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Wild Oats


Episode 2.01
UK: August 03, 2006

It's Camel Racing Week in Unagatta. To everyone's amazement Paul shows great form in the saddle and becomes the hope of the town. But his track-side triumph coincides with a mid-life meltdown for Pip. Paul must choose between sporting glory and bringing back the woman they all love.

Guest cast: Celia Ireland as Shirl, Andrew Schmidt as Announcer, John Secombe as Bernie Dwyer, Michael Peschardt as Newsreader

How's Your Father


Episode 2.02
UK: August 10, 2006

A beautiful young woman turns up at the Observatory and, like a wild beast, seduces Paul. He can't believe his luck but soon discovers this girl has a few dark secrets.

Guest cast: Celia Ireland as Shirl, Rebekah Foord as Samantha, Pip Miller as Tony Mann

Big Red


Episode 2.03
UK: August 17, 2006

Paul is suspended from duty and reluctantly becomes available for Max's mission to track down a murderous rogue kangaroo. When night falls the hunters become the hunted and Paul learns a harsh law of the bush: out here it's kill or be killed.

Guest cast: Gyton Grantley as Jeff, Scott Wheeler as Ranger, Paula Doran as Ranger



Episode 2.04
UK: August 21, 2006

When Pip throws her back out working her way through the Aboriginal Karma Sutra, Paul is left in charge of the observatory. His bravado turns to horror when he discovers he must help destroy his childhood hero, an old British satellite called The Perseverance.

Guest cast: Celia Ireland as Shirl, Morgan O'Neil as Chad, Christian Manon as French Captain

Something Wicked This Way Comes


Episode 2.05
UK: August 31, 2006

Paul excavates an Aboriginal codpiece in the desert and brings down an ancient curse upon the observatory. Several brushes with death later, Paul is convinced he must travel with Bill to the Darklands and face the Aboriginal Elders to exorcise his demons.

Guest cast: Celia Ireland as Shirl, Morgan O'Neil as Chad, Bill Hunter as Jerry, Max Eulo as Priest, Rene Slansky as Cheryl

May The Best Man Win


Episode 2.06
UK: September 07, 2006

When Chad becomes trapped outside his shuttle in space, Rachel grants her man a dying wish: a wedding via satellite before the oxygen runs out. Paul swings between guilt and euphoria as he weighs up the power to save Chad against a chance with the woman he loves.

Guest cast: Celia Ireland as Shirl, Morgan O'Neil as Chad, Will Ward as Shearer, Jason Miller as Shearer, Mick Benton as Shearer, Marlene Cummins as Bill's Mum