Tandarra: episode guide


Episode 1
Mon, Feb 09, 1976 (7:30)
Writer: Patrick Edgeworth
Director: Russell Hagg

Joe Brady escapes the clutches of the constabulary, but his freedom is short-lived as his trail is picked up by the tenacious bountry hunter Ryler. Upon learning Lt. Keogh has no intention of allowing Joe to stand trial, Ryler refuses to hand Joe over to him and the pair find themselves on the run from the law. Armed men are terrorising Jessica's property at the behest of Jacob McGowan, a man determined to buy her out. Fortunately, help arrives when Joe and Ryler arrive looking for a place to hide out. Ryler hopes to help Joe clear his name but Keogh's downfall comes after he leads a raid on the homestead.

Starring: Gus Mercurio as Joe Brady, Gerard Kennedy as Ryler, Penne Hackforth-Jones as Jessica Johnson

With: George Mallaby as McGowan, Bruce Kerr as Lieutenant Keogh, David Ravenswood as Sir Joseph, Robyn Bourne as Maid [Alice], Tim Robertson as Storekeeper, Val Lehman as Dinner Guest Barbara Meale as Dinner Guest John Murphy as Dinner Guest [Sir George], Bill Nagle as Officer

Notes: episode order and airdates are for Melbourne broadcasts. Summaries are based on contemporary tv listings and have been expanded with additional material. Cast lists are a direct and accurate transcription of the end credits.

Shadows of the Past

Episode 2
Mon, February 16, 1976
Writer: Patrick Edgeworth
Director: Simon Wincer

When Ryler learns that a gang of bushrangers lead by the murderous Taggart has bailed up Jessica and Annie on their way back home, he sets off on a manhunt that really started years before when Taggart destroyed his family setting him on his current path. Meanwhile, Taggart and his men lay in ambush at Jessica's homestead waiting for Ryler and company to return.

With: Norman Yemm as Taggart, Alan Bickford as Holly, David Cameron as Steve, [Jabanunga] Robert Kantilla as Black, Peter Hepworth as Kenny, Stewart Faichney as Adams, Anne Pendlebury as Annie [uncredited], Tim Evans as Barman [uncredited]

The Brothers

Episode 3
Mon, February 23, 1976
Writer: Patrick Edgeworth
Director: Simon Wincer

After Joe Brady kills a vicious bushranger at the homestead and captures his brother, the rest of the clan come looking for them. Finding their brother dead, the men lay siege to the homestead as Joe and Jessica, their supplies dwindling, wait for Ryler's return to even the odds.

With: Christopher Pate as Amos, Terry Donovan as Sean, John Gibson as Clem, Paul Glen as Brien, John Orcsik as Pat, Rob Hewitt as James

Plain Lizzy

Episode 4
Mon, March 08, 1976
Writer: Everett de Roche
Director: Simon Wincer

A strange young woman arrives at Tandarra all the way from Ireland claiming that Ryler has promissed to marry her. Meanwhile, Joe and Ryler find themselves caught up in a boundary with a neighbouring landowner.

With: Lyndall Rowe as Lizzy, John Nash as Nash, Michael Carmen as Adam, John Bowman as Driver

The Manly Art

Episode 5
Mon, March 15, 1976
Writer: Patrick Edgeworth
Director: Simon Wincer

When an elderly lady Is to be evicted from her home because of arrears, Joe and Ryler decide to raise the necessary money by challenging the local boxing champion.

With: Robin Ramsey as Dexter, Frank Hamilton as Sneed, Sheila Florence as Cuddy, Alan Hardy as Cecil, Steven Aczel as Sangster [Willie], Ray Styles as Sparring Partner, Ben Brizzi as Sparring Partner

Note: short youtube video of Gus Mercurio speaking on the importance of boxing to him

The Return of King Sampson

Episode 6
Mon, March 22, 1976
Writer: Alfred Johns
Director: Russell Hagg

No one can guess what has been terrorising the area, savaging sheep and cattle. The damage it leaves is Iike nothing seen before. They set traps and snare a mysterious young girl who helps identify the animal stalking the homestead — a lion rumoured to have escaped from a travelling exhibition years prior. Joe is determined to uncover the truth and agrees to consult a visiting wildlife painter, the closest thing to an expert in the area, who agrees to help — for a price.

With: Peter Cummins as Bjorstrom, Stacy Malinoff as Kitten, Reg Evans as O'Brien, Lester Morris as Dan, Will Deumer as Phil

The Odds

Episode 7
Mon, March 29, 1976
Writer: David Boutland
Director: Russell Hagg

When a young blind man swears vengeance on Ryler he makes plans to kill him — and has a way to even the odds. Joe finds an injured woman travelling on her own and brings her back to the homestead to recover.

With: Helen Hemingway as Jane, Peter Dahlsen as Jonathan


Episode 8
Mon, April 05, 1976
Writer: Patrick Edgeworth
Director: Simon Wincer

Davey, a gentle giant, befriends Ryler and finds work at the homestead. Joe is convinced there's more to Davey's story than he's letting on and he eventually reveals he's a deserter from the Royal Navy and wanted for murder. Before long, his past catches up with him, violently.

With: Mike Preston as Davey, Sean Scully as Lieutenant Smolly, Peter Felmingham as Miner in Bar, Tony Clarke as Miner in Bar, John Anderson as Miner in Bar, Scotty Porteous as Miner in Bar

Whooyoo Kudaitja Man

Episode 9
Mon, April 12, 1976
Writer: Alfred Johns
Director: Russell Hagg

Saving an Aboriginal from a lynching leads Joe Brady into a fight with a neighboring homesteader who believes the Aborigine put a curse on his young daughter. To save the man's life, Joe and Ryler must convince the girl's father of the real cause of his daughter's illness.

With: Harry Williams as Whooyoo, Sydney Conabere as Barber, Max Gillies as Dr. Clancy, Nick Waters as Robo, Hamish Hughes as Deza, Bethany Lee as Hope

Come The Revolution

Episode 10
Mon, April 19, 1976
Writer: Patrick Edgeworth
Director: Simon Wincer

Robbing banks is only one way to finance a revolution, as Joe and Ryler discover when they encounter Paddy Flynn, a young firebrand who also deals in kidnapping and deceit. Hired to rescue the bank manager's abducted daughter, they find a young woman converted to the cause and unwilling to return home.

With: Briony Behets as Esther, Alton Harvey as Grafton, Adrian Wright as Paddy Flynn, Hu Pryce as Darcy, Peter Noble as Sean, Tim Evans as Barman, Keith Kaye as Teller [Happy]

The Legacy of Walter Dummett

Episode 11
Mon, April 26, 1976
Writer: Everett de Roche
Director: Simon Wincer

When Walter Dummett tumbles to his death down the shaft of his mine, a number of people take an interest in his will. While Jessica and Ryler work to keep these people's hands off Della Dummett's gold claim, Della is focused on getting her hands on Joe.

With: Vicki Hammond as Della, John Cousins as Cox, Vic Gordon as Walter, David John as Assayer Mark Albiston as Gladstone

Your Money For Your Wife

Episode 12
Mon, May 03, 1976
Writer: David Boutland
Director: Russell Hagg

When an old friend turns up from the States thinking that Joe Brady owns Tandarra — and is married to Jessica with Ryler as their butler — the others go along with the joke. But when Jessica is kidnapped, things take a serious tun.

With: Maurie Fields as Charlie, Harry Lawrence as Doctor, James Wright as Todd, Daphne Miller as Old Lady

That's What Worries Me

Episode 13
Mon, May 10, 1976
Writer: Patrick Edgeworth
Director: Russell Hagg

The discovery of a large nugget of gold places Joe, Jessica and Ryler's lives in jeopardy when they become a target for outlaws and swindlers. An old friend of Jessica's comes to visit. She and Joe bicker non stop but eventually come to appreciate one another. The arrival of a handsome stranger to the homestead makes for an uncomfortable dynamic for Ryler who decides it might be time he moved on from Tandarra.

With: Elspeth Ballantyne as Molly, David Downer as Mark, Adam Smibert as David, Fiona Alpins as Sarah, David John as Assayer