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The Secret Life of Us

Episodes 1.01 & 1.02
UK: Tuesday, July 03 & 04, 2001
Australia: Monday, July 16, 2001
Written by Christopher Lee & Judi McCrossin
Directed by Lynn Maree Danzey

The Secret Life of Us traces the lives of eight people sharing a Melbourne apartment block — and a rich existence of love, heartache and vodka shots.

Miranda is an actress with big ambitions but low self-esteem. Her actor boyfriend Richie is on the verge of his Big Break, which could lead to a big break on the home front. They share a flat with Will, a scaffolder still hankering after his ex — who also thinks Hamlet is crap.

Alex is a gorgeous, smart doctor who's riddled with insecurities (naturally). Her flat-mate Evan is a would-be writer — well, when he gets around to doing it. Into their lives comes new flat-mate Kelly, a sweet-natured optimist with an endless list of theories.

Alex's childhood friend Gabrielle lives upstairs with partner Jason. Jason's a lawyer with a social conscience that's crumbling under the weight of the world. He and Gabrielle are about to get married for all the wrong reasons, but he hasn't quite told her yet.

Whatever the crisis, each character is searching for pretty much the same things — love, sex, money and success. Whether they'll find them, of course, is another matter. In this world, as Evan says: "You never know what'll happen next, or who it will happen with. All you can do is hope that it comes out okay — and that you remember most of it."

In the opening episode, Evan finally starts writing his novel, not easy with limpet-like Andrena hanging around the house. Kelly is inbetween homes, jobs and ill-advised affairs. But when the flat-share comes up trumps, it looks like at least one part of her 'tri-factor' dream has come together.

Miranda auditions for Ophelia in Hamlet but doesn't get the part. It's the latest in a long line of rejections and Richie doesn't have the heart to tell her he's been cast as the lead in a mini-series.

Will's ex-girlfriend Leah, the love of his life who went overseas and left his heart in tatters, is back. He's falling under her spell again and is convinced that they'll get back together — so why does no one else seem happy to have her back?

Meanwhile, Alex's insecurities about her boyfriend-less status are dominating her life. Perhaps that's what makes her vulnerable to Jason's unexpected advances while Gabrielle's out of town…


  • Claudia Karvan as Alex
  • Deborah Mailman as Kelly
  • Samuel Johnson as Evan
  • Abi Tucker as Miranda
  • Joel Edgerton as Will
  • Spencer McLaren as Richie
  • Sibylla Budd as Gabrielle
  • Damian de Montemas as Jason
  • David Tredinnick as Simon
  • Tasma Walton as Leah
  • Tempany Deckert as Andrena
  • Andrew McKaige as Sean
  • Benjamin McNair as Joseph
  • Jessica Gower as Sam
  • Yael Cohn as Naked Girl
  • Alex Graf as Naked Girl
  • Peter Barron as Date no 1
  • Stuart Halusz as Date no 2
  • Oliver Cole as Date no 3
  • Marc Vincent as Microwave Guy
  • Shaun Dumbrell as Urinal Guy
  • Davini Wallis as Ms. Fortyish
  • Adam Danby as Bad Actor
  • Scott Ponsford as Tony
  • Hannes Berger as Boring Guy
  • AJ Cooper as Fierce Guy
  • T.J. Carroll as Gorgeous Girl
  • Janelle Da Silva as Zoe
  • Isabella Dunwill as Listening Girl
  • Tabitha Turlington as Trannie
  • Jodie J. Hill as Organiser
  • Gavin D. Andrew as Photographer
  • Nick Kutcher Guy at Party