Something in the Air: episode guide

Secrets And Lies

Episode 1.81
Monday, June 05, 2000

Tom has had word out of Canberra that the Government is planning to re-open the rail link to Emu Springs. Although Senator Rutherford tries to scotch the rumour, it is given legs by the arrival in town of an architect, Esther Collins. Sally is desperate to explain the circumstances of the kiss with Matt but Joe will not talk to her or even acknowledge her existence. Ryan's old school mate, Dan Bellamy, has returned to town for Uni holidays.

Guest Cast: Elise McCredie as Esther Collins, Darren Weller as Dan Bellamy

Alternative Arrangements

Episode 1.82
Tuesday, June 06, 2000

Tom uses the air waves to launch an assault against the by-pass proposal, while Mon refuses to serve anyone unless they sign her petition opposing the new road. Ryan primes Dan for the party with Megan and After Tom's dinner date with Esther, Helen takes great satisfaction in revealing to Tom that Esther is gay. Whilst discussing the clumsy ways of men, Megan is gobsmacked to discover that Esther is a lesbian, but she's also fascinated.

Guest Cast: Elise McCredie as Esther Collins, Darren Weller as Dan Bellamy


Episode 1.83
Wednesday, June 07, 2000

Word spreads that Joe is estranged from Sally and living in a caravan on Tale Farm. Stuart begins to have concerns about Esther's influence over his impressionable daughter and Mon runs her own private protest when she brings her old Imperial cash register into the shop.

Guest Cast: Elise McCredie as Esther Collins


Episode 1.84
Thursday, June 08, 2000

Doug aims for a win/win result in the by-pass debate. Spurred on by his success, he decides to reveal his biggest secret - the fact that he's a cross dresser. Harry discovers the reason Joe moved out into the caravan. He later reveals to Helen that as far as he's concerned, his Auntie Sally has ruined everything. When Esther leaves, a concerned Stuart and a sensitive Megan have some frank discussions about her sexuality.

Learning to Breathe

Episode 1.85
Monday, June 12, 2000

The tension between Joe and Sally is having an impact on Harry who lays all the blame on Sally. Father Brian gets involved with a charity that aims to give city kids a taste of country life. Dr. Eva arranges for Julia and Doug to attend antenatal classes where they are shocked to discover that Kerri-Anne is also pregnant. Meanwhile, Helen is shocked to see crude graffiti on a road sign that refers to her sister.

Guest Cast: Tania Lunson as Kerri-Anne Philpott, Angus McLaren as Jason Cassidy, Bob Halsall as Brenda

What's A Man Gotta Do?

Episode 1.86
Tuesday, June 13, 2000

Mon finds herself in some financial difficulty and decides to take steps to remedy the situation. There is a wine marketing push at the pub and Father Brian and Stuart taste a few too many premium drops. Harry admits to being involved with the graffiti and does his best to make amends with Sally. Joe wonders at his own inability to do likewise. The Lotto syndicate take out the second division prize. Or do they?

Guest Cast: Victoria Nicolls as Chris Folsen, Mark Blackmore as Bazza, John Bishop as Harry

Wandering In The Wilderness

Episode 1.87
Wednesday, June 14, 2000

When Mon and Stuart announce to Father Brian that they've won lotto's second division, the man of the cloth is thrilled. It means he can afford to bring the Sunrise Foundation kids to Emu Springs much earlier than planned. Julia tries to advise the young Kerri-Anne on motherhood and all its pitfalls, but only succeeds in bringing her own fears to the surface.

Guest Cast: Tania Lunson as Kerri-Anne Philpott, Fletcher Humphrys as Daryl

The Gift

Episode 1.88
Thursday, June 15, 2000

At first, it seems Father Brian's experiment of faith with the lotto ticket has fallen flat. At long last, Joe and Sally break down the silence barrier and talk about the issue that has torn them apart — Sally's relationship with Matt.

Private Lives

Episode 1.89
Monday, June 19, 2000

Though Tom's morning editorial is about humans connecting, he is scathing about Megan's planned "Heart to Heart" debut broadcast. Joe settles in at the pub while he tries to come to terms with his separation from Sally and the MapleCo deal. Ryan drops the ball completely at work and when Megan tries to find out what's wrong, he keeps her at arm's length.

Only The Lonely

Episode 1.90
Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Megan's first "Heart to Heart" doesn't quite live up to her expectations, but Helen is pleased with it — and even Tom tuned in. When Dr. Eva discovers a prescription pad is missing, Stuart helps keep tabs on the investigation. Sally teases and cajoles Helen into registering with "Table Talk," an introduction agency. Helen is caught on the back foot when she's offered a place at dinner that very evening, and is propelled into a strange encounter with Candy, Gavin, and "Norman," who is none other than Tom!

Guest Cast: Tara Morice as Candy Rogers, Simon Rogers as Gavin Hurstbridge

Extenuating Circumstances

Episode 1.91
Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Helen is less than thrilled when she is inundated with flowers from Gavin. Tom's worst fears come to pass when Candy makes her presence felt at the radio station. Megan tries to get to the bottom of what's troubling Ryan, but he refuses to confide in her and Dr. Eva guesses the truth about Joyce (Val Lehman).

Guest Cast: Val Lehman as Joyce Cassidy, Emma Power as Female Courier

Lust & Consequence

Episode 1.92
Thursday, June 22, 2000

Ryan pleads with Joyce to seek help for her addiction, but she can't face the stigma. Eventually, she admits her problem to Eva. As Ryan waits for his court appearance, it seems he's destined for jail, Joyce appears. She's decided to tell the truth. Julia makes up the four for Mon's lawn bowling team. Tom finds the perfect solution to his troubles with Candy.

Guest Cast: Tara Morice as Candy Rogers, Val Lehman as Joyce Cassidy, Alethea McGrath as Alice, Lois Collinder as Phoebe, James Fremantle as Policeman

Revisiting My Fair Lady

Episode 1.93
Monday, June 26, 2000

Tom is horrified to discover his auditor is none other than Candy. Megan talks of love on her match-making show. Mon calls in and suggests her listeners watch the classics on video if they want to see what real romance is about. Mon and Stuart talk Tom into accepting the Presidency of the Mighty Emus Footy Club

Guest Cast: Tara Morice as Candy Rogers

It's a Boy! It's a Boy!

Episode 1.94
Tuesday, June 27, 2000

With his birthday party only days away, Stuart listens to Dr. Eva talk about the importance of creating memorable moments on special days, and an idea begins to form. Helen applies pressure on Tom to do something about the relationship that Joe and Candy are building. Tom talks Stuart and Ryan into a scheme to split them up but all does not go to plan. Doug prepares himself for being a father again, but his enthusiasm is not shared by Julia.

Guest Cast: Tara Morice as Candy Rogers

Love and Taxes

Episode 1.95
Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Tom is in a panic after discovering a foul-tempered Candy, still reeling from her disastrous date with Joe. Will she take out her bad luck in love on his tax audit? Julia is still struggling with the idea of having a baby at her age. When Doug presses her to spread the news to their children, Julia snaps. What were they thinking, having a child? She feels like a freak show!

Guest Cast: Tara Morice as Candy Rogers


Episode 1.96
Thursday, June 29, 2000

Joe and Sally continue to miserably exist without each other, before deciding to try counselling. Now comes the hard part; working it all out. Megan and Mon attempt to influence each other's views on romance as a concept through a mutual exchange of favourite romantic videos. Stuart gears up towards his birthday party; particularly a romantic surprise for Eva.

The Absence Of Lies

Episode 1.97
Monday, July 03, 2000

A mysterious phone call seems to have Tom all in a dither — bringing back a childhood stutter. Megan is supposed to hand over the running of the pub to her Uncle Nev, but when he fails to turn up, under-age and overworked Megan must hold the fort. Doug has decided the time has come to tell their daughter Christine (Tammy MacIntosh) about Julia's pregnancy.

Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh as Christine Rutherford, Ron Kamoen as Customer

Wish You Were Here

Episode 1.98
Tuesday, July 04, 2000

Julia is desperate to find a way of helping Christine, but the pressure she is bringing to bear is too much. Dr. Eva and Stuart are trapped in dingy motel while a tropical cyclone rages around them. The initial romance starts wearing off and cabin fever sets in. Meanwhile, Megan is desperately trying to keep her head down and the pub open for business.

Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh as Christine Rutherford, Mark Blackmore as Bazza, Rob Milliken as Male Police Officer, Louise Sheldon as Female Police Officer

Is That The Best You Can Do?

Episode 1.99
Wednesday, July 05, 2000

Julia and Doug wrestle with feelings of helplessness as they search for a way to help Christine deal with the disappointment of not being able to have children. With a little help from Ryan, Helen puts the pieces of Tom's stuttering puzzle together, guessing the real source of Tom's unusual behaviour is his Mother. And the future of Joe and Sally's relationship looks uncertain when their counselling sessions with Father Brian reveals cracks in their marriage.

Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh as Christine Rutherford

Radical Solutions

Episode 1.100
Thursday, July 06, 2000

Joe and Sally fail to find the common ground they need to repair their relationship. When Nev doesn't show up to run the pub in Stuart's absence, Megan finds herself in trouble with the law. She enlists Helen's help to help keep the pub running.

Guest Cast: Mark Mitchell as Neville McGregor, Chris Barry as Off duty policeman, Nathan Seeckts as Courier

Shaky Foundations

Episode 1.101
Monday, July 10, 2000

There's tension between Doug and Julia over Julia's surrogacy proposal to Christine, which she made without any consultation with Doug. Megan is unsettled by the job cuts at Blue FM. She decides to take on extra study to secure her future. Disaster strikes at the MapleCo foundations stone ceremony when the workers walk off the job. When Sally calls MapleCo to inform them of developments, she learns Matt has left the company.

Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh as Christine Rutherford, David Tredinnick as Mike McGee, Vince D'Amico as Contractor, Lou Garnier as Tamara (Shop Steward)


Episode 1.102
Tuesday, July 11, 2000

To Tom's dismay, his mother, Ruth arrives. He finds himself in the awkward position of having to present the fantasy girlfriend (Helen) he invented for Ruth's benefit. Helen initially refuses to be part of the charade, but is talked into it. Confusion reigns in the Rutherford family as they try to come to terms with Julia's offer to give Christine and Mike their baby.

Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh as Christine Rutherford, Joan Sydney as Ruth Dooley, David Tredinnick as Mike McGee, Vince D'Amico as Contractor, Lou Garnier as Tamara (Shop Steward)

The Envelope

Episode 1.103
Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Disturbed by the friction her offer to Christine has caused in the family, Julia confides her dilemma to Father Brian. Julia and Christine make up and go on a shopping spree to celebrate. Stuart vies for the position of coach of the footy team, but is usurped by Len's voice from the grave.

Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh as Christine Rutherford, Joan Sydney as Ruth Dooley, David Tredinnick as Mike McGee


Episode 1.104
Thursday, July 13, 2000

Urged on by Helen, Tom tries to muster the courage to confront his mother that they are not together. Stuart insists he's not being sexist about Mon's appointment as coach, but Megan has her doubts. Despite the resistance, Mon takes up the challenge and applies all her energies to coaching the footy team.

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Ruth Dooley

The African Gumboot Fly

Episode 1.105
Monday, July 17, 2000

When Tom makes fun of an Emu Springs' institution — the Giant Gilly Flats Travelling Earthworm Display — an avenging Ryan inadvertently sparks a district-wide health scare; but for Harry and Tom it's no hoax... have they become victims of the dreaded African Mogumbot virus? Meanwhile, Mon's laundry gets a bit of public airing and the resurrection of a traditional tea dance in Roxborough encourages Eva and Stuart to dust off their dancing shoes.

Guest Cast: Martin Copping as Jimmy Hibberd, Joanna Nation as Catrina Hibberd, John Bishop as Sniffy

Dooley's Gooleys

Episode 1.106
Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Sally becomes home nurse for Harry and Tom who have both been hit hard by the mumps. There is some concern over Jimmy and Catrina's odd reaction to the news of their father's death, but the reason for their lack of outward emotion soon becomes clear.

Guest Cast: Martin Copping as Jimmy Hibberd, Joanna Nation as Catrina Hibberd

A Hard Mate

Episode 1.107
Wednesday, July 19, 2000

The aftermath of the fire is causing some problems for Jimmy Hibberd. The feeling around town is that he might've been responsible. Catrina's work experience at the radio station gives her a means by which she can forget her troubles. The women of Emu Springs pool their resources together to re-open the train line for a day as part of the tea-dance festivities.

Guest Cast: Martin Copping as Jimmy Hibberd, Joanna Nation as Catrina Hibberd, Leigh Morgan as Jill Moran

Everything Old is New Again

Episode 1.108
Thursday, July 20, 2000

Things are not looking good for Jimmy and skipping town seems to be the only solution. Tom's experience with Home Nursing has brought him back to Tale Farm, humbled and seeking refuge. After sweet talking Sally, and bribing Harry, he's finally allowed back into the fold - but will his ways have changed enough for them to cope? The much anticipated train and tea-dance combination sees the locals dressed in finery, off to kick up their heels.

Guest Cast: Martin Copping as Jimmy Hibberd, Joanna Nation as Catrina Hibberd

Home Brew

Episode 1.109
Monday, July 24, 2000

It's a full moon in Emu Springs and lunacy is in the air. Sally, while anxiously waiting for word from Joe in Italy, discovers wicca craft and herbal cures. Tom discovers the Olympics and the pursuit of excellence. Harry discovers tadpoles and Megan discovers she's running out of ideas in the face of Tom's harsh critique of her quest for something other. Meanwhile Helen, in an effort to bring Joe and Sally together, tries her hand at love spells and to her shock/horror suspects she's cast one on Ryan by mistake.

Hidden Truths

Episode 1.110
Tuesday, July 25, 2000

Helen's worst fears are realised as she observes an apparently love-struck Ryan drawn irresistibly towards Tale Farm and Sally. Mon and Julia join forces to kick start an economic revival of Emu Springs based on its attractions, only to have a falling out over who should be commemorated in a new town statue. Stuart is caught in the middle of the feuding women and hosts a poetry slam to unveil Mon's choice: local literary legend Brumby Attwater.

Give Me The Story and I'll Give You The War

Episode 1.111
Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Intent on impressing Tom with a newsworthy topic, Megan takes on both the Business Action Group (BAG) and an uncooperative SOCOG. A series of interviews finally win her Tom's approval albeit at Stuart's expense. Sally rings Joe but ends up convinced he won't be returning soon. Mon and Julia are still at loggerheads over the Brumby versus Crawford Monument debate.

Guest Cast: Wayne Comley as Bevan the Butcher

Carrying Torches

Episode 1.112
Thursday, July 27, 2000

Struggling to come to terms with the unexpected discovery of her adoption, Mon sinks into a profound depression. Feeling partially responsible, Julia rallies to her cause and suggests they put a halt on plans for the monument. Sally, fearing she may have lost her MapleCo job, reluctantly attends a job interview at Bullandra High. With her rash promise to bring the Olympic Torch Relay through Emu Springs, Megan seems to have landed herself way out on a limb.

Guest Cast: Jarrem Pearce as Olympic Torch Bearer

My Way

Episode 1.113
Monday, July 31, 2000

During a slow news day on the air, Tom gets a brilliant idea from one of his avid listeners and announces that he is writing his memoirs. The romance between Stuart and Dr. Eva is blooming until Megan's mother and Stuart's ex, Beth arrives in Emu Springs to visit and Sally is coming to terms with the fact that Joe may not return and she's going to have to manage on her own

Guest Cast: Robyn Gibbes as Beth

The Taste Of Love Is Sweet

Episode 1.114
Tuesday, August 01, 2000

Sally is unsettled by Joe's return. Harry is thrilled to see his uncle as is Helen, but they decide to stay at the pub for a few days in order for Sally and Joe to sort things out between them. Harry is disappointed about having to stay at the pub until he realises there's something special there that he hasn't really noticed before. It's Megan and the beginning of a big crush. Megan, however, is dealing with the fact that her mother is desperately lonely and wants her to move back to the city.

Guest Cast: Robyn Gibbes as Beth

I've Got A Crush On You

Episode 1.115
Wednesday, August 02, 2000

When Doug thinks he may have traced her natural brother, Mon is faced with a difficult choice. Does she remain in the safety of the past, or tackle the future head on? Tom finds himself wrestling with a massive writer's block. But when he meets Megan's mother, Beth, it seems his troubles may be over. Megan is stunned by Beth's proposal that Stuart helps her to become a mother again. Eva, too, does not greet the idea warmly. Stuart is caught in the cross-fire.

Guest Cast: Robyn Gibbes as Beth, Peter Aanensen as Herb

Bitter Sweet Harves

Episode 1.116
Thursday, August 03, 2000

Livelihoods are threatened when MapleCo is taken over by Cancop, who plan to pull out of Emu Springs. Shockwaves hit the town and Sally, as MapleCo's representative, comes under the gun. Joe comes to her defence and makes her a surprising offer. Helen continues to take Tom to task over his memoirs. An emotional Mon confides to Herb that she believes they are related.

Guest Cast: Peter Aanensen as Herb, Libby Caldwell as Female Bar Attendant

Good Omen

Episode 1.117
Monday, August 07, 2000

Sally and Joe are feeling the wrath of a town disillusioned by the MapleCo/Cancorp fiasco. Helen enlists the support of her team at 3ES to brainstorm a solution to the problem. Doug, feeling the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, decides to lobby Canberra for a much needed rescue package. Megan proposes radical action in the form of a public demonstration against Cancorp. The plan gathers momentum and with the town in support, the idea of a Salvation truck is born.

Guest Cast: Rodney Sharp as Angry farmer

The Bush Strikes Back

Episode 1.118
Tuesday, August 08, 2000

When Harry is found missing from his bed, Helen begins a frantic search. An unlikely stranger comes to Helen's aid when her trail bike breaks down by the side of the road. Mon receives an official looking envelope from the government...could it provide her with the answers to her true identity? The Salvation truck reaches its destination with an unexpected passenger in tow. And as Joe and Ryan back up to the Cancorp building they make a shattering impact.

Guest Cast: Alan Brough as Warren Brown

Debt To Society

Episode 1.119
Wednesday, August 08, 2000

Mon is grappling to come to terms with a new identity and the realisation she wasn't born a "true" Aussie, Sally continues to attempt to find buyers for her canola and It's love at first sight for Ryan when he's paid an official visit by Constable Cheryl Stephanopolous, an attractive policewoman.

Guest Cast: Alan Brough as Warren, Elena Mandalis as Cheryl Stephanopoulas, Rodney Sharp as Angry Farmer

And Emus Can Fly

Episode 1.120
Thursday, August 10, 2000

Helen uses all her business skills to negotiate reasonable terms with Cancorp. When that doesn't work she sets her sights on Warren, and the plan of action?...schmooze, schmooze, schmooze. Doug arrives back from Canberra empty handed. He's determined however, the fight isn't over yet.

Guest Cast: Alan Brough as Warren, Elena Mandalis as Cheryl, Libby Caldwell as Female Bartender

Why Am I Here?

Episode 1.121
Monday, August 14, 2000

Tom receives a mysterious letter that plays havoc with his psyche — the normally professional and together Tom Dooley is suddenly falling asleep at the desk and is being plagued by strange dreams. The annual Community Service Award is due for consideration again, and Julia and Mon think that they have just the candidate in Dr. Eva. When Joe's cheque is returned he comes clean and tells Sally he stopped paying their debt to Demcorp.

Jumping The Tracks

Episode 1.122
Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Over a drunken dinner with Father Brian, Helen makes a confession. She, the Ice Queen, is unhappy. A good laugh and a good cry helps free her up. Julia is keeping secrets from Doug as he prepares to leave for Canberra, having arranged to have a private meeting with the PM regarding a new bail out package for the Emu Springs Farmers.

Guest Cast: Ernie Gray as Mr Hawker

Not Quite Living, But Kicking

Episode 1.123
Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Megan is appalled when Eva makes a startling admission to her about a former lover. When Doug returns from Canberra he gets a frosty reception from Julia but an enthusiastic response from others in town. Joe has come to the realisation that Demcorp are playing hard ball.

Guest Cast:

Up Close And Dangerous

Episode 1.124
Thursday, August 17, 2000

Tom is invited to Rollo's wedding in the capacity of best man. He is jealous of Rollo and concerned by other's view that he's too stitched up. Helen helps show him the way to break loose which he does via Greek dancing and an acknowledgment of his own shortcomings. Sally and Joe are shocked when they discover an auction notice being installed on their property.

Guest Cast: Neil Fletcher as Red Jamieson

Day Of Reckoning

Episode 1.125
Monday, August 21, 2000

Things continue to look grim for Tale farm. At a meeting of the syndicate, Joe declares there's no way he and Sally are leaving the farm, no matter what. Harry meanwhile may have come up with a solution to the financial crisis — Scratch-Its. Dr. Eva warns Doug and Julia about the dangers of their high blood pressure, but neither will tell the other about their condition for fear of worrying them.

Old School Ties

Episode 1.126
Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Party heavy-weight Billy King (Bill Young) comes to town to "have a word" with Doug about having crossed the floor. Doug tells him he'll resign and go quietly. However, the government announces a change of policy as a result of Doug's actions. Doug decides he does still have a future in politics, and announces he'll continue as an independent. Harry enlists Ryan's help in betting his scratch-it winnings on the races. They win big, and Harry's plan to save the farm looks good.

Guest Cast: Bill Young as Bill King

The Art Of Politics

Episode 1.127
Wednesday, August 23, 2000

Tom encourages the community to boycott the auction of Tale Farm. Neither Helen nor Doug is especially happy about his rather radical stance. Despite the community heeding Tom's call, the auction goes ahead. All seems lost when Harry's big bet fails to get up until Megan steps in to save the day.

Guest Cast: Bill Young as Bill King, Don Bridges as Moreton Casey, Alistair Croxford as Auctioneer

Noughts And Cross Dressers

Episode 1.128
Thursday, August 24, 2000

After Tom, Joe and even Doug have expressed anti-bank sentiments on the radio, Warren, the bank's motor bike- riding troubleshooter arrives in town. The question over the future of Tale Farm is finally settled when Helen works out a deal with Warren for the Co-op to buy all the loans, including Joe and Sally's. Doug and Julia decide to call Billy's bluff, and Doug announces he will be staying on in the Senate.

Guest Cast: Bill Young as Bill King, Alan Brough as Warren Brown

The Young and The Breathless

Episode 1.129
Monday, August 28, 2000

"Youth" is busting out all over as Ryan and Megan gear up for Youth Week. However, others in Emu Springs seem to be heading for the hills. Julia is looking to shut the door on the world, Tom is looking for an excuse to escape and Helen has business in the city.

Guest Cast: Jennifer Jarman as Maureen O'Connor, Michala Banas as Angela O'Connor

Songbirds And Drains

Episode 1.130
Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Youth Week explodes with a vengeance at 3ES and the citizens of Emu Springs are turning off and tuning out. Megan's push for "serious issues" is alienating the whole community. Meanwhile,Tom is breaking new ground with a bid for independence, he wants to learn to cook and enlists Joe's help.

Guest Cast: Jennifer Jarman as Maureen O'Connor, Michala Banas as Angie O'Connor, Andrew Curry as Shaun Graves

The Magic Of Radio

Episode 1.131
Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Helen returns from the city and is forced to tighten the reins on Youth Week. No one in town has the heart to tell Shane that he sings like a dying dingo. When he finally discovers the truth, he's devastated. Father Brian, Ryan and Megan save the situation by teaming him with the voice of an angel, is eighteen-year-old Angela O'Connor (Michala Banas), an old flame of Ryan's. It's in Ryan's interest to get Angie back into circulation.

Guest Cast: Jennifer Jarman as Maureen O'Connor, Michala Banas as Angela O'Connor, Andrew Curry as Shane Graves, Nathan Seeckts as Theo, Barbara Jungwirth as Eunice

The Man Who Sconed Liberty Mon

Episode 1.132
Thursday, August 31, 2000

Father Brian and Megan introduce Angela to young paraplegic guitarist, Shane Graves and together they make beautiful music. Helen and Sally strut their stuff at the unisex fashion parade with some surprise appearances by the men of Emu Springs. Ryan discovers his feelings for Angela aren't reciprocated. Unable to handle the rejection, he takes out his unhappiness on an innocent party.

Guest Cast: Jennifer Jarman as Maureen O'Connor, Michala Banas as Angela O'Connor, Andrew Curry as Shane Graves, Nathan Seeckts as Theo, Barbara Jungwirth as Eunice

Feeling Snakey

Episode 1.133
Monday, September 04, 2000

When Harry accidentally kills a cockatoo with his slingshot, his guilt overwhelms his disappointment about having been dumped from the band by Ryan. A stray dog enters town and buoys his spirits but at what cost? Eva and Stuart negotiate the finer details of their relationship.

Renaissance Man

Episode 1.134
Tuesday, September 05, 2000

Doug returns from Canberra, having given his first speech to Parliament as an Independent. He realises there is a lot more groundwork involved in getting back "to grass roots" than he had envisaged. The residents of Tale Farm fall ill after eating Sally's latest culinary offering. Harry realises their sudden illness is a result of him having killed the cockatoo and leaving it to rot in the water tank. Eva and Stuart remain estranged until Stuart, taking Mon's advice, swallows his pride and follows Eva to church.

Guest Cast: Lesley Coleman as Cherie, Nathan Seeckts as Theo

You Left Me Crying In The Kennel

Episode 1.135
Wednesday, September 06, 2000

Doug is about to make his radio debut with The Doug Report and with Tom and Helen's assistance he ought to make the grade. Stuart and Dr. Eva have reconciled their differences and their relationship is blossoming. Stuart, especially, is trying hard to make the relationship a success. Meanwhile, the homeless dog is worming his way into Tom's heart — though Tom would be the last to admit it.

Guest Cast: Stefo Nantsou as Anton Shipulenko

Stand By Your Dog

Episode 1.136
Thursday, September 07, 2000

When Dr. Eva's husband unexpectedly arrives in town, it poses an enormous emotional challenge. Stuart has been trying to make compromises in the relationship but he can't help feeling threatened — especially when Dr. Eva, in a bid to sort out her own feelings, announces she has to spend some time away with Anton (Stefo Nantsou). Tom is finding he has to suppress feelings, too. He's secretly developing a genuine fondness for the dog.

Guest Cast: Stefo Nantsou as Anton Shipulenko


Episode 1.137
Monday, September 11, 2000

A new family arrives in Emu Springs but few are quick to welcome them. What are they intending to do with the property next door to Tom's? Stuart waits anxiously as Eva tries to make her peace with Anton (Stefo Nantsou), who is determined to have her back. She finds she's still attracted to him. Told by Helen he's starting to alienate the female audience, Tom begins planning for a Beauty-and-the-Beast-type panel show.

Guest Cast: Stefo Nantsou as Anton Shipulenko, Richard Morgan as Miles Middlemass, Margot Knight as Pauline Middlemass, Martin Sharpe as James Middlemass

Sirens And The Seer

Episode 1.138
Tuesday, September 12, 2000

Tom is perversely delighted when his new panel show causes friction between Joe and Sally, and Julia and Megan. And when chocolates and a red rose from a secret admirer are found by Helen and Megan, they wonder if it's just a joke. Spying on the odd and mysterious Middlemas family, Tom and Harry discover they're intending to start up a wind farm.

Guest Cast: Richard Morgan as Miles Middlemass, Margot Knight as Pauline Middlemass, Martin Sharpe as James Middlemass, John Bishop as Sniffy

Winds Of Change

Episode 1.139
Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Tom back flips on air about wind farming, and finds himself at odds with the community he previously encouraged to oppose Miles' proposal. Tom becomes increasingly attracted to the optimism that Miles (Richard Morgan) displays. Megan tries to convince Ryan it is a good idea to let Helen continue to believe that Tom sent the romantic gift that Ryan intended for Megan. Stuart and Anton find waiting for Dr. Eva to make a decision about her future is getting to both of them.

Guest Cast: Stefo Nantsou as Anton Shipulenko, Richard Morgan as Miles Middlemass, Margot Knight as Pauline Middlemass, Martin Sharpe as James Middlemass, Alethea McGrath as Alice, John Bishop as Sniffy, Euan Morton as Swampy

The Toughest Opposition

Episode 1.140
Thursday, September 14, 2000

The footy team is set to play the Roxborough Rockets. It's a big ask, and on the day things start to fall apart: Ryan injures himself, and Joe, his pre-match ritual shattered by an amorous Sally, is convinced he's put a jinx on the Emus. Stuart steps in as a player, despite fearing his too-old body might disintegrate. The day of the big match proves to be the final catalyst for Dr. Eva to realise she loves Stuart, not Anton.

Guest Cast: Stefo Nantsou as Anton Shipulenko, Alethea McGrath as Alice, Rowan Francis as Mad Mackie, Tim Smith as Ernie

Message In The Bottle

Episode 1.141
Monday, September 18, 2000

Tom is stunned when he receives a surprise package in the mail — the ashes of his much loved Nanny Sofia. To compound his grief, Nanny Sofia has requested a river burial and Tom is forced to confront his intense fear of water. Mon's delight at finally receiving her birth certificate is cut short when she discovers her father's name is missing.

Guest Cast: Arianthe Galani as Nanny Sofia


Episode 1.142
Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Tom continues to grapple with Nanny Sofia's request from the grave. However, it's an unlikely source who offers to help him overcome his fears. Joe is laid up on the couch unable to perform physical duties of any kind, while Sally finds someone to fill the breach.

Mysteries Of The Deep

Episode 1.143
Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Doug is shocked to find himself in a compromising position with someone else other than his wife. Meanwhile, Helen keeps Sally and Dr. Eva guessing about the identity of the mystery man responsible for her new "glow" and Stuart and Dr. Eva are still skirting around the awkward nature of their relationship and the many things left unsaid.

Chairman Of The Board

Episode 1.144
Thursday, September 21, 2000

Helen and Doug are propelled into damage control when a picture of them locked in an intimate embrace appears in a newspaper, Tom embraces the spirit of his beloved Nanny Sofia and discovers "letting go" is one of life's pleasant surprises and Stuart receives validation about the Chairman's' arrival from an unlikely source after Dr. Eva has a freak encounter by the river.

Guest Cast: Arianthe Galani as Nanny Sofia

Knowing When To Go

Episode 1.145
Monday, September 25, 2000

Joe and Sally are reminded of a time capsule they buried years before with old friends Randy and Christine, but neither remembers where they planted it. Tom becomes increasingly aware that the bait he needs to get Helen on the hook is a fine cheese, a good wine and a Cuban cigar. Dr. Eva is becoming increasingly concerned at the drop off in her patient load… could it be the break-up with Stuart has left her unpopular with the townsfolk? When she decides to leave Emu Springs for Kalgoorlie however, everyone is aware of what that loss would mean.

Guest Cast: Ernie Gray as Clarrie Hawker

Digging Up The Past

Episode 1.146
Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Finally Julia is becoming clucky about the baby when they see a new ultrasound view of their child. Their joy is short-lived when Christine arrives back in town and it seems as though she may have reconsidered their offer to give her the baby. Tom's cheese — the enticement for his date with Helen — arrives in town. Helen and Tom are dancing around each other, but it seems as though this could be the moment of truth for them both as they dress for the evening of their lives. Mon is seen off by a mob of well-wishers… but all does not go according to plan when Harry (who has been enlisted by Joe to find the hidden time capsule) mistakenly brings an unexploded artillery shell into the store.

Guest Cast: Ernie Gray as Clarrie Hawker

Sign Language

Episode 1.147
Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Tom miraculously survives the bomb but loses his hearing and secretly finds there are many advantages to selective listening. Helen frets over his condition until she discovers he's faking it, feels duped, and angrily tells him their date is finally off. Meanwhile, the town rallies to show Dr. Eva how much they want her to stay and Sally at last finds the time capsule.

Guest Cast: Ernie Gray as Clarrie Hawker

Secrets And Dreams

Episode 1.148
Thursday, September 28, 2000

Sally and Joe throw a retro party to open the time capsule only to discover their popular friend Randy hated them all. Julia and Doug manage to convince Christine to persist with her marriage. Stuart finally opens his heart to Dr. Eva at the penultimate moment, but is it enough to keep Dr. Eva from leaving Emu Springs

Guest Cast: Ernie Gray as Clarrie Hawker

Love And War

Episode 1.149
Monday, October 02, 2000

Father Brian is sent into a tailspin when the Church orders him to give guidance to Dermott O'Flahtery (Samuel Johnson), a trainee priest from Melbourne. Megan is intrigued by the handsome new arrival in town and her interest is only heightened when she discovers he is "forbidden fruit." Helen struggles to keep Tom at bay while she sharpens her technique for a forthcoming golfing round robin.

Guest Cast: Samuel Johnson as Dermot Yates

The Children's Crusade

Episode 1.150
Tuesday, October 03, 2000

Emu Springs is stunned when Father Brian resigns from the footy team to focus on performing the more "traditional" roles expected of a priest. When he is unexpectedly challenged by the pupils, Dermott delivers a controversial religious lesson to Harry and his classmates. The consequences of which are felt by Father Brian when he finds himself and the church the centre of a vocal demonstration. Tom's putting prowess is going from bad to worse and he can't seem to figure out what is causing his poor performance. Helen has a few ideas and eventually helps him break the drought with some private tuition.

Guest Cast: Samuel Johnson as Dermot Yates, Angus McLaren as Jason Cassidy

A Long Way From Home

Episode 1.151
Wednesday, October 04, 2000

The day's takings are missing from the store… and so is Dermott. Father Brian has to work overtime to dissuade Joe from reporting the incident to the authorities prematurely. In Manchester, Mon moves a step closer in her search for her natural mother when she traces down an eccentric English aunt. Helen and Father Brian are finding it difficult to go back to their friendship of old after Dermott's revelation. Meanwhile, the friendship between Megan and Dermott continues to gather momentum.

Guest Cast: Samuel Johnson as Dermot Yates, Janet Foye as Phyllis Wilmott

Football And Other Religions

Episode 1.152
Thursday, October 05, 2000

Mon takes the opportunity to farewell her mother…and receive an emotional message from the grave. And she finally comes face-to-face with her half brother… but does she have the courage to reveal her true identity? Helen and Fr Brian continue to feel self conscious in each others company. They come to realise their friendship may never be the same. Fr Brian is forced to instigate proceedings against Dermott that will lead to his expulsion from the seminary. It fuels the flames of attraction between Megan and Dermott and they take their "friendship" to another level.

Guest Cast: Samuel Johnson as Dermot Yates, David Latham as John Flood, Janet Foye as Phyllis Wilmott, Greg Hoskins as Squeak, Robin Bisset as Neighbour (Manchester)

Phantoms And Ghosts

Episode 1.153
Monday, October 09, 2000

With a helping hand from Stuart, Dermott (Samuel Johnson) begins the transition to life as a civilian. However, not everyone is ready to forgive and forget and Dermott still has a lot of ground to make up for the irreparable damage he inflicted on Father Brian and Helen's friendship. Meanwhile Doc Curtis arrives in town to fill the void left by Dr. Eva's departure and with Joe's persisting back pain threatening to cause a rift between the Sabatinis, the arrival of Sally's much revered childhood doctor couldn't have come at a better time.

Guest Cast: Samuel Johnson as Dermot Yates, Brian James as Doctor Curtis

Who's Been Eating My Porridge?

Episode 1.154
Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Megan is positively glowing after her special night with Dermott and it's impossible not to notice. The young lovers continue to keep their relationship a secret from Stuart — but for how long? When Tom hears a few too many bumps in the night he suspects an intruder may be responsible. However legend has it, the "presence" at Langs Ridge may be a little more sinister.

Guest Cast: Samuel Johnson as Dermot Yates, Brian James as Doctor Curtis

The Ghost Of Post Offices Past

Episode 1.155
Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Megan is falling deeper in love and after another intimate night with Dermott is ready for everyone to know about the new man in her life. But Dermott is uncomfortable with Megan's public displays of affection. While still in Manchester, Mon is finally confronted by her half brother, John Flood (David Latham). The meeting leaves Mon upset and deflated and Megan faces some devastating news and it's those closest to her who come together to mend a broken heart.

Guest Cast: Samuel Johnson as Dermot Yates, David Latham as John Flood, Mereoni Vuki as Josie

Things That Go Away In The Night

Episode 1.156
Thursday, October 12, 2000

Mon is hopeful when her half brother, John, seeks her out. Their meeting only fills him with greater animosity towards Mon when she reveals the truth behind his parents' web of lies. Joe finds himself at a low point when Doc Curtis suspects that Joe's chronic back pain could indeed be psychosomatic and Tom's mystery house-guest has piqued the town's curiosity — particularly Helen's. When Tom scurries home to Langs Ridge eager to see Josie (Mereoni Vuki), she begins to wonder if she isn't missing a touch of magic in her own life.

Guest Cast: David Latham as John Flood, Mereoni Vuki as Josie, Stephanie Daniel as Miriam Flood


Episode 1.157
Monday, October 16, 2000

Still hopeful, Mon approaches John Flood one last time, determined to convince him that his father, Gordon Flood, is the key to unlocking the truth about their family. Quietly heartbroken over Dermott's departure, Megan's road to recovery appears to be a rocky one. And when Father Brian receives a postcard from Dermott that fails to make mention of Megan, it only exacerbates her mood. Ryan suspects he has the perfect antidote for his best pal… a furry friend to take away the blues. Alarm bells ring when Julia catches Doug rifling through her wardrobe. Could the strain of impending fatherhood resurrect an old habit? Tom makes the transition from radio star to event coordinator when he sets about organising a baby shower with a differenc — men only, no frills or flounces and lots of beer and footy. There is a strange sort of synchronicity emerging between Helen and Tom… the magic of the Bolero?

Guest Cast: David Latham as John Flood

A Cat Called Guiness

Episode 1.158
Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Mon finally comes face-to-face with Gordon Flood; the man who holds all the answers. However, Mon is frustrated by his absolute denial of a painful past. When all seems lost, she finds an unlikely ally in her half-brother John. Meanwhile, Sally suspects there is someone special in Helen's life when she recognises a series of signs only a sister could know. While visiting the radio station she is eyewitness to a flash of electricity between Tom and Helen and it confirms her suspicion. Joe convinces himself he is ready to return to work — if the pain is psychosomatic he can will it away. But too much pressure, too soon, places Joe in a dangerous situation — one he may never recover from.

Guest Cast: David Latham as John Flood, James Condon as Gordon Flood

The Grapes Of Hope

Episode 1.159
Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Drifting in and out of consciousness after the accident, Joe has a shining vision for the future of Tale Farm and on his return home, Sally is overwhelmed by Joe's enthusiasm — and that's something she hasn't seen for a while. Meanwhile, Helen and Doug attempt to formalise Tom's working agreement with the station. He's a major asset to 3ES but Tom's unpredictable nature, coupled with his fear of commitment, doesn't provide them with long-term security. The men of Emu Springs gather at the pub to celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby Rutherford. Julia takes the opportunity to enjoy some quiet time at Merinda — in between early contractions. And the Bolero continues to weave its magic over Tom and Helen.

Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh as Christine Rutherford, Brian James as Doctor Curtis, Ross Williams as Max "Hoppy" Hopkinson

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Episode 1.160 (series 1 finale)
Thursday, October 19, 2000

Joe's determination to realise his "vision" gives Sally cause for concern and she calls Doc Curtis to Tale Farm for a consultation. However, Joe's enthusiasm is hard to resist and despite Sally's reservations, she knows there is no greater recipe for success than an impassioned Joe Sabatini. Megan receives a much anticipated postcard from Dermott that includes everything but the words she truly wants to hear. It leaves her feeling sad and lonely. Ryan understands Megan is hurting and is on hand to pick up the pieces. And Tom and Helen feel compelled to admit that something has changed between them. It doesn't go unnoticed by Father Brian who is grappling with his lingering feelings for Helen. Julia goes into a very public labour at the radio station. To, and Helen take the reins during the birth, Doug is in full control, while Ryan retires to the pub for a drink to calm his nerves. Even Mon arrives home just in time. But there's a little surprise in store for everyone with the birth of Baby Rutherford…

Guest Cast: Tammy MacIntosh as Christine Rutherford, Brian James as Doctor Curtis, Ross Williams as Max "Hoppy" Hopkinson, Elly Blasse as Baby Alexandra