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Natalie is a whip-cracker. The boss's daughter, she runs the brothel and corrals the girls with the intensity of someone with a lot to prove. And it's her father Nick, who fronts for the brothel, she's out to impress. A business woman, she sees the girls as dollar signs with good arses and pretty faces. Her ambition is to one day run the place herself, but as time goes on it becomes evident her father has no intention of allowing Nat to fulfil her obvious potential. It's just a shame Nat's the last person to realise he's going to derail her.

Kestie Morassi is Natalie

Kestie was nominated in the 2009 Monte Carlo Television Festival Awards for Most Outstanding Actress for her role as Nat in Satisfaction Season 2 and she is known for her standout performance as backpacker Kristy Earl in the acclaimed Australian horror film Wolf Creek. The chilling film screened at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival and went on to blitz the Australian box office, as well as earn Kestie an AFI nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Kestie has also starred alongside Bryan Brown, Toni Collette and Sam Neill in the Australian feature Dirty Deeds and her performance was nominated for Best Supporting Actress by the Film Critics Circle of Australia in 2003. With over ten years' experience in film and television, Kestie's other credits include the popular TV series Neighbours and the films Travelling Light, Strange Bedfellows, Thunderstruck and Birthday.