him as a "chick magnet".

Christian teaches Alex about the plants on the roof and then he tells her she's beautiful. They have sex at his place, and in the morning Alex hides from Miranda. It's their delicious little secret.

Miranda's still searching for the right play to perform. After reading many, she finds one that moves her to tears and prompts her to reveal a secret from her past.

With: Daniela Farinacci as Francesca, Diana Glenn as Jemima, Murray Bartlett as Nick, Deidre Rubenstein as Nathan's Mum, Jacek Koman as Dominic, Todd MacDonald as Nathan; Kestie Morassi as Larissa, Christina Saunders as Kelly's Nanna; Cody, Kurtis & Heath Boyle as Baby Angus

Sweet Revenge


Episode 2.17 (39)
Australia: July 01, 2002
UK: November 05, 2002
Written by Judi McCrossin
DIrected by Stuart MacDonald

Revenge. It can manifest itself in so many forms.

Evan is furious when Jemima heckles him during a speech and later sprays vinegar all over his room. Her revenge backfires when she wants to discuss it but he terminates all contact.

Miranda is excited about playing Panther Girl #2 in her first feature film, until she discovers she's only wanted for close-ups, and her voice is being dubbed over. She extracts her revenge by fluffing her lines. The producer sacks her but is contractually obliged to pay her the full amount.

Meanwhile, Alex is trying to date different kinds of men. She meets Roger and her resolve is tested when he calls her a "lovely lady"; but she agrees to go with him to a party. On arrival she discovers it's a party for "swingers". She leaves, announcing loudly that Roger is single. Alex gets her revenge and Roger gets evicted.

Gabrielle allows her anger with Dominic to compromise the legal case of a union member, Ilko. Her need for vengeance almost results in Ilko losing a substantial settlement, but when it comes to the crunch she puts his needs first. Then Dominic reveals that he's moving interstate. It really is over between them.

Richie falls hard for a guy called Gerard. He thinks they've made a real connection, but then he discovers that Gerard is only using him as an act of revenge.

With: Diana Glenn as Jemima, Tiriel Mora as Marty, Murray Bartlett as Nick, Robert Menzies as Vedder, Jacek Koman as Dominic; JP Bolton as Groom, Tayler Kane as Roger, Damien Fotiou as Gerard, Andrew Curry as Pete Peterson, Tom Wright as Ilko, Pip Mushin as Director, Simone Smith as Clapper Loader, Melanie Ryder as Georgie, Andrew Peters as Phillip, Nicki Paull as Ms Anderson

Signs Of Life


Episode 2.18 (40)
Australia: Australia: July 08, 2002
UK: November 12, 2002
Written by Roger Monk
DIrected by Stuart McDonald

When we're in trouble we place our trust in signs to guide us out of trouble.

Years of training and painful experience have brought Miranda to this point. She's going to stride out onto stage — alone — and do her play. Doubts are setting in. If she fails, the show fails, and everything comes crashing down with no-one to pick up the pieces. Someone needs to give her a sign that everything's going to be alright.

Ominous signs are confirmed for Evan when he's kicked off the dole. Writers block has set in, things are dire, until he lucks onto AA and vicariously supercharges his creativity. Alex is all for Evan smashing writer's block, but this... this is going too far.

Gabrielle's questioning everything, work, life, now that Dominic's gone. The job offer from the ACWU is on the table but it all seems tainted. Jason knows she's in trouble and wants to help. Sometimes all the signs you need are that you've got a friend who'll cook you pasta and talk you through your problems...

Kelly wants to believe there's the shiniest of futures for her and Nathan, but it seems he's been following a different set of signs and sees only a dead end ahead. Kelly siezes on hope, the thought that Nathan isn't being honest with himself. But it seems as if she's going to have to face life on her own. Simon's so used to being on his own he's almost fossilised, but that doesn't make it feel any better. His signs, however are suddenly looking good — very, very good. A handsome Irish backpacker, Dermot, is the answer to all his ails. Against the bar, on the floor, and in bed.

With: Matthew Dyktinski as Dermot, Annie Jones as Nicole, Todd MacDonald as Nathan; Mercia Deane Johns as Clairvoyant, Pieter Siertsema as AA Facilitator, Tim Wright as Theatre Director, Matthew Moloney as Craig; Cody, Curtis & Heath Boyle as Baby Angus; Catherine Green as Bar Manager

The Searchers


Episode 2.19 (41)
Australia: July 15, 2002
UK: November 19, 2002
Written by Christopher Lee
DIrected by Daniel Nettheim

We're all searching for something, but how do we know when we find it?

What would you do if everyone you'd ever slept with suddenly turned up at your door? Evan doesn't necessarily believe in God, but someone is trying to tell him something. Perhaps it's the subject of his next book. Evan follows this flash of inspiration back to its source and is blown away by what he finds.

Gabrielle wants to deface a sexist billboard, but she can't do it alone. After initially refusing, Jason helps out and loves it. It's an echo of their passionate, activist past together. Maybe they've found each other again.

Despite breaking up, Kelly and Nathan are still as close as ever. They know they have to make a clean break, but every time they try it doesn't work. Kelly decides she has to move on.

Christian is working days, Miranda nights with the play. Modern life has them sharing the spare five minutes in between. For the rest of the day, they pass notes — funny, irritated, sad, happy — and make their connections in a different way.

Nick spins back into Richie's orbit. It's good between them.

Special Guest Star: Catherine McClements as Carmen

With: Murray Bartlett as Nick, Graeme Blundell as Dr Christensen, Diana Glenn as Jemima, Vivienne Walshe as Lauren Sanderson, Todd MacDonald as Nathan; Kestie Morassi as Larissa, Davini Malcolm as Mr Fortish, Kylie Risson as Kylie, Lesley Coleman as Headmistress, Lucy Christopher as Chloe



Episode 2.20 (42)
Australia: July 22, 2002
UK: November 26, 2002
Written by Christopher Lee & Hamish Wright
DIrected by Daniel Nettheim

Some parties are dull. Some are wild. Some change your life.

It's a party at Simon's place and everyone is there. EVERYONE! Even Alex, worn down after a gruelling day at the hospital, is persuaded to come along for a while — just for a little while.

Evan's mate from the country, Hooper, arrives unexpectedly and takes a shine to Alex. Everyone is noticing Alex — she's glowing. Evan can't take his eyes off her. Christian tells her how sexy she is, then wanders outside to get more golf balls for the indoor game-of-golf. It's that sort of night.

Jason is trying to buttonhole Gabrielle, and tell her how he feels. But Gabrielle is entangled in the party, the rhythms of the music. Eventually Jason finds a moment to spill his guts, in the toilet while Gabrielle is chucking up hers.

At every party there's someone you connect with, and depending on the drugs it's deeper than love. Tonight, Miranda and Kelly are party buds and there's nothing they won't share. So when Will turns up, fresh out of the outback, there's one thought on both of their minds.

Sometimes, the best parties turn bad. When Richie and Nick kiss for the first time, some uninvited guests catch a glimpse. It's Lachlan, the private school dickhead Richie encountered on a job with Christian. At the time Richie was kissing Lachlan's sister. Lachlan and his mate Brendan ambush Richie and beat him up.

Alex sees Nathan getting a head job from a girl in Richie's bedroom. It sickens her, and so when Evan comes beseeching her for a kiss she lashes out. He thinks she's broken his nose, but it's just bruised.

Daylight brings Christian staggering in the front door... with a sackful of golf balls!

Special Guest Star: Joel Edgerton as Will

With: Murray Bartlett as Nick, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Hooper, Todd MacDonald as Nathan; Scott Brennan as Matt, Luke Mulquiney as Lachlan, Brent Lister as Brendan, Stefan Wycisk as Ambo #1, Richie Rich as DJ

Note: Walpurgisnacht (Walpurgis Night): the traditional German witches' sabbath. See Walpurgis May Day Maifest.

Do The Right Thing


Episode 2.21 (43)
Australia: July 29, 2002
UK: December 03, 2002
Written by Tony McNamara
Directed by Cherie Nowlan

Sometimes just trying to doing the right thing is the hardest thing in the world.

Everyone is waking up with the same thought: did that really happen, at the party?

Gabrielle has forgotten Jason's declaration of love. (The reason you get trashed is so you can say these things, but evidently it doesn't help you to remember them.) Jason tries to say it a second time but Dominic arrives, forestalling him. He's back and he wants Gabrielle. Who does Gabrielle want?

Evan wants an apology from Alex. It's the right thing to do, he argues — she hit him. He's searching and hoping for an admission that her outburst came out of a pent-up, frustrated, volcanic lust... but Alex has other things on her mind.

Like the weight of knowing about Nathan's blow job at the party. Nathan doesn't want to tell Kelly, they're getting on so well, and Alex doesn't want to tell Kelly, it'd destroy her. Someone's got to do the right thing, it might as well be Evan...

Beaten-up Richie is healing at home, surrounded by a supportive group of friends, Simon, and his boyfriend Nick. Will feels crowded out from his best friend, impotent, the spare prick at the wedding. He's pissed off, an anger that leads towards destructive words and actions.

Special Guest Star: Joel Edgerton as Will

With: Murray Bartlett as Nick, Jacek Koman as Dominic, Todd MacDonald as Nathan

Truth Is Beautiful… But So Are Lies (R.W. Emerson)


Episode 2.22 (44)
Australia: August 05, 2002
UK: December 10, 2002
Written by Judi McCrossin
Directed by Cherie Nowlan

What is it about lies?

Late one night, in bed with Alex, Christian has an epileptic siezure. He's shaken. It's the first time he can remember having one. At work, Alex crashes into Rex. He's returned from Mildura and Alex's heart is beating — fast. Christian needs her help but Alex can't lie about her feelings for Rex — they're there. At an inter-hospital swimming carnival they come to the surface.

Miranda doesn't have enough money to take her show to Edinburgh. She asks Richie for some money and he lies that it's tied up in investment schemes. Miranda's dad offers her money and she lies about not needing it. Everyone's lying.

Jason discovers that Caitlin is getting married. He's outwardly happy for her, but suddenly the thought of losing Gus is too hard to bear. He wants to make sure that he's still important in Gus's life, that he's still the father and not pushed out. But out of his mouth comes threatening lawyer-talk of co-parenting agreements and contracts.

Break-ups can leave you unbalanced. Kelly has adopted a long blonde wig which everyone has to pretend to love!

In the wash-up, when everyone's singing and dancing at Miranda's farewell, there's one person left alone, outside of the crowd, watching it all happen. Evan. He's missed his chance.

Special Guest Star: Vince Colosimo as Rex

With: Murray Bartlett as Nick, Amanda Douge as Jennifer, Daniela Farinacci as Francesca, Alice Garner as Caitlin, Robert Grubb as Mr Lang, Jane Hall as Vivian; Fiona MacLeod as Kereth, Andrea Swifte as Michele, Danica Wild as Genevieve, Pheobe Evans as Gigi, Ed Dolista as Tobias; Kody, Curtis & Heath Boyle as Baby Angus; Matt Fell and Suzy Connolly are Butterfly 9