A Homestead Films Production

Producers: Russell Hagg, Patrick Edgeworth
Directors: Russell Hagg, Simon Wincer
Writers: Patrick Edgeworth, Everett De Roche, Alfred Johns, David Boutland

Aired: 1976 (13 x 60min)

The sequel to Cash & Company, Tandarra is the story of another unlikely trio — Joe Brady, bounty hunter Ryler and Jessica Johnson — and their battle against the corruption and lawlessness of Australia's gold rush. With Jessica's homestead as their base, this humorous adventure follows the three as they struggle and triumph over kidnappers, robbers and swindlers who roamed the land during this bygone era. (13x48min)
Gerard KennedyRyler
Gus MercurioJoe Brady
Penne Hackforth-JonesJessica Johnson

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