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The Silence: Part Two

Sunday, April 09, 2006 (ABC)
Written by Alice Addison and Mary Walsh
Directed by Cate Shortland

Ex-cop, Richard Treloar, is losing it. His long term relationship with fellow detective, Helen Wilson, is over and the police psychologist he's been seeing doesn't seem to be moving any closer to getting him reinstated. But he has bigger problems than that...

Richard is investigating the murder of a prostitute that happened 40 years ago. His chief suspect, retired detective Riordan, has been found dead in the boxing gym he runs.

The police know Richard was at the gym that day. They also know he has been obsessed with the old crime scene photo, and that Riordan was connected with it. Richard also doesn't have an alibi and to top it off, his ex-girlfriend isn't even confident he's innocent.

As things get progressively worse, he becomes more obsessive and the clues seem to be moving this case very close to home.

He believes the two murders, although 40 years apart, are somehow connected, but how?

Why does he keep seeing the murdered woman? Why does she haunt him all the time and what is she trying to show him?

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  • Richard Roxburgh as Richard Treloar
  • Essie Davis as Juliet Moore
  • Alice McConnell as Helen Wilson
  • Emily Barclay as Evelyn Hutchison
  • Damian de Montemas as Michael Hanlon
  • Tony Barry as Dennis Riordan
  • Jennifer Hagan as Olive Eton
  • Joel Tobeck as Ross Moss
  • Skye Wansey as Fleur
  • Ellouise Rothwell as May
  • Leslie Dayman as Edwin Hall
  • Olivia Syabbouliah as Denise Tilbury
  • Daniel Roberts as David Dawkins
  • Firass Dirani as Anthony Vassalio
  • Bruce Sacre as Kocovski
  • Michael Dorman as Eddison
  • Will Ward as Chris Robinson
  • Derrick Siu as Glen (Framing Shop)
  • Amelia Cormack as Woman (Tobacconist)
  • Valerie Coy as Swimming Lady
  • Alan Flower as Tsoulis
  • Ella Scott Lynch as Lilya
  • Zoe Houghton as Prostitute
  • Billie Rose Pritchard as Surry Hills Girl
  • Karena Thomas as Surry Hills Girl
  • Christian Stead as Drunk
  • Robert Bowerman as Ferry Driver
  • Kurt Turansky as Young Richard
  • Libby Richmond as Secretary
  • Gary McGuire as Road Worker
  • Richie Cotton as Road Worker
  • Robert Duncan as Police Informant
  • Terry Reilly as Butcher
  • Ross Bolin as Lilya's Client
  • Justin Redhead as Garroted Victim
  • Lionel Tozer as Young Riordan
  • Reid Laklow as Ratty Kid in Backyard
  • James Watson as Ratty Kid in Backyard
  • Gary Vincent as Running Man
  • Greg Tomes as Running Man
  • Craig Barbour as Running Man
  • Greg Bull as Man in Window
  • Nash Edgerton as Eddision's Opponent
  • Kobi Hookey as School Kid
  • Julie Clarke as Archivist
  • Robert Maas as Detective
  • Ralphael Talipeau as Detective
  • Peter Vlug as Detective