Produced by Hartswood Films Ltd (UK) and Fox World (Australia)

Executive Producer for UKTV: Tony Iffland
Executive Producer for the BBC: Mark Freeland
Executive Producers for Hartswood Films: Sue Vertue, Beryl Vertue
Executive Producers for Fox World Australia: David Maher, David Taylor
Director: Matt Lipsey
Writer: Harry Cripps

Aired: 2005, 2006

A comedy about a team of scientific geniuses unravelling the mysteries of the universe in the remote Australian desert. Paul, a repressed British astronomer, dreams of a more adventurous life. He abandons his dull research role in London and relocates to a 'front line' field position at the Royal Australian Observatory. Paul does his best to fit in with a dysfunctional group of strangers exploring the furthest reaches of the galaxy from the most far flung place on earth.
Rob BrydonDr. Paul Hamilton
Hollie AndrewDr. Jude Wardlaw
Tim DraxlProfessor Mike French
Damon HunterBill
Peter KowitzProfessor Max Talbot
Kris McQuadeProfessor Pip Cartwright
Kat StewartDr. Rachel Mann
cast photo

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