a Jan Chapman Films Production

Producer: Jan Chapman
Associate Producer: Anthony Anderson
Executive Producers: Scott Meek and Miranda Dear
Writers: Alice Addison and Mary Walsh
Director: Cate Shortland

Aired: April 2006 (ABC)

A policeman traumatised by a recent incident is relegated to curating a police photographic exhibition. His obsession with the exhibition photos, which suggest connections between a series of murders, opens a Pandora's box with dangerous and irreversible results. (2 x 55 min)
Richard RoxburghRichard Treloar
Essie DavisJuliet Moore
Alice McConnellHelen Wilson
Emily BarclayEvelyn Hutchison
Damian de MontemasMichael Hanlon
Tony BarryDennis Riordan
Jennifer HaganOlive Eton
Joel TobeckRoss Moss
Skye WanseyFleur
Ellouise RothwellMay
Leslie DaymanEdwin Hall
Olivia SyabbouliahDenise Tilbury
Daniel RobertsDavid Dawkins
Firass DiraniAnthony Vassalio
Bruce SacreKocovski
Richard Roxburgh

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