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White Wedding (#2)

Written by Kaye Bendle, Keith Thompson
Directed by Cherie Nowlan
Austalia: Sunday, August 14, 2005
Claudia Karvan as Jo Collins
Rebecca Gibney as Chrissy Hindmarsh
Alyssa McClelland as Kiara Duffy
Deborah Kennedy as Trudy Duffy
Roy Billing as Ron Duffy
Brooke Satchwell as Imogen
David Roberts as Peter Hindmarsh
Tamara Garforth as Gemma Hindmarsh
Jordan Brooking as Andy Hindmarsh
Carol Burns as Pamela
Gyton Grantley as Brett Michaels
Paul Barry as Det Sgt Greg Collins
Jack Corcoran as Ryan Collins
Michael Dorman as Sean
Matt Zeremes as Dominic
Rupert Reid as David
Rupert Cox as Det. Allan Pope
Carol Passmore as Dressmaker
Darren Weller as Luke
Warwick Young as Morgan
Olivia Pigeot as Simone
Victoria Thaine as Tori
Sharon Bailey as Concerned Resident
Peter Bodnar as Sales Assistant
Firass Dirani as Pizza Delivery Boy
Leon Stripp as Brendan Double

Jo has a family wedding to attend, but the wedding is in crisis. Chrissy and Jo face the twin tasks of bringing the wedding to a successful conclusion, whilst at the same time, investigating a murder in which all the suspects are key figures in the wedding party.