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The most versatile of the 232 girls, Tippi's curious, adventurous and for the most part, willing to go anywhere a client wants. She enjoys the feeling of belonging and the camaraderie prostitution gives her. As an adopted child, she's always felt a little disconnected. Tippi may have her demons, but her greatest asset is a beautiful heart and an ability to see the goodness in all. There's no transformation when Tippi is working — the client gets the real woman: her performance is just skin deep. And in this lies her vulnerability. A sex worker needs a tough outer shell to keep her real persona intact, and Tippi's is paper thin.

Bojana Novakovic is Tippi

Since graduating NIDA in 2002, Bojana has built a reputation as one of the most interesting actors to burst onto the scene in recent years. Her TV credits include Blackjack - At The Gates, The Cooks and the ABC mini series Marking Time, for which she received her first AFI Award for Best Actress in 2004. Bojana's film credits include the feature films Optimist (a 2007 Tribeca Film Festival nominee), Solo, Thunderstruck and the Cordelia Beresford short film The Eye Inside. Her theatre credits include Female of the Species, Eldorado, Debris, Loveplay, These People, Strange Fruit and Targets. At NIDA Bojana starred in Three Sisters, Pericles and co-wrote, directed and performed in Grimm Bacon, an original piece. Prior to NIDA, Bojana's professional credits include Bell Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the films Monkey's Mask, Strange Fits of Passion and Blackrock, and television including Wildside, Water Rats, Heartbreak High, Murder Call and Big Sky.