Produced by Barron Films

Series devised by: David Rapsey
Executive Producer: Paul D. Barron
Producers: David Rapsey, Barbi Taylor
Co-Executive Producers: Peter Jackson, Bevan Lee, Rolf Ernst, Theresa Plummer-Andrews
Composer: Greg Schultz

Aired: 1993, 1994, 1996 (78 x 24 min)

The comic adventures of the kids who live on Circe Island, a fishing community and a communications base off the coast of Western Australia. Some kids call it Paradise, the others call it a prison and long for the mainland.
Clinton VossKelvin Crumpseries 1-3
Jodi HerbertJulie Jonesseries 1-2
Cleonie Morgan-WoottonBianca "Babe" Keoghseries 1-2
Heath MillerRalph Knowlesseries 1-2
Kimberley [Kimberleigh] StarkGeraldine Crumpseries 1-3
Ewen LeslieGuidoseries 1-2
Ronald UnderwoodBillyseries 1-2
Christie PittsSallyseries 1-2
Greg CarrollHermes Endakisseries 1-3
Louise LoveLouella Dochertyseries 2, 3
Rob HackneyGavin Garneyseries 2-3
Sara KotaiVictoria-Elizabethseries 2
Francoise SasAmy Dochertyseries 2-3
Heath BergersonAaronseries 3
Adam BriggsMilan Radichseries 3
Benjamin ChowGarth Leongseries 3
Joshua CranePeter Puckrinseries 3
April LockeSandy Leongseries 3
Jemma ThomsonKrystal Mabbsseries 3
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