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A Work Of Art

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Episode 3.01 (79)
September 10, 1969
Written by Brian Wright
Directed by Peter Maxwell

A temperamental artist painting wildlife in the Nation Park demands Matt catch the vandals that have damaged his work. Skippy befriends the reclusive artist and acts as both muse and collaborator.©tzuk

Starring: Ed Devereaux, Tonny Bonner, Ken James, Garry Pankhurst and featuring Skippy The Bush Kangaroo

With: Tony Ward as J. Carrington Nash, Howard Vernon as Senator Woodleigh-Smith, Margaret Christensen as Mrs. Woodleigh-Smith

A Manner Of Speaking

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Episode 3.02 (80)
October 27, 1969
Written by Denys Burrows
Directed by Peter Maxwell

While trying to do a good deed for Theresa Fiorini, Mark accidentally releases her father's cows from their paddock. Mark tries to impress the pretty girl by learning Italian but his language skills prove more useful with her father.©tzuk

With: Alex Mozart as Papa Fiorini, Alexandra Hynes as Theresa Fiorini

The Prince Of Siam

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Episode 3.03 (81)
November 10, 1969
Screenplay by Joy Cavill
Story by Phyllis McLean
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Sonny gets a job with a local market gardener so he can earn some pocket money to donate to charity. Skippy asks his bush friends to help search for a lost cat — a potentially expensive rescue for Matt.

With: Reg Collins as Mr Fergus

High Fashion

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Episode 3.04 (82)
February 23, 1970
Written by J.R. McKenzie and W.F. O'Reilly
Directed by Peter Maxwell

A beautiful fashion model and her demanding photographer come to the National Park for a photo shoot. When the young woman is bitten by a spider, Sonny steps up to take charge of the emergency.©tzuk

With: Jack Thompson as Stefan, Lyndal Moor as Fiona, Janne Wolmsley as Jo. Fashions courtesy of The Australian Wool Board.

El Toro

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Episode 3.05 (83)
November 03, 1969
Written by Ted Roberts
Directed by Eric Fullilove

The animal and patrons of Waratah National Park run for cover when a bull gets loose and runs amok.

With: Ron Shand as Gus, Michael Boddy as Fat Man, Norman Hodges as Thin Man, Redmond Phillips as Swagman, William Bowker as Artist, Nicky Graham as Old Lady, Maggie Dence as Soprano, Michael Caton as Young Man, Rona McLeod as Young Woman, Kildrummie Vincent, Linden Meadows as Brutus

Mr. Duffy

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Episode 3.06 (84)
September 24, 1969
Screenplay by Joy Cavill
Story by Alex McDonald Directed by Eric Fullilove

A travelling Irish cobbler claiming to be a descendant of Leprechauns takes Sonny and Skippy into a cave in search of treasure. Matt uncovers the man's shady past calling into question Skippy's discovery.©tzuk

With: Noel Brophy as Mr. Duffy

The Medicine Man

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Episode 3.07 (85)
November 29, 1969
Written by Ted Roberts
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Sonny receives a steady stream of animal visitors while sick and confined to his bed. A home-made cold remedy may hold the answer — if Mark can get Sonny will take it — and if it's the right medicine.©tzuk

With: Willie Fennell as Joe Hogan, Enid Lorimer as Mrs. Kearney

The Veteran

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Episode 3.08 (86)
November 17, 1969
Written by Ed Devereaux and Alan Veitch
Directed by Ed Devereaux

Matt's discovery of an abandoned sports car leads him into a violent encounter with the driver, a delusional war veteran who then takes Sonny hostage before stealing an airplane.©tzuk

With: Kevin Miles as Steven Lansbury, Jill Forster as Mary Lansbury, Gerry Duggan as Sergeant Bannen, John Bonney as Pilot

Note: Gerry Duggan appeared previously in episodes 1.12 and 1.32

The Rainmakers

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Episode 3.09 (87)
March 02, 1970
Screenplay by Maureen Walsh
Story by Stewart A. Fist
Directed by Peter Maxwell

A pilot with a cloud-seeding airplane, an eccentric inventor, and a young Aborigine all make their own attempts to put an end to a dry spell that has hit the Waratah National Park.

With: Athol Compton as Johnny Bombala, Rod Hull as Mervin Pennyweather, Noel Ferrier as Mr. Pearson

Up The Waratahs

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Episode 3.10 (88)
March 16, 1970
Written by Joy Cavill
Directed by Eric Fullilove

A pair of gamblers wanting to fix Mark's football match rescuit a bumbling petty criminal to take him out of the match.

With: John Meillon as 'Nimble' Norris, Lex Mitchell as Nutty, Reg Evans as Stan, Peter Gilbert as Young Man


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Episode 3.11 (89)
March 09, 1970
Screenplay by Ted Roberts
Story by Harry Woolerton
Directed by Peter Maxwell

While visiting a travelling carnival, Sonny meets Carrie Mason, a girl who wants nothing in the world but to be a clown. Skippy falls in love with a wooden kangaroo on the carnival's merry-go-round. Carrie finds she has much in common with Skippy when they both decide to run away and join the carnival.

With: Patsy Trench as Carrie Mason, Peter Adams as Joe Bently, Moya O'Sullivan as Mrs. Mason, Les Foxcroft as Cliff

Pigeon Pair

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Episode 3.12 (90)
February 17, 1970
Screenplay by Ted Roberts
Story by Bill Lambert
Directed by Eric Fullilove

Sonny discovers what he believes is a timebomb but his father identifies the device as a pigeon racing clock. Upon returning the clock to its eccentric owner, Sonny and Mark are introduced to the colourful world of pigeon racing.©tzuk

With: Wendy Blacklock as Hattie Dougall, Kenneth Laird as Colonel Crothers


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Episode 3.13 (91)
March 03, 1970
Written by Joy Cavill
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Sir Adrian, the Chairman of the National Park Trust, is outraged when he discovers protected wild flowers from Waratah National Park are being sold on the streets of Sydney. Working with the Hammonds, 'Uncle' Adrian is determined to catch the men responsible.©tzuk

With: John Warwick as Sir Adrian Gillespie, John Armstrong as Connors, Tom Oliver as Craig, Neva Carr Glynn as Flower Seller

Note: Tom Oliver appeared previously in episode 44 and Neva Carr Glyn in 51.