The Secret Life of Us: episode guide



Episode 1.12
UK: August 22, 2001
Australia: September 17, 2001
Written by Judi McCrossin
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

It's after it all happens, after the bomb's been dropped and the fires have died down that you have to deal with the next stage — the Fallout.

Will's jealousy problems escalate. At a party he gets stoned and tries to force himself on Sam in a jealous rage. The consequences are as ugly as the incident. Sam says she'll leave him if it happens again. He promises it won't.

Miranda confronts Simon about his sexual encounter with Richie. Simon's regretful but he can't shed any light on what the future holds for her relationship.

In the wake of her departure from 'Get Personal', Kelly gets involved in network marketing and meets a fellow trainee, Paolo, whose interest in her is both professional and personal.

Alex's colleague Eric misleads her by inviting her on a group weekend away, but when they arrive, they're alone. Eric makes a pass at her and Alex rejects him. The tension threatens to end their friendship.

After spending a drunken night with Carmen, Evan assumes that their relationship is back on track. Carmen soon tells him differently. The sex was a mistake. Evan is devastated and can barely contain his frustration.

Special Guest Star: Catherine McClements as Carmen
Guest Starring: Jess Gower as Samantha, Oscar Redding as Eric, Damian Walshe-Howling as Mac; Ken Radley as The King, Lucy Slattery as Marie, Bruce Hughes as Naris, Steve Mouzakis as Paolo, Jacqueline Barber as Party Girl, Tory Rodd as Tanya, Brian Wray as Old Man, Jessie McKinnon as Ella

Secrets and Lies


Episode 1.13
UK: August 29, 2001
Australia: September 24, 2001
Writen by Judi McCrossin & Jessica Adams
Directed by Stuart McDonald

Secrets must be kept sealed tight. Because once you release them, you can never get them back.

Evan is voyeuristically intrigued when Alex embarks on a flirtation with Miranda's exotic friend Pandora. But when Pandora makes the moves Alex withdraws — much to Evan's disappointment.

Alex soon has more serious things on her mind. Eric accidentally gives a little girl a double dose of morphine that nearly kills her. He begs Alex to lie for him, putting her in an untenable position. Will she keep his secret?

Richie is attracted to a jogger called Brad, and flirts with the idea of taking things further. But when Brad shows interest, Richie backs away.

Just when Will and Sam have conquered the jealousy issue, Leah re-appears. She's broken up with her new boyfriend and wants to run back into Will's arms, only to find that they're full.

Jason moves into a place of his own. Soraya tries to rekindle the friendship that fizzled after their one night stand, but Jason denies that anything ever happened between them. Soraya puts him in his place. He's chastened.

Special Guest Star: Susie Porter as Pandora
Guest Starring: Jess Gower as Samantha, Elena Mandalis as Sarea, Oscar Redding as Eric, Kenneth Ransom as Brad, Damian Walshe-Howling as Mac, Tasma Walton as Leah; Steve Mouzakis as Paolo, Terry Kenwrick as Mr Loman, Craig Robinson as Cameron, James Freemantle as Doctor #1, Ian Wilmoth as Doctor #2, Olivia & Lillian Busby as Baby Patients, Neil Melville as Male Doctor, Stephen Jenkins as Father, Felicity Menadue as Mother

Better the Devil You Know


Episode 1.14
UK: September 05, 2001
Australia: October 01, 2001
Writen by Elizabeth Coleman
Directed by Stuart McDonald

Habits are funny things... These little rituals we create for ourselves that give our life its structure, and offer us some kind of comfort — but from what?

Will and Sam's relationship is strained when Leah keeps calling on Will to help her through personal crises. But in a vulnerable moment she apologises for treating him so badly. It's all Will ever needed to hear, and he can finally let her go.

Tired of wearing his poverty like a badge of honour, Evan gets a job as a glass collector/general assistant at a pub full of hideous poker machines. But his working days are short-lived when he tries to stop an old man from blowing his pension ᰬ the manager orders him out the door.

Kelly's struggling with the realities of network marketing. After two months of solid work her first cheque is for $27.90. She wants to pull out before it's too late, but her boyfriend Paolo is deeply entrenched. Can she have one without the other?

Gabrielle's affair with Mac is new and exciting, but her thoughts are drifting back to the familiarity of Jason. After a passionate night with Mac, she impulsively rings Jason for some phone sex.

Richie passes up a chance to see a movie with Miranda in the hope of running into Brad again.

Alex decides to take charge of her romantic life, and asks an acquaintance, Marcus, out on a date. At the end of the night, she suggests they have sex. He leaves skid marks in the corridor.

Guest Starring: Kenneth Ransom as Brad, Damian Walshe-Howling as Mac; Tasma Walton as Leah; Charles 'Bud' Tingwell as Cyril; Steve Mouzakis as Paolo, Shane Nicholson as Marcus, Frank Magree as Craig, Richard Heath as Delivery Man, Esme Melville as Elderly Woman

The Gap


Episode 1.15
UK: September 19, 2001
Australia: October 08, 2001
Writen by Tony McNamara
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

You can't always get what you want, but if you try real hard you might get what you need. But how do you know the difference?

Will develops a slight complex about Richie's newfound sexuality. Will Richie fancy him? Richie's offended.

Meanwhile Miranda has a big opportunity to impress a Producer at a party. If only she could remember what happened.

Evan needs focus to finish his book. He swears off women and sex. Alex is amused at the very concept of a celibate Evan. She sets out to prove him incapable of it.

Kelly is perplexed about her relationship with Paolo, wondering why they don't seem to 'fit', even though he does everything right. The answer comes in the form of an oyster analogy.

Sam takes a small amount of revenge on Will to pull him into line. If Will is always there for Leah, and Sam is always there for Will, who is there for Sam?

Jason is tormented by thoughts of Mac's inventiveness in bed with Gabrielle. So he does what any normal jilted person does — he starts stalking her. At first Gabrielle finds it a little romantic, but it soon becomes alarming.

Guest Starring: Jess Gower as Samantha, Damian Walshe-Howling as Mac; Steve Mouzakis as Paolo, Carly-Jane Rheinberger as Sexy Woman, Bridgette Burton as Party Girl, Peter Dawson as Party Guy, Terry Serio as Producer, Eddy McShortall as Waiter, Matt Wilson as Silhouette #1, Kate Fryer as Silhouette #2

The Butterfly Effect


Episode 1.16
UK: September 26, 2001
Australia: October 15, 2001
Written by Andrew Kelly
Directed by Roger Hodgman

Theoretically, one butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon could set in motion a ripple effect that would end in a tidal wave hitting Europe... So, what happens if they all flap their wings at the same time?

Alex and Evan take ecstasy at a party and end up in a hot and heavy 'pash' that's interrupted by Kelly. Repercussions set in, and their friendship suffers. Evan admits that he was in love with Alex but swears that he isn't anymore. Is he telling the truth?

Meanwhile, Kelly buys a book about the Rules of Love and meets a new man, Miles. She tries so hard to be all the right things that Miles thinks she's a phoney.

Will is preparing a secret for Sam. It's a beautiful, bright, home-made kite with the words 'Will loves Sam' emblazoned across it.

Jason lets himself into Gab's apartment while she's sleeping. She demands that he returns his key, and then she also breaks up with Mac, determined to empower herself.

Miranda gets the coveted role of Nina in Chekhov's 'The Seagull'. She's thrilled and throws herself into preparations. Meanwhile things are hotting up between Richie and his jogging buddy Brad. Sex is inevitable. When Richie comes home with love bites, it confirms Miranda's worst fears. She's shattered.

Guest Starring: Jess Gower as Samantha, Chris Gabardi, Kenneth Ransom as Brad, Damian Walshe-Howling as Mac; Teague Rook as Miles, Steph Song as Loretta, Michelle Downes-Taylor as Arkadina, Conrad Bishop as Trigorin, Christian Bell as Konstatin, Lindy Ferguson as Mash, Andrew Gilmour as Sonin, George Ginis as Med Videnko, Margo McLennan as Stage Manager



Episode 1.17
UK: October 03, 2001
Australia: October 22, 2001
Writen by Elizabeth Coleman
Directed by Roger Hodgeman

Sometimes life sends you to places you'd rather not go, and you find your new journey is leaving behind a trail of devastation. But you know you can't go back and tidy it up. You have to keep moving forward.

Richie faces the consequences of his encounter with Brad. Miranda refuses to let him move out of the flat, but also refuses to talk to him. The atmosphere is increasingly hostile, and Will finds himself caught between the warring couple.

Meanwhile Miranda throws herself into rehearsals for 'The Seagull' and develops a close bond with its director.

Will finds comfort in Sam's company. He realises that she's all he's ever needed.

Kelly is working part-time at the Fu Bar. Anxious to make Simon happy, she tries to set him up with a series of patrons. He threatens to sack her if she does it again.

Meanwhile the ramifications of Evan and Alex's drug-addled 'pash' intensify. Alex finds herself having romantic fantasies about Evan, while Evan's assualted by secret sexual fantasies about her. They act polite and distant with each other. Kelly can sense the tension and tries to settle things with a house meeting, but all it does is cause an explosion, which worsens when Evan gets drunk and brings another woman home. Alex and Evan's relationship is hanging in the balance.

Guest Starring: Jess Gower as Samantha, Chris Gabardi as Jack, Kenneth Ransom as Brad; Fraser Gray as Neil, Miranda Ball as Neil's Girlfriend, Colin James as David, Stuart Halusz as Phil, Steph Song as Loretta

Intimations of Mortality


Episode 1.18
UK: October 10, 2001
Australia: October 29, 2001
Written by Christopher Lee
Directed by Richard Jasek

Until you're somewhere in your mid-twenties, you assume that you're going to live forever. After that, deep down, you realise it's a day-to-day proposition.

Alex is feeling confused and rejected by Evan. The friendship that has always been so strong seems to be evaporating.

Miranda prepares for her opening night of 'The Seagull', while Richie prepares to leave the flat they've shared together for three years.

Kelly runs into Nathan, a former client at the 'Get Personal' introduction agency. She's surprised by how little she actually knew about him — and how much she likes him.

Sam asks Will if he loves her, and he playfully says no. Then soon afterwards, suddenly, horribly, Sam is hit by a car and killed. Will's world tumbles down all around him as he struggles to absorb the devastating loss. The others gather around one another, tensions and disagreements forgotten, as they acknowledge how much they cherish each other and reflect on the fragility of life.

Filled with self-loathing, Will picks a fight with a beefy guy and ends up in hospital. Alex patches him up.

Guest Starring: Jess Gower as Samantha, Todd MacDonald as Nathan; Ken Pryor as Lover, Liz Crockett-Zappa as Junior Nurse, Geoff Gaskill as Mr Conrad, Adair Stagg as Sam's Grandmother, Abe Myers as Andrew, Tiahna Wild as Fairy, Orpheus Pledger as Spiderman, Nick Anitpas as Big Guy, Alison McGowen as Girlfriend, Lisa Martin as Woman In Bar, Andy McPhee as Tough Guy, Stephen Barrington as Tough Guy's Mate

A Friend Indeed


Episode 1.19
UK: October 17, 2001
Australia: November 05, 2001
Writen by Tony McNamara
Directed by Cate Shortland

Life is short, play hard. But life can be way too short, and when that happens, you don't want to play at all.

Will goes back to work in spite of his injuries from the fight. He tortures himself about jokingly telling Sam that he didn't love her. He's filled with self-loathing until Miranda reminds him of how happy Sam was, and Kelly helps him find a way of symbolicly saying goodbye.

Evan's disillusioned with his publisher, and when he hears that a more high profile publisher is one of Alex's patients, he tries to coerce Alex into showing him his work. At first Alex refuses on professional grounds, but then she relents, and it's a disaster. The publisher sends Evan packing, and they both get carpeted for being unethical.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle refuses to let Alex off the hook: How does she really feel about Evan?

Jason drops a double whammy on Gabrielle: He's got a new job at a big corporate law firm, and he slept with another woman in Sydney. Gabrielle's thrown. It's a little more information than she needed.

Richie is offered the lead role in a movie, but knocks it back when he discovers that the character is gay. Miranda and Will accuse him of hypocrisy.

Guest Starring: Geoff Morrell as Rob; Petra Jared as Ingrid, Hannes Berger as Boring Guy, Janelle Da Silva as Zoe, Jodie J. Hill as Organiser, Peter Barron as Date #1, Stuart Halusz as Date #2, Isabella Dunwill as Listening Girl, Tabitha Turlington as Trannie, Marc Vincent as Microwave Guy

Men on the Verge


Episode 1.20
UK: October 24, 2001
Australia: November 12, 2001
Writen by Roger Monk
Directed by Cate Shoertland

Most men live on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Locked in a private hell trying to succeed. Trying to be the men their fathers told them they should be, even though their fathers weren't that person themselves.

Richie throws himself into the gay scene, but he doesn't find the answers he was hoping for. He tells Brad he wants a relationship, but Brad needs time to think about it.

Meanwhile Richie explains to Evan that he has to keep silent about his sexuality for the sake of his career. Evan is outraged at the double standard, and writes a searing article for a street newspaper that actually 'outs' Richie. Alex accuses him of exploiting his friend, and Richie's furious. Evan feels like a wanker.

Jason drops a bombshell on Gabrielle: Not only did he sleep with that woman in Sydney, but well, she's two months pregnant. Gabrielle feels betrayed and robbed. Jason feels like the bad guy.

Will is desperate to make the most out of life after Sam's sudden death, and after a brief chat with Kelly, he decides to become an investor. Simon introduces him to his financial advisor Desiree, and Will throws himself into a frenzied obsession about investment, and a short-lived sexual fling.

Guest Starring: Rhondda Findleton as Desiree, Kenneth Ramsom as Brad; Andrew Burnes as Guy (Dentist), Mitch Bartlett as Cruising Guy, Courtney Seary as Nicki, Katherine Smith as Michelle, Jarrod Rigozzini as Child, Cameron Wenn as Bar Fly #1, Tom Blair as Gay Boy, Paul Torok as Guy #1, Fred Anderson as Leering Guy, Martin Richardson as Little Guy, Damian Battersby as Casual Partner

The Doorway


Episode 1.21
UK: October 31, 2001
Australia: November 19, 2001
Writen by Christopher Lee
Directed by Declan Eames

The thing about change is, by the time you realise it's happening, it's already happened. Suddenly everything's different.

Alex drops a bombshell: She's been accepted into the cranio-facial surgery programme at a prestigious hospital in London. She'll be away for a year. Evan is stunned and upset. He runs with his injured feelings and throws himself into a frenzy of writing, knowing it's the best work he's ever done, but Alex is hurt when he won't let her read it.

Meanwhile, Kelly's toning down her expectations with Nathan, and things are developing as they should.

Gabrielle decides to give up her high-powered career and sell her half of the flat. She and Jason talk about life, love and his impending fatherhood, and come to uneasy terms.

Will helps Richie move his belongings to Brad's place, and in doing so, moves into another universe.

Richie comes back to say goodbye to Miranda. He thinks they'll find it easy to to be friends, but Miranda's more realistic.

Guest Starring: Todd MacDonald as Nathan; Leanne Pirera as Carla

Now or Never


Episode 1.22
UK: November 07, 2001
Australia: November 26, 2001
Writen by Judi McCrossin
Directed by Declan Eames

How do we know when it's now or never?And are now and never really the only two choices? And if we have other choices, what are they?

Richie feels uncomfortable when Brad wants him to experiment sexually with another gay couple. He confides in Simon, who offers him an alternative place to stay.

Miranda gets $8,000 for an advert promoting blackhead removal strips. She and Will are becoming very close, and she's slowly letting Richie back into her life.

Kelly and Nathan admit that they've fallen in love. They're on top of the world.

Evan is accepted into the Writer's Colony in upstate New York, but in an ironic twist Alex is unexpectedly dropped from the surgical programme in London. She's forfeited her current job in the meantime. Suddenly she's unemployed and dreading Evan's departure.

Jason brings his pregnant girlfriend Caitlin to Evan and Alex's place for dinner. He's still dazed by the sudden change in his life, but looking forward to parenthood.

Gabrielle makes plans to join Evan in a few months to travel through the States together.

As Evan's departure approaches, he and Alex prepared for sex, but a few ill-chosen words kill the moment. The next day on the way to the airport, they passionately kiss in the taxi. They part with the knowledge that they've loved one another — but will they ever kiss again?

Guest Starring: Alice Garner as Caitlin, Oscar Redding as Eric, Todd MacDonald as Nathan, Kenneth Ransom as Brad; Tiahna Wild as Emily, Orpheus Pledger as James, James Huddle as Roland, Terry Kenwrick as Mr Loman

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