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The Reunion (#3)

Belgium: November 13, 2005
New Zealand: December 27, 2005
Austalia: April 16, 2006
Written by Kaye Bendle and Keith Thompson
Directed by Tony Tilse

Murder, motherhood, mayhem.

Chrissy and Jo attend Chrissy's university reunion. Surrounded by success, Chrissy begins to question her decision to stay at home with the kids.

When an old friend's husband is found dead in the harbour from an apparent heart attack, Chrissy and Jo are drawn to solve the mystery after learning the dead man's blood contained Ketamine, an animal tranquilliser used as a party drug.


    Rebecca Gibney as Chrissy Hindmarsh
  • Claudia Karvan as Jo Collins
  • Lisa Chappell as Louise Page
  • Simon Burke as Jon
  • Alison Whyte as Pip
  • Peter Phelps as Paul Loyd
  • Emma Booth as Annie
  • Steve Vidler as Ross Page
  • David Roberts as Peter Hindmarsh
  • Tamara Garforth as Gemma Hindmarsh
  • Jordan Brooking as Andy Hindmarsh
  • Millee Ann Powell and Teagan Louise as Rosie Hindmarsh
  • Carol Burns as Pamela
  • Paul Barry as Greg Collins
  • Jack Corcoran as Ryan Collins
  • Gyton Grantley as Brett Michaels
  • Wayne Blair as Detective Lacey
  • Kelly Butler as Cara
  • Sarah Woods as Marcia
  • Kerrie Adams as Court Magistrate
  • Maggie Dence as Roma
  • Daisy Betts as Amber
  • Billie Rose Pritchard as Judi
  • Jack McGlone as Riley
  • Sam McGlone as Shane
  • Brett Hicks-Maitland [Brett Archer] as Shane
  • David Webb as The Bench
  • Michael Denkha as Vet
  • Renee Haya as Ashley Sutton
  • Nigel Harbach as Ross Double
  • Ingrid Kleinig as Lousie Double