A Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier and MBP
in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Original Concept by: Roger Simpson
Developed by: Roger Simpson and Robyn Sinclair
Executive Producers: Sue Masters, Mikael Borglund, Rainer Mockert
Producers: Roger Le Mesurier, Roger Simpson
Produced by: Ros Tatarka

Aired: 2000-2002

"Something In The Air is the story of a rural town called Emu Springs. A drama about essentially good, uncompromising people with normal human flaws and past histories, but with basic decency and resourcefulness that feeds on just the merest of encouragement. Something In The Air introduces fifteen superbly crafted, loveable characters whose lives provide big, lush broad canvas tales with a dab of the eccentric and the idiosyncratic."
Ulli BirvéHelen Virtue
Colin MoodyTom Dooley
Danielle CarterSally Sabatini
Eric BanaJoe Sabatini (2000-01)
Kate FitzpatrickJulia Rutherford
Frank HoldenStuart McGregor
Anne PhelanMonica Taylor
Jeremy Lindsay TaylorRyan Cassidy
Mariel McCloreyMegan McGregor
Thomas BlackburneHarry Virtue
Melita JurisicDr. Eva Petrovska (2000)
Roger OakleyDoug Rutherford
Steve AdamsFather Brian O'Rourke
Ray BarrettLen Taylor (2000)
Vince ColosimoJoe Sabatini (2001)
Sullivan StapletonWayne Taylor
Caitlin Nolan & Phoebe BettsAllie Rutherford
Nina LiuDr. Annie Young (2001-02)
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