Rush: episode guide

Episode 4.07


Thu, October 06, 2011
Ratings: 660,000 viewers (17th)
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Grant Brown

Tactical Response goes into overdrive as they desperately try and to locate Michael after his undercover buy-bust goes horribly wrong. Josh starts to crumble under the guilt of letting Michael get away while Stella is furious, realising her best friend, and once lover, may not come back alive. It's a race against time as Kerry fights political red tape and the remaining members of Tactical Response do anything they can to get one of their team back safely.

Guest Starring: Emily Wheaton as Amber Cushing, Elle Mandalis as Anna Vargas, Mark Leonard Winter as Liam Rainey, Peter Hardy as Doug Rainey, Matt Dyktynski as Yuri Gringko, Anthony West as Nick, Allegra Trikash as Mia Rainey, Marty Fields as Ned Meribel, Arthur Angel as Jeff Crombie, Joe Petruzzi as Surgeon #1/Mr Sandrelli, Bradd Buckley as Darren, Daryl Knight as Ambo #1, David Cormick as Ambo #2, Barry Stokes as Anaesthetist, Michelle Rogers as Doctor, Greg Fairall as Fisherman, Shane Lee as Surgeon #2

Stunt Performers: Szumai Anderson, Chris Kemp, Mathew Campbell, Chris Weir, Graham Jahne

Episode 4.08


Thu, October 13, 2011
Ratings: 651,000 viewers (15th)
Written by Keith Thompson
Directed by Daina Reid

Senior Constable Michael Sandrelli remains in intensive care whilst Tactical Response are left to pick up the pieces and endeavor to find those responsible. Stella goes on a drinking binge trying to mask her grief. Josh struggles even more with his guilt, punishing himself for not saving Michael in time, and Shannon lets her emotional guard down, even suggesting to Lawson that they get married.

Guest Starring: Malcolm Kennard as Col Rainey, Emily Wheaton as Amber Cushing, Elle Mandalis as Anna Vargas, Peter Hardy as Doug Rainey, Jane Allsop as Tash Button, Nikki Shiels as Cleo Temple, Matt Dyktynski as Yuri Gringko, Arthur Angel as Jeff Crombie, Joe Petruzzi as Mr Sandrelli, John LLoyd Fillingham as Grego Artemyev, Christine Cato as Mrs Sandrelli, Psudovs as Nurse Linda, Vanessa Sim as ICU Nurse, Richard La Velle as Sleazy Guy, Peter Muir as Sleazy Guy, Narelle Doeke as Emergency Dept Nurse

Stunt Performers: Daryl Suter, Graham Jahne, Szumai Anderson, Warwick Sadler, Mathew Campbell

Episode 4.09


Thu, October 20, 2011
Ratings: 617,000 viewers (17th)
Written by Tim Dylan Lee, Michael Boland
Directed by Darren Ashton

A tragedy within the ranks of Tactical Response brings Shannon and Lawson closer together. Stella can barely build up strength to face the day, and Christian appreciates a comforting presence from Amber. Josh, feeling responsible and immense guilt from what has happened, goes underground, deliberately avoiding contact from anyone at TR. Those left are forced to concentrate on the job at hand — bringing down drug and weapon importers, the Rainey family. After sparing their lives, Doug Rainey tips Lawson off to a bomb-making site where TR find even more bad news, Josh's burnt out car.

Guest Starring: Emily Wheaton as Amber Cushing, Mark Leonard Winter as Liam Rainey, Jane Allsop as Tash, Peter Hardy as Doug Rainey, Edward Scott as Guy With Phone, Andy McFeate as Bombie

Stunt Performers: Chris Weir, Jade Amantea, Daniel Solis, Morgan Evans, Michael M. Foster, Beau Hurran, Craig Brookshaw, Graham Jahne, Seb Dickens, Mark Wickham, Szumai Anderson

Episode 4.10


Thu, October 27, 2011
Ratings: 573,000 viewers (17th)
Written by Leon Ford
Directed by Ben Chessell

Lawson's world is crumbling. Along with having to deal with the death of a team member, he is now faced with the fact Josh is missing, presumed dead. To make matters worse, his grief causes him to make a serious judgment error that could destroy the one good thing left in his life: his relationship with Shannon. The error in judgment comes in the form of Josh's girlfriend, Tash. The team pull out all the stops in their pursuit of the man they believe is responsible for Michael's death and Josh's disappearance. But the closer they get to him, the quicker he slips away from them, leaving Lawson to, literally, cross the line in order to catch him.

Guest Starring: Emily Wheaton as Amber Cushing, John Lloyd Fillingham as Gregor, Jane Allsop as Tash, Elle Mandalis as Anna Vargas, Kristof Kaczmarek as The Cuckoo, Masa Yamaguchi as Kenta Tomi, Nick Riley as Jarred, Scott Brennan as Andrew Wilson, Eugene Barbakh as Consulate Official, David Zemlinsky as Guard, Alex Zemlinsky as Guard

Stunt Performers: Jade Amantea, Davin Taylor, Lance Anderson

Episode 4.11


Thu, November 03, 2011
Ratings: 677,000 viewers (17th)
Written by Samantha Winston
Directed by Grant Brown

Ridden by the guilt of letting a fellow Tactical Response member die on his watch, Josh has gone underground, working to his own agenda and leaving the task force to pick up the pieces. The taskforce play a cat-and-mouse game with Josh, who is in cahoots with a mystery female, across Melbourne to discover that Josh is pursuing the men who killed Michael. As Josh's renegade behaviour goes further off the rails, Lawson clashes with Stella and Charlie on how to fairly handle the situation.

Guest Starring: Jane Allsop as Tash Button, Natalia Novikova as Katya, Ella Shenman as Minka Button, Anthony West as Nick, Florian Boehm as Vince, Debbie Zukerman as Melanie, Peter Denis Flaherty as Driver, Kylie Gulliver as Gorgeous

Stunt Performers: Warwick Sadler, Chris Weir

Note: Debbie Zukerman (Melanie) is the sister of Ashley Zukerman who played Michael

Episode 4.12


Thu, November 10, 2011
Ratings: 730,000 viewers (10th)
Written by Jonathan Gavin, Michael Boland
Directed by Adrian Willis

Lawson and Tactical Response are on the trail of the 'Cuckoo', a Russian fugitive planning to unleash terrorist-like chaos across the Melbourne cityscape. However, the team quickly find themselves up against a carefully planned maneuver as the tables are turned and those on trial hold Tactical Response hostage trying to escape from military courtroom. Also, things get a little romantic for Shannon and Lawson.

Guest Starring: Kristof Kaczmarek as The Cuckoo, Natalia Novikova as Katya, Dawid Kaczmarek as Damien, Louise Crawford as Susie, John Ridley as Prosecutor, Toula Yiannis as Zelda, Brian Christopher as Judge, Janet Provan as Court Clerk, Albert Goikhman as Bren, Tim White as Court Guard, Alan Kelly as Truck Driver, Ciprian Sachelaru as Getaway Driver, Alexander Moller as Cicero Guard, Zeke Beilharz as Parkour Guy, Eddy Barlow as Driver, Andrew Cason as Driver, Gavin Gayley as Driver

Stunt Performers: Jacqueline Geelen, Davin Taylor

Episode 4.13 (series finale)


Thu, November 17, 2011
Ratings: 656,000 viewers (16th)
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Andrew Prowse

As the bomb squad work to defuse a bomb, the team are tasked to fly to Fiji to extradite a South Korean National back to Australia. The leader of the Shining Cloud doomsday cult, this fugitive is the only man who knows how to defuse the bomb. Also, Josh gets his deserved revenge on Lawson for sleeping with Tash and Shannon also responds to Lawson's marriage proposal... sort of.

Guest Starring: Elle Mandalis as Anna Vargas, Ella Shenman as Minka Button, Masa Yamaguchi as Kenta Tomi, Nadia Townsend as Sarah, Adam Pierzchalski as Rodion, Greg Ulfan as Anton, Justin Rosniak as Tompkinson, Ben Prendergast as Tim, Nick Mitchell as Policeman, Michelle Celebicanin as Mother, Andjelina Celebicanin as Daughter, Jonathan Viehl as Flight Engineer, Nick Antoniades as Media Van Driver

Stunt Performers: Lance Anderson, Jade Amantea, Phili Anderson

Notes: Rush concludes after 70 episodes, its fate determined in part by dropping ratings but largely due to having surpassed the 65 episode threshold making it ineligible for continued tax rebates (the same reason behind Sea Patrol ending). See 2015 article Rush: The Aussie TV show that was axed on a cliffhanger