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About to turn 40, yet the most inexperienced professionally, Lauren has the air of someone who's had it all and lost it all. Soon to be divorced from her businessman husband, Phil, she is gingerly exploring her new world as a means of regaining control of her life. After 18 years of playing the role of submissive trophy wife, Lauren has finally found a supportive network with the girls at 232. One of Lauren's greatest dilemmas, however, is how to tell her kids.

Alison Whyte is Lauren

Alison Whyte has had a wide-ranging career in television, theatre and film. As one of the best-loved and familiar faces on Australian television, her impressive CV includes lead roles in Marshall Law, Good Guys Bad Guys and Frontline, along with major roles in popular favourites CrashBurn, SeaChange, Dogwoman, The Hub, State Coroner, The Micallef Programme, GP, Kangaroo Palace, The Glynn Nicholas Show, The Comedy Initiative: Tapeworm, Blue Heelers, Bony, Boys from the Bush, Skirts, Kelly and Small Claims. In 1997 Alison won a Silver Logie Award for Most Outstanding Actress for her performance in Frontline, and a 1996 Gerda Nicholson Award for Best Actress in a Drama for Decadence. Alison has also appeared in several films including Roundabout, Subterano, Just Do It, Saturday Night, What Goes Around Comes Around, The Boatbuilder, Zombie Farm, Fredsmart and The Jammed. She has also enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with the Melbourne Theatre Company thanks to roles in a host of productions including the acclaimed Don's Party which she will be appearing in at the Sydney Theatre Company in 2007.